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21 Boulder

Boulder is not evil, just worked for an evil cat. Boulder came to the forest because Tigerstar persuaded him to (To get more warriors to fight, not to help him)


Boulder is not evil.

He is not evil!

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22 Ruby

Everyone is saying Scourge, but Ruby is the real culprit. She said to Scourge, "unwanted kittens get thrown in the lake"so Scourge ran away cause Ruby made him feel unloved so... You know the rest!

I hate ruby. I hope your bones turn to rubies and you can't move because your skeleton is made of pure rubies so you can't use your joints or anything. I hate you ruby! You're the reason why scourge went a little crazy.

Oh my god she was totally the reason behind all of Scourge's evilness alongside her brother Socks and she should be like totally in the top ten with socks

Ruby is not evil just a bully

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23 Antpelt

I felt bad for him, he couldn't leave the dark forest because he would be killed

Antpelt was killed by Thistleclaw!

Ivypool should have tooken Antpelt's place... ANTPELT DIED FROM HER!

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24 Snowtuft

Snowtuft was in Omen of the Stars. He almost killed Ivypool.

Snowtuft was an evil lier

I yet why you think he's evil. A Dark Forest cat, helped killed Hollyleaf, etc. But how is he a lier? - Mellowix

25 Spottedleaf

To be honest Spottedleaf isn't evil, but she's still an annoying cat in my opinion. Especially with the fact that the only words she and Firepaw ever said to each other were Go back to camp, both of you! Ravenpaw needs time to heal. And some other words. Then they're like, suddenly in love. That right there isn't evil, just annoying - HollyleafOfThunderClan

WOAH WHY IS SPOTTEDLEAF HERE. She was a great medicine, and a nice fat in general

She stalks Firestar and all of his descendants, and I think we all can assume her murderous feelings for Sandstorm. Who's with me?


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26 Jessy

SPOILER She should take her nose out of Bramblestar and Squirrelflight's relationship

She was evil be stealing you know who from you know who

Who the frick is JESSY? - Ashleap

27 Mosskit Mosskit

What the crap mosskit died of frostbite idiot before he was too old to have ambition and violence. Start reding the right books!

How is she evil? She didn't say anything evil or do anything evil - HollyleafOfThunderClan

These are all lies! What the heck?!?! Mosskit was just a sweet, innocent, little kit who died of frostbite then joined Starclan. She was just a kit for craps sake. SHE DID NOTHING. - Ashleap

Mosskit was too cruel to live

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28 Brightsky

Bright sky was awesome who ever put her here is a piece of DUNG oh and I love the name!

Excuse me. Bright Sky GAVE CROOKEDSTAR A LIFE! How is that EVIL? - Ashleap


29 Facebooksnow

If you're not going to be serious, then don't post on the list

The more I scroll down, the stupider this becomes. - Ashleap

Lol best name ever

What the hell...

30 Tawnypaw

She shouldn't be even one here! She's awesome and helped save all the clans! Go tawnypelt! Her name is tawnypelt not tawnypaw! - Creamheart

I hate tawny pelt. She left her birthplace just to be with her evil father. Stupid tawny pelt.

Tawnypaw?! Wha...!? Why is she on here?


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31 Oakfur

He is not evil he was a great deputy didn't kill anyone or want to harm anyone!

. I hate this website

Why is oakfur here

He should not be here

32 Smokepaw

Smokepaw was never mentioned until he fell off a cliff during the Great Journey... He's not evil.

He's not evil, he died from falling off a cliff

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33 Mudclaw

He's evil, Jelous that Tallstar chose Onestar to become leader. And almost killed Onestar and got crushed under a tree and died. How many evil cats are there?

So, I actually like him. I didn't want Onestar to be leader. I mean he is a sucky leader and it was unfair of Tallstar to take away his post last minute. But his death was kind of funny...

Ok he's evil he tried to kill onestar I'm glad he got crushed under a tree!

Ya I like mudclaw but mudstar? Really that's like oh ya ya windymuddyclan

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34 Webfoot V 4 Comments
35 Ivypool Ivypool

No she is not! Ivypool rocks!

Ivypool trained in the Dark Forest becauae she knew that they planned on attacking the clans. She was going to help the clans by learning strong moves. Now tell me, how is that evil? - HollyleafOfThunderClan

How DARE YOU PEOPLE! I love Ivypool she is the best cat ever! Ok first of all the only reason Ivypool was in the dark forest is because Hawkfrost tricked her into thinking it was the best for her clan! And she only killed Antpelt so she could gain the dark forest warrior's trust, not because she had Dark intentions. -Ottersplash

Antpelt died in practice with Thistleclaw. And ivypool killed him the second time so he wouldn't fight against her in the battle. And plus, Antpelt was EVIL

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36 Darkcloud

Who the $&#%@ is Darkcloud?

37 Shredtail

He trained Thistleclaw... Who is the reason Tigerstar was so evil... CASE CLOSED!

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38 Pinestar

Pinestar basically killed Moonflower! Of course he's evil! He made his clan raid the medicine cat supplies! Hawkheart used that fact to kill Moonflower!

Uh... Pinestar isn't really evil... But maybe he caused some of Tigerstar's fury

He raided a clans camp, and got Moonflower KILLED!

I blame Pinestar for Sunstar's extra early death. If he just died like normal, Sunstar would have lived longer.

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39 Rainflower

She is HORRIBLE! She rejected her own kit only because he was physically injured. She is by far the worst cat.

Rainflower was a mean, horrid mother, but Crookedstar should have helped her when she was about to drown

WORST KITTY EVER! She rejected cute Crookedstar :(.

She should be sent to the Dark Forest. Basically, Rainflower was the opposite of Millie. She only cared about Oakheart. I'm glad Shellheart broke up with her because she deserved it. And when Hailstar died and Crookedstar was going to become leader, she didn't even give him one of his lives, unlike Shellheart(he gave Crookedstar loyalty). Even Brightsky gave Crookedstar one of his lives(I believe it was a mother's love). - HollyleafOfThunderClan

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40 Rock

No! Don't disrespect the stick! Rock is linked to the stick and you can't disrespect jay-jays precious Stick or he will claw your eyes out!

Woah chill bro. Some of these must have been chosen out of a random cat generator. Rock is not evil.

Whoa chill this is probably a random name generator

Rock is linked to jayfeather's stick man. Do not disrespect the stick or youll have to deal with jayfeather.

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