Most Creative Finishers In WWE History

The Top Ten

1 Tombstone Piledriver - The Undertaker

Tombstone is 1 of the greatest finishing because you r a dead man if anyone is giving that to

Come on now it is the best - toy

2 RKO - Randy Orton

The viper is after all... The viper
No body can stand against him... And his rko is truly awesome

I really love how he does that! I mean like, who else can do a neck-breaker with only one hand?!

RKO is the most powerful & painful finisher in WWE history

Randy orton has the best ever finisher and above all is the legend killer.

3 Stone Cold Stunner - Steve Austin

The RKO is the weakest cutter move ever, The DIAMOND CUTTER is the official way you do that move, no offense to Johnny Ace. the Stunner is more devastating. - nytrizzle

RKO? I bet Stone cold stunner is 100000000000000000000000 times more dangerous and the most creative move!

Oh yeah! Orton had copy austin move and nothing more!

4 Pedagre - Triple H

Dealing with triple h. Baby his pedigree gonna kick your ass. H is the new gm or may I say was a new gm of wwe or world wrestling entertainment. He become the wwe champion and the world heavyweight champion at the same time.

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5 Sweet Chin Music - Shawn Michels

Amazing finisher

I like the attitude and style of shawn Michaels in this finisher. It should be the best finisher in WWE

6 F-5 - Brock Lesner

It's a pretty dangerous move by freak of nature

7 Starship Pain - John Morrison

tne hardcore prince has a lot of cool moves

8 GTS - CM Punk
9 Rock Bottom - The Rock

The is a powerful slam I love it

10 Swanton Bomb - Jeff Hardy

This is in my opinion the best finisher ever

How the hell does he do that plus from like 50 feet up jeffis by far the master of creative moves and the king of all dare devils. - benq

The Contenders

11 Full Throttle - Chuck Polumbo

It seems like it could give you whiplash and Braun Strowman did use the move for a while as well.

12 450 Splash - Justin Gabriel

He spins a lot in air

13 619 - Rey Mysterio

It is terrible finisher

Looks creative - Hiimme

14 Red Arrow - Neville
15 Cobra - Santino Marella
16 Jack Hammer - Goldberg
17 Original Sin - Kevin Thorne
18 Chick Kick - Trish Stratus
19 Stratusfaction - Trish Stratus
20 Wasteland - Wayde Barret

he is a bad wrestler but it is a really neat and creative finsher

21 K2 - Kelly Kelly
22 WMD - Big Show

The innovation is astronomical

23 Bad News Bull Hammer - Bad News Barrett

The best move ever by the best wrestler ever

24 Sister Abigail - Bray Wyatt!
25 End of Days - Baron Corbin

Maybe not the best OF ALL TIME, but it is the most unique. He pulls you towards him, uses your speed, then stops you as you are in air, then viciously slams you face-first as he takes a small back bump.

26 Phenomenal - Aj Styles
27 Curb Storm - Seth Rollins
28 Coup de Grace - Finn Balor
29 Cobra Clutch Slam - Khallas - Jinder Mahal
30 Midnight Hour - The New Day
31 The Shield Bomb - The Shield
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