Top 10 New Creatures That Should Be Added to Minecraft

All of the HP and HP Damages are set on Normal Difficulty.
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The Dinosaurs should be hostile. Attack you by charging (5 HP Damage). And Drop Raw Beef and a Bone. Should Have 110 HP.

Sharks Sharks are a group of fish characterized by a cartilaginous skeleton, five to seven gill slits on the sides of the head, and pectoral fins that are not fused to the head. Sharks have been around before the earth's first dinosaurs and even the earth's first trees.

Should live in the sea and be hostile. Should Attack the Player by bite (4 HP Damage). Should Drop Raw Fish, 2 Sticks and string to start making a Fishing Rod. Should Have 35 HP.

Should be A Boss found in the sea. Should Charge into enemies and Bite (10 HP Damage). Should Drop 100 Raw Fish, 2 Fishing Rods and A Music Disc. Should have 150 HP.

I wanna see a pixelated shark


Should be A Boss. Should Fly, Teleport, Punch (6 HP Damage), use a Diamond Sword (10 HP Damage), Set Traps, Throw blocks at Player with Telekenesis (9 HP Damage), Turn Good Mobs against You, Blast Lightning (20 HP Damage) and Heal Until on 150 HP. Should drop 64 Diamonds, 10 Ender Pearls, 5 Gunpowder, 2 Coal and a Diamond Sword. Should have 400 HP.

He should also shoot fire (17 HP Damage).


Should be hostile and be beamed down from spaceships that randomly appear. Should blast Laser Like Projectiles (3 HP Damage). Should Drop Glowstone Dust and a Golden Ingot. Should Have 20 HP

EW! what stupid dude came up with this idea


Should be Neutral until Attacked. Should Poison the player by bite (3 HP Damage). Should drop a Music disc. Should have 15 HP.


Should Be Neutral until night. Should be smaller than the Enderdragon. Should charge into the player (5 HP Damage) and shoot a Fire Ball (10 HP Damage). Drops Coal and A Dragon Egg. Should have a 100 HP.

They really are going to be in minecraft I so it on the wiki

If Red Dragons were Added, they would protect the world, not like the ender dragon, it can be rid on, it is a
the target for the Ender Dragon


Should be Hostile in the Nether. Should Shoot fireballs (5 HP Damage). Should Drop Redstone and Charcoal. Should have 20 HP.

Should Be Hostile in the Nether. Should blast fireballs (15 HP Damage) Should drop Redstone and Charcoal. Should have 25 HP.

The comment with the 20 HP is incorrect.

The Witherlord

Should be a Boss found in the Nether. Should use an Iron Sword (9 HP Damage) and blast fire (17 HP Damage). Should drop 64 Nether Quartz and 64 Coal.

Woolly Mammoths

It would be cool to find them in snow biomes with polar bears

The Contenders
Zombie Lords

From 0 to 5 this is 1000

Could be 9999 zombies 4 zombie Titan lords 50 zombie Lords 55 giant Lords and a zombie titan king in a ginormus castle

Have 9000000000000000000 health kill players in 0 seconds flat spawn when
You killed all the zombies in your world drop 9000 redstone 49 cyan flowers and roses and drop every stuff that cand be given with the give command
Attack with a Amber sword and wear Amber armor spawn in the zombie castle in the zombie world note: the zombie castle is as rare as the woodland masion from minecraft pc

Elephants Elephants are large mammals of the family Elephantidae and the order Proboscidea. Two species are traditionally recognized, the African elephant and the Asian elephant, although some evidence suggests that African bush elephants and African forest elephants are separate species.

Yes, add them to savannas.

Tapirs A tapir is a large, herbivorous mammal, similar in shape to a pig, with a short, prehensile nose trunk.
Mosquitos Spanish for "small fly," mosquitoes are flies that have been known to cause various diseases . A sample of diseases caused by mosquitoes: malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus .

1 hp 1 damage hit with poison effect for 1hr level 3

NOOOOO! this is stupid. I hope this was a joke. This has got to be the dumbest thing I have seen today.


Should be Hostile. Should attack like Zombies do (4 HP Damage). Should Drop Leather and a stick. Should have 20 HP.


Already in minecraft

Should be Passive. Should Drop Nothing. Should have 10 HP.

Llamas The llama is a domesticated South American camelid, widely used as a meat and pack animal by Andean cultures since the Pre-Columbian era.

It is already in Minecraft.

Mastodons Mastodon is an American heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, formed in early 2000 and composed of bassist Troy Sanders, guitarists Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher and drummer Brann Dailor.

Its almost like the nether version of Giganotosaurus and Tyrannosaurus.Its at least 7.5 blocks high and 19 blocks long.Its like a mini-boss and it has at least 170 HP.The only weapon strong enough to take on it is the Diamond/Enchanted Iron Sword due to its high endurance and thick skin.It attacks depending on your range.If you're too close it chomps on you in a similar style that the T.rex from the first film of Jurassic Park uses to kill the lawyer who is sitting on a toilet but it would spit you out if you're not dead,which does 19 HP damage,if you're too far then it shoots a beam of lava which lasts for 20 seconds and it does 18 HP damage.When killed it drops 23 rotten flesh,13 obsidian and 1 item I made up called the Lava Fang.Its extremely rare for it to spawn in the Nether.

The Witherstorm

A huge enhanced version of the wither,the witherstorm is one of the most powerful mobs ever known in Minecraft. According to the story mode of this game,its extremely huge,has powerful tentacles,shoots like a regular wither and can use a beam which sucks up blocks,items and even any mob in Minecraft. Only one of the strongest player or mob in Minecraft can defeat it. Create it in the same way as the wither except put a command block in the middle. Like the wither skeleton and the wither,it has the wither sickness except that the effect is a lot more fatal. Its from Minecraft Story Mode.

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