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1 Jailbreak

It's so annoying when I see Jailbreak the top game. This game kind of started to get a bit lower in January 2019, but it's still on the games page, you don't have to scroll or click the little arrow on popular games to see it. It's retarded. I'd rather only play Meep City, the ultimate COPY of ToonTown. - EwKay

Prison life was way better. I love jailbreak, but it is just full of little kids who whine every time they die

I hate it

Is super cool

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2 Meepcity

Former online date city is still overrated. AlexNewtron was so awesome until he made this game -- now he sucks! MUCH worse than Jailbreak, because Jailbreak is indeed overrated, but it's at least somewhat fun and a good time-killer once in a while. And unlike Meepcity, Jailbreak was NOT a great creator's downfall. The only thing that's worse with Jailbreak is how many games it ripped off; it ripped off a MASSIVE amount of games and Prison Life, which was formerly quite popular, is now mostly dead (to be fair, it was a bad game anyway.)

How is this not in at least top 3? 2 billion visits is WAY more than enough.

It's not really an interesting game ever just a hang out - Sneakyfox

This is the home of oders. U can't join a party without seeing a single oder. And I'm not jk.

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3 Royal High

Royale high is so boring! All u do is go to school! On a weekend (if that's when your playing) seriously out like the worst and seriously overrated!

I heard there were many oder and also I heard about cyberbullying in here too. I once joined and that second I was seeing annoying comments

Royal High deserves to be on this list! Some ODers come in the game. Bullies come here too.

Yes I agree

4 Welcome to Bloxburg!

Too many online daters

Drive around delivering pizza simulator, 12% homes %84 delivering pizza, 4% fun

Good game is copy of the sims

So we can't make city games because this apparently rips off every city game and this is apparently the only superior city game? People, there's a reason for a town and city genre. - TeamRocket747

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5 Mad City

Two words: Jailbreak Ripoff. And in my opinion, a rip-off of another game is always bad, with very few exceptions.

Very bad roblox game
*unexpected driving script
*CAN'T ESCAPE PRISON but others can


This is what you get when you mix Jailbreak and Super Hero Training Simulator together.

Three words describe the whole game:
Jailbreak but worse. - Bammer73

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6 Murder Mystery 2

Do people still play this? - NerfBastion

Why is this ripoff game popular?

7 Prison Life

Really boring all you do when you escape is kill the cops at least jailbreak has stuff to do when you escape

I was addicted to this game and I still would be if I had time to play it. - LittleAwesomeApple

Like seriously. I stopped playing this game nearly a year before Jailbreak existed. People don't understand how repetitive, boring and stupid this game even is.

This is a better than Jailbreak - ArcticWolf

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8 Rocitizens

2nd most overrated - TeamRocket747

9 Pet Simulator

Good thing this game lost popularity quickly.

Honestly I don't see a point'

10 Pokemon Brick Bronze

I LOVe this game but my progress was deleted recently because of update :/ - Sneakyfox

Its lame like seriously?

Back then, I thought overrated was popular. I should've not add it, as it's a great game. - TeamRocket747

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? Greenville
? Ultimate Driving Westover Islands

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11 Lumber Tycoon 2
12 Roblox High School

You can literally create a knock off version solely from free models that is 1000 times better!


This game is boring if you play it for more than 5 minutes, there's a lot of ODers and there is a poorly made director system. - NerfBastion

The school is just a box... - Sneakyfox

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13 Robloxian High School

Let me get this out of the way. High School Life is hated for copying Roblox High School but Robloxian High School is loved even though it copied Roblox High School. What the heck?

14 Weight Lifting Simulator 3
15 Booga Booga

Minecraft in a nutshell. - NerfBastion

Flipping youtubers be playing this

All you do is get stuff and build -_- waist of time

16 Fashion Famous (Fashion Frenzy)

"Ripoff to Top Roblox Runway Model and deserves to be in the top 10"
Are you kidding me right now? You're telling me that we can't make anymore fashion games because there is already Top Roblox Runway Model. Top Roblox Runway Model is the one that's overrated. - TeamRocket747

It doesn't matter the age of the comment. Fashion games have been going on even before top roblox runway model. - TeamRocket747

Ripoff to Top Roblox Runway Model and deserves to be in the top 10

17 Phantom Forces

Call of Duty with a different name - TeamRocket747

This is one of the best games on roblox, it's physics are pretty good for Roblox and could pass as a FPS game from a large company.

