Top Ten Most Overused First Names

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1 John

There are a lot of people named John. I know a lot of people whose name is John. But overused or not, it is a nice name.

I'm glad this is number 1. I hear that name EVERYWHERE I go! It's everywhere. And it just won't go away.

John is a very popular name. I know a lot of people named John.

I know 3 guys in real life and they're all named John.

2 Jack

Same here. Love it. Jack Frost, Jumpin Jack Flash, Jack be Nimble, Jack and the Beanstalk,

It's overused because people (like me) like this name.

My name is Jack!

3 James

That is my dad's name.

Ha my name will never die for it itmeans supersede MWA HA HA HA

4 Emily

34. Are you joking? How is this no higher? This is the most common girl's name (possibly NAME) at my school!

I remember there were 12 Emily's when I was in elementary school.

5 Sarah

It’s really common because there are 7 people in my grade with this name.

6 Robert
7 Jacob

Can't believe this name isn't on the top 5

my name is way too common

8 Bob
9 Jackson

Wait wait wait. Michael was 1 and Jackson is 2? Those names pair out Michael Jackson dude
P.S Jackson is a last name not a first name

Andrew Jackson was one of our worst US presidents. Don't see why people are naming their children after him.

I don't think people name their kid jackson after him, at least most people

Annoying little baby name.

That is the name of my enemy.

10 Andrew
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11 Michael

That's my name, my moms name, my dads, my brothers, my sisters, my grandfather, my grandma, my G R A N N Y...

Everyone in the family has the name Michael!

My cousin.
3 friends I had at school.
A few youtubers.

Just about every guy you meet is named Michael.

That's my name (

12 Avery

I like this name. One of my best friends' names is Avery. It's used a lot, though.

I don't hear this name a lot, but it's my best friend's name

I am naming a twin Avery Tomlinson in my book!

It is used a lot (I mean a lot)
But it's sorta unique and cool
For a boy. For a girl it's used a lot.
But cute. I'de say it is overused because
It's a good name.

13 Alyssa

That is my sisters name

14 Mary
15 Hannah

Or Hanna or a lot of other spellings. I know too many people with this name.

Definitely one of the most common names I see around.

16 Carter
17 Anna
18 Riley

That's my friend's name, but spelled Rylee.

19 Kacey
20 Owen

Not overused. I'm not getting offended because I'm an Owen, but this is a rare name. I have met about 3 people named Owen.

21 Chloe

That’s my name...

22 Sophia

Oh my gosh yes! I can name 5 Sophias/Sophies Off the top or my tongue. And trust me, if I took the time to rly think about it I could probably come up with at least 12.
But I get why it’s overused. I love the name Sophia. If it wasn't so overused I’d probably decide right now to name my future daughter Sophia

Yep it is very common

I know 3 Sophias

Hell, I know exactly 26 Sophia’s! 2 in my family. I’ve been to 3 states in the U.S.

23 Ava

People like to name their children after celebrities (Taylor, Jackson, etc) or really quick, simple things. A character in my stories is called Ada and she's not at all simple. 🙃

24 Daniel
25 Cole
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