Top Ten Most Overused Names for Boys and Girls

These are some names that I think are used too often. I'm not saying I don't like them, though.

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1 Jackson

Andrew Jackson was one of our worst US presidents. Don't see why people are naming their children after him. - Turkeyasylum

Annoying little baby name.

Eh, Michael Jackson. - ArigatoKawaii

2 Avery

I like this name. One of my best friends' names is Avery. It's used a lot, though. - Survivor101

I don't hear this name a lot, but it's my best friend's name

I am naming a twin Avery Tomlinson in my book! - Magenta_Flame

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3 Michael

That's my name ( - Tacocheese

Then again, MJ! - ArigatoKawaii

4 Hannah
5 Alyssa
6 Riley
7 Sarah
8 Owen
9 Cole
10 Caitlyn

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11 Ava V 1 Comment
12 Sophia V 2 Comments
13 Taylor

Overused for both boys and girls.

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14 Bella

You know I love this name, My mom many time call me by this name - Righteous

15 Olivia

Its not used a lot! I love that name cause one direction has a song Olivia

16 Abby
17 Landon
18 Brayden


19 Johnny
20 James

James Hetfield, James Bond, James LaBrie and more - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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