Most Overrated Roblox Games


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1 Prison Life

No clue when this list was made but update only like 200 people play this

Every day, I go onto roblox, it has the most players playing. - TeamRocket747

Hey it got a bit underrated.. - TeamRocket747

They’re are way more overrated prison games than this *cough* *cough* jailbreak

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2 Rocitizens

2nd most overrated - TeamRocket747

3 Murder Mystery 2

Why is this ripoff game popular?

4 Roblox High School

It has a lot of people because it's "Get a girlfriend or boyfriend in a fictional high school in a game"...I think.

Don't get the appeal, this game has nothing to it. - DCfnaf

5 Phantom Forces
6 Pokemon Brick Bronze

Back then, I thought overrated was popular. I should've not add it, as it's a great game. - TeamRocket747

Its lame like seriously?

7 Jailbreak

Unoriginal game with glitches and children that whine upon getting arrested. There are only 5 places to "rob" as 2 of them you just hold a button and 1 of them is just completely broken. Not worth your time! - Gamefan2

Worse than Prison Life. Police camping and arresting you everywhere, hard to get keycards, some police that help criminals, and a few places to rob

This game is nothing but just a rip off with better scripts, its totally garbage and the most overrated game I've seen in roblox atm

Its overrated SO MUCH! I Find NO POINT in this game, for me this is number 1 on most overrated

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8 Lumber Tycoon 2
9 Elemental Battlegrounds

It's underrated now. - TeamRocket747

10 Meepcity

I will of debunk a common controversy, Meepcity does not have a lot of ODers anymore. But that is not saying that it is not filled with jerks. Also almost everyone uses free clothing so it makes no sense when people call you noob. The worst part is how small the game is. You can find the entire map in less than an HOUR. This game is garbage. - Gamefan2

Should be higher - TeamRocket747

Horrible game

Ripoff of CP (Club penguin), Towntoons, Monkey ball (In meepcity starball) and Mario Kart (In meepcity racing) and did I mention ODers? This game is corrupt (I think). - Q-Q

The Contenders

11 Work at a Pizza Place

This game is the one I play the most, with a total of 4, almost 5 years.
;-; - wrests

12 Project: Pokemon
13 Snow Shoveling Simulator

All you do is shovel snow. That's as fun as watching paint dry.

Should be badges in the game to be more popular

14 Booga Booga

Flipping youtubers be playing this

All you do is get stuff and build -_- waist of time

15 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Only popular because it is an old roblox game. This game is boring and is probably what caused the Oder Wars today.

16 Mining Simulator


all you do is mine and make money

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