Best Naturally Generated Structures In Minecraft


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1 Stronghold

I know what is it but I was not there

2 Nether Fortress

I was there

3 End Portal

This is part of the stronghold you idiots - errrr

I was there too

4 Desert Temple

I was there and when u find it go inside and dig down on the purple block

5 Village

Everyone was there

I find this my personal favourite. it is exciting and amazing and is the best structure. I find villagers as friends and are almost willing to protect them.

6 Woodland Mansion

Back then, villages were the best. Now, I love this structure more than villages - TeamRocket747


7 Dungeon

I was there

8 Jungle Temple

I was there too and u can find some chests inside one hidden somewhere on inside the mechanism

9 Abandoned Mineshaft

I was there 1 time

10 End City

Kinda amazed this is number 10, I thought it would have been in the 5s, so much loot and fun challanges.

The Contenders

11 Igloo
12 Ravine

I wasn't there but I know what is it

13 Witch Hut

I was there

14 Sea Temple
15 Desert Well
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1. Woodland Mansion
2. Stronghold
3. Village
1. Nether Fortress
2. Stronghold
3. End Portal



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