Sanji & Nami


I love this ship. In my opinion, the only reason Nami x Luffy is popular is due to the fact that Luffy is the main protagonist and Nami is the heroine. It is really common among fans to support the hero x heroine standard. However, Luffy shows equal concern for all of his crewmates and the only "moment" between the two is when he allows her to wear his precious Straw Hat, which is not considered romantic by me. I support Sanji x Nami because in the current arc (Sanji retrieval arc), it is hinted that Nami might have some feelings for Sanji as well. It is also well - known that Sanji prefers Nami above all.

They are really great together and in my opinion one of the most probable ships to be canon. Sanji may flirt a lot but Nami is special to him and even treats her differently than the other girls. And Nami in turn cares a lot about Sanji. Just look at the recent chapters. She cried for him, she was incredibly worried, and she even argued with Zoro when he made light of his problem. They're probably going to end up together

People keep brining in how Luffy x Nami makes more sense while at the same time saying how Nami has shown no interest in Sanji makes that ship unlikely to happen... But when has Nami or Luffy ever shown romantic interest for each other? While we don't know what Nami feels, at least Sanji has an interest in Nami. From what I can tell Luffy has no romantic feelings for anything with the only possible exception being meat. If we compare the two ships SaNa makes more sense at the moment.

I can see why people would ship them, they have more moments in canon to be honest (from Sanji's part mostly), but now that we met Pudding, I don't think I can ever ship these 2 again. Now that I saw a girl who likes Sanji as he is, who is smitten by Sanji's chivalry instead of being annoyed, whose attraction to her is met with heart eyes instead of a punch on the head... Yeah, Pudding is the right one. Nami would never make Sanji happy, she would just hit him and take advantage of his devotion. She was even willing to leave with to his fate without even trying to find out what was going on with him, even though when she was in a similar situation, Sanji saw through her and fought for her. She really disappointed me on that one. - lalonde_marilou

I think that blaming Nami is a but too much, she was very distressed by the whole fight. But yes I guess it's true that she wasn't at her best... especially compared to Luffy's reaction. But it's fine, all the characters have highs and lows. - lilyflower

You are too harsh on Nami. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand Sanji and felt terrible for him but Nami didn't know what was going on she was super confused and saw her captain get beat up in front of her. No one is to blame, they were all in an awful situation and none of them were thinking rationally. - AlixM

I honestly love them together because Sanji is obviously in love with Nami. Sure he flirts with all the girls he sees but I really think he had already set his heart out for Nami. During the Davy Back fight arc even when he was surrounded by a lot of girls he ditched them when Nami cried for help. But I don't think this ship will be canon even though I wish it could be. Nami does seem to like Luffy more and I think she only sees Sanji as her servant

I know this ship has been hit hard by Pudding's introduction. I like Pudding so I'll be fine if it happens, but I still root for Sanji and Nami. Sanji may be a womanizer, but it's obvious that he cares more about Nami than any other women.

Sanji and Nami has plenty of moments that makes me think Oda treats them differently.

We have the whole wedding scene in Thriller Bark, not to mention another wedding coming up and a quite distressed Nami.

We have them protecting each other, not only Nami getting saved by Sanji several times, but Nami fighting for him too.

She's cried over him and he's cried for her.

In a lot of serious situations they turn to each other because they are both levelheaded and trust the other one's opinion.

They switched bodies in Punk Hazard, but despite Oda making a unfunny joke about it, we got a lot of moments between them.

Nami has worn Sanji's jacket twice.

Sanji is often chosen to be Nami's protector she can be seen hiding behind him from time to time.

Luffy has basically said "I leave Nami to you" to Sanji while he has said "Leave Sanji to me" to Nami. Indicating that he knows they care and worry deeply about the other.

They know ...more

I think this ship makes a lot of sense and it doesn't have to change much for it to be canon. Sanji already loves Nami, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they end up together at the end.

This all I will say you have no evidence unlike a certain ship that is number 1 *cough* *cough* LuNa - bcrowley0213

Sanji is not in love with Nami. He's in love with boobs. His pathetic one-sided "love" doesn't amount to anything more than cheap lust and gags. Nothing to be taken seriously. Which is why Nami clearly doesn't. that's why she uses him. Because idiots like him are easy to manipulate. Sanji is just like the simps you see in real life doing every manner of favor for a woman in the hopes that she'll put out for him. But it never happens. Because it's pathetic. Almost embarrassing really. Sanji had a better connection with violet, and is doing even better with Pudding.

There is no doubt he loves her boobs, but his chivalry and care for her is genuine, that much is obvious. And Nami takes advantage of it for the same reason she takes advantage of every male crewmate when it comes to money: because she likes to manipulate people to get what she wants. She could never make Sanji happy and doesn't deserve him. Luffy can be the unfortunate guy stuck with her and receive her punch forever for all I care. - lalonde_marilou

I know sanji is a flirt but he only sets his eyes for nami! I mean the slave-master set up is just so cute!

There are hints since episode 45. This ship will sail. The current arc is the proof, which is Whole Cake Island. I've been shipping them since Thriller bark, Nami-san and Sanji-kun is my forever ship!

I am a little confused because on one hand Oda made this couple shine in this arc. Sanji catching Nami, them worrying about the other all the time, Nami hug... the other hand, we have Pudding that seems so perfect for Sanji. I don't know what to think anymore! :/ Where is Oda going with this? I am very curious.

Sanji is quite devoted, turning down even other women in favor of Nami, but I'm not sure if Nami would ever return feelings. They have moments though.

A match made in heaven if you ask me!

You sure about that? Nami and Sanji are the couple that makes MOST sence

She crying for him in the latest chapter

I also ship it even though Sanji is just a badass flirt

I love this couple! Sanji is the one who always worries about her and always rescues her. And though we haven't seen any romantic feelings from Nami, it's obvious she deeply respects and cares for him.

Their moments are most fillers and in cover pages like,802,811...

nami favorite food is roasted duck

sanji animal is a duck

sanji kun and nami san

only the future will tell if nami will truly fall for him and if he will stick with one woman

Those two have so many moments, and I don't know why western fans don't see it.

Why isn't there a Sanji x Pudding section?

They are great together I love them!

Nami is special for Sanji. He knows that she is different from other girls who easily plays along with his flings. She may be hard to get but sanji sure values nami more than anyone else. He immediately runs to Nami whenever she is put to danger to the extent of leaving other women behind, in other words, she is his first priority. Though, others may say that it is a one-sided case for sanji, but we never know what's nami's thoughts are.

I can't believe this isn't more popular. These two have so many moments that could hint at romance between them in the manga, and even more in filler and movies.

What the heck! I hate those person who hate this pairings!