Top Ten Names for Perky Girls

Some writers need a perky girl in there story, or just baby names, right? So here are some cute and perky ones!

The Top Ten

1 Harper

I love this name! My name is Riley and when I am old enough I am going to change it to Harper

I love this name so much, it just has an important ring to it. - Magenta_Flame

2 Willow

Willow is the name of the main character in my favorite book, Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan. I wish I had that name!

I love this name somehow! - Magenta_Flame

I LOVE COUNTING BY 7s! I'm writing a short story and the main character needs a perky name and this list is perfect!

3 Mabel

Obviously, I'm thinking Gravity Falls. And she epitomizes perkiness.

Except come on. JOY. JOY IS LITERALLY HAPPINESS. - keycha1n

So cute for a perky and cute little girl or adult! - Magenta_Flame

Gravity Falls! Mabel is so adorable!

That sounds like a fancy old lady.

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4 Rose

It seems so unique. - Magenta_Flame

5 Saige

My BFF's middle name, but such a great first name! - Magenta_Flame

6 Olive

That sounds fancy and stuck up.

7 Natalie

Love this name for any girl. - Magenta_Flame

8 Jade

It's a type of color and a cool name! - Magenta_Flame

9 Alahni

(pronounced: A-lani)

10 Nikki

I love this name, even though I made it a bad guy in my book - Magenta_Flame

Or Nicole. They both work - Billyv

This should be #1

The Contenders

11 Lilly

Most spell it Lily

It is spelled Lily

12 Paige
13 Magdalene

One of my besties has this name it is so unique

14 Nevaeh

Heaven backwards, but amazing features. - Magenta_Flame

15 Tulip
16 Violet

In my book, this character has Synesthesia, and keeps it a secret from the whole school. Her best friends have Photographic Memory and Social Anxiety.
When she tells her crush, he understands, liking her who she is.
Or maybe even loving her who she is - Magenta_Flame

That sounds like a good book. get it published

17 Liv
18 Joy
19 Kendall
20 Avery
21 Sydney

My name, of course it is important, lol. (sorry, just gotta put it out there, not self-absorbed - Magenta_Flame

22 Kimberly
23 Perry


24 Cassidy
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