Top Ten Most Overused First Names

The Top Ten

1 John

I'm glad this is number 1. I hear that name EVERYWHERE I go! It's everywhere. And it just won't go away.

I know 3 guys in real life and they're all named John.

I know 23 people named John

2 James
3 Jacob

Can't believe this name isn't on the top 5 - htoutlaws2012

4 Bob
5 Jack
6 Emily

I remember there were 12 Emily's when I was in elementary school. - cosmo

7 Sarah

It’s really common because there are 7 people in my grade with this name.

8 Mary
9 Robert
10 Andrew

The Contenders

11 Anna
12 Michael

Just about every guy you meet is named Michael.

13 George
14 Hannah

Or Hanna or a lot of other spellings. I know too many people with this name. - RiverClanRocks

Definitely one of the most common names I see around.

15 Thomas
16 Lisa
17 Joseph
18 Edward
19 Peter
20 Grace

There are so many people called Grace it is confusing

21 Gaylord

HOW and WHY is this even on the list?! Gaylord is NOT common at all, its disgusting and NO ONE would want to name their kid that!

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