18 Roblox Granny

This is just retarded. Gladly it died out. - EwKay

Why is granny so popular? - NerfBastion

19 Elemental Battlegrounds

It's underrated now. - TeamRocket747

20 Mining Simulator

Mine, sell, repeat, mine, sell, repeat

Mining in real life it's boring, just imagine it on ROBLOX. - NerfBastion

I think it's ridiculous that it's so easy to get rich..It's newer and there are so many codes I got rich off of them...LAME - Sneakyfox


all you do is mine and make money

21 Zombie Rush

The game lost a giant opportunity to make zombies using the player's outfit. - NerfBastion

All zombie are nearly the same and get boring quick

22 Bubble Gum Simulator

The game is boring and is not original. Copy of the May version by someone else, but with better scripts

23 Work at a Pizza Place

This game is the one I play the most, with a total of 4, almost 5 years.
;-; - wrests

24 Roblox Hospital
25 Adopt Me

Adopt and raise a cute kid but it has more effort on it - NerfBastion

26 Breaking Point

The gamemode is mostly about luck which made it unfair...

27 Vehicle Simulator

After finding out that this game doesn't have any minivans, I realized I would rather play ultimate driving.

I think this game needs more suvs and minivans.

28 Project: Pokemon
29 Snow Shoveling Simulator

That game is as lame as cleaning your room - Sneakyfox

Should be badges in the game to be more popular

All you do is shovel snow. That's as fun as watching paint dry.

30 Clone Tycoon 2
31 Flee the Facility

That comment is old megone lol


Yeah, but I hope it gets better when it fully releases because it is in beta version. - Megone

32 Theme Park Tycoon 2

All you do is build rides. Wow tottally amazing.
The customers just get to go on themselves.
That's as fair as a three-year-old fighting John Cena.

No I don't think this is overrated, The names this person gave the guests were the most creative names I have even seen, Everly, Vihaan, Roland, Esmeralda, Axl, Khaleesi, Katalina, THERE ARE SO MANEH CREATIVE NAMES

Every name on Earth is on there. Reminds me of the time I saw a customer named Mario on my Teacups ride sitting next to a customer named Luigi. - TeamRocket747

33 Strucid
34 Doomspire Bricksbattle
35 Wolves Life 3

The fact that this was chosen for the Egg Hunt 2019 makes me question life. Also, you can identify as non-binary.

Filled to the brim with Wolfaboos/Sparkledogs and Mary Sues, this game is sure to leave you cringing by the end. - Vancedapurpleguy

36 Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Only popular because it is an old roblox game. This game is boring and is probably what caused the Oder Wars today.

37 Murder Mystery X

This game is a RipOff of a RipOff. - NerfBastion

Just a ripoff end of story.

38 Survivors

If you mean Peak Precision's Survivor, I agree. If you mean a game actually called SurvivorS, that's a whole different story.

It take a lot of time to start playing and you can easily get kicked out of your time just because of ODers that want their friends/girl/boyfriends together. - NerfBastion

The game is so long that it nearly take forever to play a game plus the game is kept on repeating.

39 Design It
40 The Normal Elevator
41 Bee Swarm Simulator

This game is not overrated. Plenty of things are found and upgraded, bees have LEVELS, bee movement animations, events, plus the occasional vicious bee, which can be given to you if you get it's drops enough times? - Qryzx

Who decided to add this game here?
It's not overrated, it has very well graphic... unlike Jailbreak

Team rocket, I should explain to you how... not every "simulator" is five thousand clicks per second or whatever. Ever played it? Or maybe Dinosaur Simulator? Yeah, it's not clicking a dinosaur, it's living as one, growing up and staying under each criteria until you die. - Bammer73

42 Life of an Otaku

This amazing, well built, well scripted game is amazing and super underrated. - EwKay

Not overrated at all. It is a extremely underrated well programed game on roblox.

43 Fantastic Frontier

It's so underrated once on the "Featured" list no.12

44 Restaurant Tycoon
45 Speed Simulator

*Walks for an hour* *Has only 580 speed* - EwKay

Not a lot of content, just a crap-ton of walking around.

Walking walking walking - NerfBastion

46 Adopt and Raise a Baby

Really? - NerfBastion

47 Hide and Seek Extreme

It's Simple Game When The It Is Frozen You Have Seconds To Hide And When You Get Caught Your Watching The It And Hiders Who Are In The Round

48 Ice Cream Simulator

Next: Wall Simulator - TeamRocket747

49 Super Power Training Simulator
50 Build a Boat for Treasure
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