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121 Trinity

Trinity, this is my name. I'm very loyal to my friends. I have to admit, I am pretty short tempered and sarcastic but it's not that bad. To all the Trinity's you have a very nice and rare name

Got to admit this name has been completely ruined for me. I have this girl in my maths extension class called trinity and she is really snobby and stuck up. She just gives you that look like she way smarter and more important.

My friend's name is Trinity and my other friend's name is Kayla, so shut up! - JHLover321

Trinity used to be my friend. She BETRAYED me! :(

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122 Ellie

I know a girl called Ellie. She was horrible to me, always spreading rumors and stealing my friend. Some Ellie's are nice though. - Apricot

There's this girl named Ellie that my softball team played against hers. She was the pitcher and gave my friend a really bad deadball. When we went to glare at Ellie, she had the biggest smile on her face.

My friend is Ellie and she is nothing but amazing

That's my name but where's Lexy on this crappy site?

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123 Keira

I know a keira and she was an on and off friend, and she is off now.

That's my friend's name

I know a Kiera who bullies my sister but I also know a another girl called Kiera who is really nice it all depends on the person not the name

124 Cosima

What kind of name is that?

125 Amy

My 6th grade English teacher had this name, she always gave me lunch detentions for the dumbest of reasons, slouching was one of them! She criticized my handwriting and spelling to the point in witch where I almost ended up in a special class! Thank goodness my parents heavily objected or I would be in one. there was not a single day where she did not yell at me, she made my 6th grade year misery, but on the last day I got back at her, because she was also my homeroom teacher, I had to be in her room all day, so when my bus was called, I said " F*@# you, you son of a b*$#%, hope you rot in jail! " And then I ran the heck out of there before I could get a detention, and I did not! Not even in 7th grade!

My Cousins name is Amy, she is like a older version of me

There's a person who has bullied me all though high school whose name is Amy. She's make me cry and want to kill myself on several occasions. According to her I'm a slut yet she's the one who sleeps with a different boy every night while I've only had two serious boyfriends AND I'm still a virgin unlike her... I've always thought of her whenever I hear the name, even when discussing my friend who has the same name. It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I don't want to offend everyone.

126 Claire

Claire is the nicest name possible. All my dolls are called Claire well not all of them

My BFF is Claire, she is cool, funny, sweet and AWESOME. I love her to bits!

, my name is on here! I am so sad now... I really am nice!

127 Louise
128 Jasmine
129 Macy

A girl named Macy went to my school. She was stuck up and preppy and always wore lots of makeup like a doll. She was very rude.

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130 Debby

Ummm, Debby sounds like a sweet, innocent name, like someone who would ask u to come in if u knocked on her door and she would, like, offer u cookies or something

131 Makaylee
132 Nevada
133 Star

Star from my last class was a complete jerk. Not to me but most my friends

134 Whittany

I don't know anyone called whittany but there's a mean girl called whittany that goes to my friends school, and let me tell ya she is mean and cruel! So yes I do think that whittany is a mean name. But no offense to any nice girl called whittany cause u r awesome 👍! But other wise yes I do.

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135 Killaria

The name sound pretty mean I mean literally its "kill"- aria

Killaria you know shes a scyco

136 Zoe

My friends name is Zoe! Zoe's of the world, don't listen to people who judge you by your name

My name is Noelle-Zoe and both names are on this site!

My best friend is called zoeand she is one of the nicest people I've ever met so she would probably be one of the last people I would put on so shut up and put a real mean name on.

I know a zoe one of the funniest people I know.

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137 Grace

My name is Grace and I don't think I'm a mean person. However I'm not going to go as far and say that anyone called Grace won't be mean because I know that's not true. I know several Graces and some aren't very nice.

I know a girl called Grace and she is the biggest tomboy I met

I know a grace and she is the nicest thing ever

Graces are bitches

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138 Gabi

I have the name gabi and I am evil

Haha at least she is honest.


My name is Gabrielle gabby for short my name isn't spelt like this one though I am a bitch so I understand.

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139 Tiffany

I would consider this a mean girl name, but it is a pretty ugly name, and anyone who is saying that they should be ashamed for putting this on here, they probably didn't know whatever tiffany you know or your name is tiffany ever existed. so stop being brats and get over it.

Sounds kind of evil, but I know a Tiffany that is like the nicest person I have ever met

That's my mommy and she kick butt

Okay, I'll admit this does sound like a mean girl nasme but I had a friend called Tiffany who was like the best!

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140 Hailey

Hailey is 10 she swears and is mean

I know someone named Chantal and I love her like I'm her daughter

, Hailey is like, THE meanest girl in my class, SHE, IS 9!

This is my name

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