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281 Ella

This is my name and my sisters watching me write this even she says it isn't a mean name

Oh I have to disagree, this name is too sweet! Reminds me of my lil sister.

I think this is a cute elderly name

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282 Shannon

A really mean lady

283 Kimberly

AHAHA gosh I hated a girl with this name. She acted so inocent UGH

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284 Angelika
285 Aimee

I happen to love the name!

286 Alla
287 Kia
288 Grey

You got an issue with blondes

Rude, pushy, mean, snotty, stupid... Blonde

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289 Mickenzie

Not to be mean to anyone named this but there is a girl at my school named this and I just don't like her she has an attitude. She sort of acts like a mean popular girl (which is pretty much what she is with like no smarts). She made fun of me because I have a lot of keychain on my bookbag which is one way I show myself. I just don't like her. She acts like she has not worked a day in her life and expects everything to done for her but she is in lower classes than me so - lbelle0527

Never herd this name but I have a cousin named Mackenzie and my last name is Mackenzie

I personly think that mickenzie is a mean name but to you out there who are named mickenzie sorry about this
Mickenzie sounds like snotty mean brat whos rich

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290 Alexandra

To anyone who is offended, the person who made this list, has no knowledge of your existence! Chill!

Why is this up here? This is my name!

291 Keanna

I like it! It's a nice name in general!

292 Trasha

Trasha is a pretty trashy name - NicholasYellow

This is the silliest name I've ever heard in my life

293 Shauna

I have a friend named Shauna who is kind of a brat

It is a mean name like!

294 Faye V 1 Comment
295 Mattie V 1 Comment
296 Ty

Again, this is another stupid name I've heard

If u don't know how to ty your shoes they will call you ty don't know how to ty

297 Shayla

Before we moved, my best friends name was shayla, and she was anything but mean

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298 Diamond

To be honest I wonder why this isn't higher

Diamond sounds snobby and stuck-up

My 7 year old sister has a book and Maddysin is mean and Diamond is so nice

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299 Liliana

No, I know 2 that are nice. Maybe some are mean, though.

300 Allison

I happen to love the name so much!

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