Top Ten Mobs That Should Be In Minecraft

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121 King Slime

(Insert King Slime's description in Terraria)

122 Werewolf
123 Murderers

That would be so frikken awesome a guy with a hockey mask at your that breaks it down like a zombie and when you kill him you get his mask and rarely a iron sword should add a sense of danger in the games and he can use redstone items so your never safe

That would make Minecraft too scary... I would quit...

124 DJs

Passive mobs that when you leave them alone they PLAY MUSIC (a party animal) and can trade for disks and if killed drops a jukebox or music disk

YES! What the post below mine said!

125 Diamond Golems

They should have 100 hearts and be really strong and have a really nice aqua colour.

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126 The Kraken

Oh man. This is a definite yes. Normal Squids are small, and don't even attack you! This would be a unique approach! It could be a boss mob, and you fight it in the ocean.

You can fight it just like with Guardians. You need certain potions, and should be at the bottom of the ocean. It could attack you from below, if you're on a boat.

127 Human

It will compete with player for resources.

They had them but they got deleted

This actually I find really interesting if there was a human then what would happen if you met it? Would you be friends or enimeies? The ideas are endless..

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128 Lemurs

The truth is I just want to see those huge eyes there to cute...

129 Orespawn

So many bosses and gives more challenges.

130 Leonopteryx from Orespawn

Flying mob that can be a pet!

131 Tigers V 1 Comment
132 King Ghidorah
133 Ender Villagers
134 More Endermen
135 Aquatic Creatures
136 Vikings

Why not? You could find Pirates in ships, and open chests to get awesome loot. You would also have to kill them, giving you armour, weapons, and loot! And there could be like good vikings, who trade with you.

So u want a football team?

137 Snappers
138 Dart Monkeys

They are a friendly,tameable,breedable mob that shoot darts out of their hands and if you tame one, it will fight off all hostile mobs until it dies. The only way it will become hostile towards you is if you hit their babies.

139 Volcano Creatures

Yes and they make volcanos and they can also spawn in the nether

They are huge and spawn from a mountain. They are hostile and Throw up lavalings as their minions. They drop lava long eggs (lots) that will protect you.

140 Sonic.exe

That's a bad Creepypasta anyway... - GREATEST

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