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81 Chopper & Robin

Lol... Nice troll ship.

They got cute moments like when they played a board game, but it's not romantic. Plus Chopper isn't into humans

Chopper is too innocent to be paired with anyone

I could see it, I guess, at least it's better than Robin & Frankie.

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82 Luffy & Vivi

I could see this

Luffy x vivi for the win! ( or nami)

Many hints with this one

Igram had a nightmare that Vivi will be the queen of the pirates *wink wink* is Goda forshadowing something even Luffy's seiyuu said something about Luffy having that kind of interest in Vivi.

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83 Hancock & Mihawk

Would make the best and most mature and most awesome couple in my opinion! I ship it!

It's better than Luffy x Hancock. Obviously.

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84 Marguerite & Luffy

Aside from Boa Hancock, Marguerite is probably the only other Amazon Lily warrior whose attracted to Luffy. Otherwise, why would she risk her own life to save him from Hancock's death sentence? I believe that one of the reasons why she became a member of the Kuja Pirates was because she helped to save Luffy's life, of which Hancock had promoted them into their ranks. Because of Hancock's love for Luffy, it's unlikely that Marguerite and Luffy will ever get together because that would certainly make her Empress very upset. But Marguerite is around the same age as Vivi and Nami, of which Luffy's age is right in between them. Thus, Marguerite and Luffy could still work out if Hancock was to die.

The only OTP in One Piece if you ask me. Their interaction seemed so natural and does seem closer than how Luffy interacts with other women.

Love this


85 Dr. Kureha & Dr. Hiluluk V 1 Comment
86 Luffy & Usopp V 2 Comments
87 Law & Nojiko

While yes I know Nojiko and Law have never met I feel like they could be great together. They have a great deal in common both lost their biological family's in front of them. While it doesn't show completely for Nojiko it is implied everyone from her home land was killed except her and Nami. Both of them again lost their parent figure right in front of them, Nojiko lost Bellmere and Law lost Corazon. Also both Bellmere and Corazon told their child that they love them right before they died. Also both Law and Nojiko tattoos are very similar.

I think if they met and talked then they would hit it off. I would love to see Law and Nojiko end up together

88 Usopp & Nami

I love this ship, they both have been shown to invest huge amounts of trust in each other, and let's be honest, pre-timeskip they were as far from the Monster Trio as it got. They are both used to fighting on wits and deception and they are very emotionally connected, as seen on Thriller Bark where Nami rushed to his side. I absolutely love this ship!

Definitely not Usopp has kaya and it is canon and nami has luffy and that is borderline canon - bcrowley0213

I LOVE THEM, why is this not more popular? If there wouldn't be the Kaya-thing then I'd totally want them together...they are like a better LuNa version since they have more developmend...

No. Ussop for kaya only

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89 Sabo & Robin

The heck is this!?

No, we all know what sabo is going home to every night.*puts image of koala bear* - bcrowley0213

Pretty weird pairing but its ok

No. Just no

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90 Luffy & Nojiko

I know I ship it. I am a horrible person.

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91 Killer & Domino
92 Marco & Whitey Bay

They comment I posted on the bottom was meant for the Bonney x Law. Ignore that.

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93 Alvida & Buggy

Alvida is the only one for buggy

Alvida wants luffy, buggy is just a business partner to be honest

94 Kid & Bonney

This should be higher on the list! In my opinion they ship together so good!

95 Mr 1 & Miss Doublefinger V 2 Comments
96 Boa Hancock & Mihawk

Why not? We all know Luffy has Nami, why not Mihawk and Hancock? She's beautiful and he's dashing, a perfect pair.

Hancock only loves luffy (very much) this doesn't work at all

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97 Monet x Caesar

Sure yea I guess there good together but I don't really care lol

No,I think she looks at him as an idiot but she just protects him because she's loyal to doflamingo

98 Doflamingo x Vergo V 4 Comments
99 Luffy & Robin

Robin said she wanted to die and he picked his nose

This is just ridiculous.


100 Brook & Perona

Seriously?! Like, come on, crazy supporters for this! Brook is just a feminist, and he is a gajillion years old, and Perona is like... A teenager!

... Okay, It wouldn't nessecarily be my OTP, but come on!
Am I the only one who can actually see this happening? I bet u that if we were able to make this canon, I would vote for it just for the sake of being curious!
I mean, not only might they be the most hilarious couple in all of one piece, but they would also be pretty badass together!

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