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41 Lizardstripe

Lizardstripe was mean to Brokenstar which made him evil. If Brokenstar is number two, he should be replaced with lizardstripe.

After yellowfang gave birth she took him to her and lizardstripe made sure the kit with the crooked tail wasnt welcome which started to turned him EVIL

She made brokenstar evil, who was the reason tigerstar took over shadowclan, who let bloodclan in, and bloodclan killed firestar once, and if they didn't kill him he would have been still alive after the great battle. case closed

42 Silverhawk

Whoever thinks Mapleshade created a chain of evil, then their wrong. SILVERHAWK trained Thistleclaw not Mapleshade, you $#%@&

So evil he trained thistle claw with mapleshade

43 Appledusk

Hey Appledusk! Go eat fox-dung! You killed 100000000000000000 cats without even touching them! Boom! That's why you keep promises! - Catsarah123

Appledusk I hate you you caused the place of no stars
Ravenfeather Of Windclan my longer comment is on Mapleshade

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44 Duke V 2 Comments
45 Ravenwing

People who think Mapleshade started the chain of evil cats, I think it's Ravenwing. He is so much more terrible.

He is the one who cast out Mapleshade! He is the reason she is evil! He should be #1, I'm telling you!

He cast out Mapleshade! He told the WHOLE OF THUNDERCLAN about her mate in RiverClan.

46 Russetfeather

He is not actually part of the series, but this is one crazy psycho cat. He killed his kits, almost killed his mate, who tore out his throat, and now lives in the Dark Forest. He comes down to earth frequently and cannot be hurt but can hurt others (Don't ask me how) and possesses cats. He is like part demon part vampire (He makes wounds just to lick the blood ew I know right? ) and part crazy psycho cat. He has killed at least 15 cats and corrupted 10 others, leading to a huge evil chain, resulting in the deaths of a totaled 100 cats. HE IS SO EVIL!

YEEP he is just scary! I don't know what their name is but I agree with the person who posted before me

I like him - Ashleap

He could have replaced tigerclaw :D
I think I like this cat

47 Hollowpaw

She trains In the dark forest and the description "Breezepelt and Hollowpaws eyes glinted as is they were true dark forest warriors" explains it.

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48 Dawnpelt

Dawn pelt shall die :( That cat is so mean flametail is one of my favorite cats

I hated Dawnpelt

This is my add on and I think she's evil cause she thinks it was Jayfeathers fault flametail died and even blurted out her feeling at a gathering and caused Jayfeathers med cat duty to be postponed! He had no apprentice to treat the sick and injured only bright heart of leafpool but rlly why does leafpool help when she is not one anymore!?!?!?!


49 Sharptooth

Sharptooth was that crazy mountain lion that killed Tribe Cats for fun. But. He is in the cat family, so he earned his place here

Isn't that the random mountian lion that just like came into the series randomly like what?

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50 Hawkheart Hawkheart

Hawkheart is so evil. Even if the medicine code doesn't say about killing, he should know that this was a future leaders mother.

Hawk heart is such a meanie 😡 He's a medicine cat. He killed blue stars mother. Medicine cats heal, not kill...

Sorry for caps

51 Red

It makes sense to say she's evil. But no, Stick is not evil. He killed Red by accident. He was trying to kill Harley because he was a part of Dodge's group(the killer cats) and had Red betray Stick, Coal, Cora, Shorty, and Percy. So Red stepped in front of Harley and led Stick to accidentally kill her. - HollyleafOfThunderClan

Red betrayed his own father by falling in love with a rogue

She betrayed Stick... but Stick did kill her... is STICK more evil?

Red's the cat in SkyClan's Destiny. He was horrid.

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52 Cedarstar

Cedarstar is the one who turned Brokenstar evil. If he hadn't given Brokenpaw to Nightpelt, he would not have been evil.

53 Socks

Okay, people, Ruby is nineteen here. Socks did everything beside her. So if ruby is a culprit, so is socks.

54 Badgerstar

Is this a real cat? (If not, I will use the name) Oh, it's from a fanfic... probably a coincidence.

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55 Brightheart

Why is she on here she lost the sight in one eye! She has coped ever since and has a mate! SHOW SOME RESPECT!

I agree with the person that posted before me. This makes no sense

This makes no sense!

56 Cakepaw V 2 Comments
57 Rainwhisker

WHAT THE CRAP! Rainwhisker is one of my favorite cats and he died when a tree fell on him! I even did a warrior name test and my name is RAINshadow! WHY!

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