Zoro & Robin


They have nothing going on at all. If anything, Robin has a thing with Franky, not with Zoro! They wear matching shirt, they finish each other sentence, they sleep on the other's knees. Meanwhile ZoRo fans go crazy because they stood next to each other or something. That's so ridiculous. People just like the idea. - lalonde_marilou

I seriously don't see this happening in my opinion... - XxGodlyBVPTrampXx

This pairing is absurd! Let's be real, they have nothing going on. At all. They almost never talk. I mean when everyone was desperate to get her back, Zoro was the only one to doubt her sincerity, saying that she might have betrayed them. - Yan_6

You guys are mad. Zoro and Robin? pfft. you all are blind. Zoro is meant to be with Tashigi.

Actions speak louder than words... robin alone better, zoro alone better but when together the best

The worst couple ever. Really senseless. How can one think of something romantic among them? Open your eyes, there is no way they can be together: they are just nakama.

No need explanation anymore, just by one glance we all know they have a best chemistry more than the other shipping! Anyone who tried to shipping zoro with tashigi or nami must think twice. The only woman that gets zoro's respect is only robin.

I never shipped cartoon characters before nor I even care about one piece, but after watching some arcs, these 2 make it so obvious, and they seem to not get in each others nerves.

Doesn't anybody realize that Zoro blushes more when Robin is around. He felt so embarrassed at the Thriller Bark "team docking" scene when Robin refused to join and tried to act cool by including her on his next attack. I am not sure if it's just me, but it also seems that they have more scenes together after the two year skip and I hope to see more of them together in the future.

Just so you know age does not matter in a anime so screw all those Tashigi and Nami x Zoro fans. Robin and Zoro may have a big age gap but those two interact just so cutely. I can prove that Zoro and Robin are the best couple in One Piece. In episode 318 when Zoro is stuck babysitting Robin is the only one who saw him embarrass himself and when she saw him, she teased him about it suited him so he blushed. I know Oda said no romance but can't us shippers dream.

They are just PERFECT! Enough said

I just find these two really cute when they talk with each other, I also noticed the way they look at each other plus we couldn't deny their chemstry. I haven't read or watched all the episodes yet, but so far I've never seen Zoro reacted to Sanji when he flirts with Nami, but Zoro reacted to Sanji's request to Robin to lay his head on robin's lap when they were on Fishman island. though those two (sanji and zoro) always fight... or maybe what I saw was just parts of the fillers. still Zoro and Robin looks good together.

That is like the best couple ever!

Good thing that they are number 1! I love these guys so much!

The best couple of One Piece in my opinion. They've got scenes more than any other couple and they care for each other even thought they don't want to make it clear. I don't want it lovey dovey just like the others but in silence and such things. Zoro respect Robin more than any other girl and Robin always tease Zoro. It's so clear they're made for each other.

Why they are so good together? There is a millions answer to that so I can't finish answering all that. in short, they are just too perfect, they are meant for each other. for those who ships, nami with zoro, zoro with tashigi or robin with franky, you people have no sense of romance, don't know what love is. so always ship ZOROxROBIN.

They obviously love each other. In pictures, they both seem to be standing right next to each other. They both are so cute together. It's a perfect match.

Wait, where is this love? And then two people close to each other doesn't always automatically make them a couple! It's ridiculous! - Sacramenta

People they are perfect, both are quiet and mature. And yeah, Robins the only girl he respects. It's a anime so screw the age gap

Zoro seems to care about robin than more other woman in one piece

In the part I'm at, robin joined the crew about 20-30 episodes ago, so I'm still trying to see which ship I like most but this one seems about correct

There are too many good moments between those two. Just so many.

Robin is like... Epic. She has a slightly negative aura, but is calm, cool, and smart. Zoro also holds these qualities, and is usually alone when on the ship while traveling. Robin usually reads books, which is well... Independent. If these two actually kinda 'meet' each other one day, I can swear that they would be the perfect match.

Pretty sure they are the same age and they are a match made in heaven. I absolutely love this couple :3

Age difference does not define or limit love. I think of all the zorox___ or RobinX___ couples, I like ZoroXRobin the best. Both are mature and understanding, but with unique quirks that can entertain one another. Furthermore, Zoro seems to respect Robin quite a bit, and Robin is the only girl that seems to find Zoro amusing/cute and totally harmless. (Nami's afraid of this bad boy ;D)

Basically, Zoro's actions during the Skypiea arc got my mind racin' :P

Hey evey character in one piece has a silly moment even aokiji has his on silly moment and shank has his silly moment to and that because every man has his silly moment and if don't like it maybe you want robin couple with akainu. And if you say they cannot be couple because robin is mature and zoro is not mature you are silly that because zoro is the most mature in one piece character he is strong, funny and he has his own attitude and if still don't like this couple then name the chracter that should become robin couple believe me there is no character can fight with zoro character