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41 Kaku & Kalifa

SO that's what that huge nose is for. - bcrowley0213

42 Crocus & Laboon V 2 Comments
43 Zoro & Kuina

Yes because they make a perfect couple because they bicker at each other like a perfect shipped couple.

Ya can't ship a dead with a living one!

(Tashigi X Zoro) *snicker*

And this is why I ship tashigi and Zoro, not only does tashigi look like Kuina but she acts like her and argues with Zoro a lot

44 Sai & Baby 5

I really love this ship! they are so adorable together! SHIP it

45 Doflamingo & Law

One sided on Doffy's part, but obvious in my opinion.

Uhuh, hot. I see where people are going with this.

We all know where this is going... but please, no

Come on, we were all thinking it. Doffy seems pervy as heck.

46 Robin & Nami

This would be great if robin wasn't painfully straight

It really would be... Still at least there's FanFiction.

I want to see that henti

47 Law & Luffy

You know if there weren't so many of this pairing with different names, it might actually be higher on the list lol...They really are cute together though.

They are sooo cute together! Eversince they started an alliance together, they have become closer, and Law saved Luffy's life(Out of Nowhere! After the battle at Marinefold, May I point out! ) Lawlu is Life! SO ADORABLE!

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48 Law & Robin

THE perfect couple in One Piece

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49 Smoker & Tashigi

Well I'm not a big fan of Tashigi but I'm a fan of this pairing. I think they're cute together.

Yes. Reasonable ship!

i ship it


50 Zoro & Bonney

This is the best couple! Seriously, it's the best. I may be fangirling but they look hot together. Plus, I think they are the kin d of couple that would do an interesting story. Beautiful couple. They have that kind of magnetism in the air when they are together.

Cute encounter. They were close enough to kiss. Then she scolded him.

Maybe but,tashigi is the top if she wasn't there then perona if Perona wasn't there then booney

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51 Ace & Robin


Yes yes yes

They have so many similarities! Their past is similar, if they knew each other, it is on that they would get along wonderfully! Plus, they're both strong, quiet, polite, funny, I love them a lot together.
And their style! Cowboy! YEAHH


52 Luffy & Rebecca

Nah, rebecca is for her dad only

Nope, luffy is asexual in canon


Well.. It's ok

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53 Doflamingo & Crocodile

Naw. one-sided on doflamingo's side in canon. croc can't stand him

My true OTP, along side Sanzo.
Doffy and Croc are just too cute~

54 Kid and Law

Kid seems very interested in Law, cannot take his eyes off of him.

This is a very popular pairing, very surprised it is not higher on the list.

Kid/killer and law/corazon are better

That is one HOT pairing, I'm telling yo.

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55 Trafalgar D. Water Law & Monkey D. Luffy

I love LawLu. It is my favorite pairing out of all possibilities, but I doubt that Oda would do that, simply because it would upset too many people who don't want to see a gay couple in One piece. Especially the main character. It would really be nice if people stopped worrying about that so much, but I have seen people freak out over people shipping them, as well as Zoro and Sanji, and that pair is really popular too.

It started when Law apparently saved Luffy on a whim, just a spur of the moment he says. Then two years later, meeting Luffy again and eventually forms an alliance.

You've got a character who's grumpy, serious and cool. Then there's this ball of sunshine, happy go lucky and somehow idiotic character. So cute together!

Overrated and noncanon. luffy is asexual and law is in love with his dead benefactor (lol)

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56 Usopp & Vivi

Well. They seem to get along pretty well.

I'm watching the part about Drum Island, and I just thought they'ed make a cute couple.


57 Ace & Luffy

I don't ship this couple in a romantic way, I ship it more in a brotherly way, I just think that this is the best brother realationship I've ever seen

Lol we all know ace and luffys couples because of best anime and mangas arc MARINFORD ARE this couple is the best couple

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58 Sanji x Nico Robin V 1 Comment
59 Chopper & Nami V 2 Comments
60 Buggy & Luffy

Buggy has been searching for luffy

Great couple in my opinion. Show mutual feelings to each other.



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