Top Ten Most Overused Names for Boys and Girls

These are some names that I think are used too often. I'm not saying I don't like them, though.

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1 Jackson

Andrew Jackson was one of our worst US presidents. Don't see why people are naming their children after him. - Turkeyasylum

Annoying little baby name.

Eh, Michael Jackson. - ArigatoKawaii

That is the name of my enemy. - lovefrombadlands

2 Michael

That's my name ( - Tacocheese

I see what you did there!

My dad's name - WinchesterGirl26

That's my name, my moms name, my dads, my brothers, my sisters, my grandfather, my grandma, my G R A N N Y...

Everyone in the family has the name Michael!

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3 Avery

I like this name. One of my best friends' names is Avery. It's used a lot, though. - Survivor101

I don't hear this name a lot, but it's my best friend's name

I am naming a twin Avery Tomlinson in my book! - Magenta_Flame

It is used a lot (I mean a lot)
But it's sorta unique and cool
For a boy. For a girl it's used a lot.
But cute. I'de say it is overused because
It's a good name.

4 Hannah
5 Alyssa
6 Sarah
7 Riley

That's my friend's name, but spelled Rylee. - lovefrombadlands

8 Owen
9 Sophia

Yep it is very common - Righteous

I know 3 Sophias

Hell, I know exactly 26 Sophia’s! 2 in my family. I’ve been to 3 states in the U.S.

10 Cole

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11 Caitlyn
12 Ava

People like to name their children after celebrities (Taylor, Jackson, etc) or really quick, simple things. A character in my stories is called Ada and she's not at all simple. 🙃

13 Taylor

Overused for both boys and girls.

Taylor swift han?... Haha :P - Righteous

14 Bella

You know I love this name, My mom many time call me by this name - Righteous

15 Olivia

Its not used a lot! I love that name cause one direction has a song Olivia

I know 4 people just in 6th grade. - lovefrombadlands

16 Abby
17 Johnny
18 Thomas

Brow my name is on here sure it is over used heeps of people in my school have this name

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19 Landon
20 John

My brother, my grandfather, my uncle.

21 Brayden


22 James

That is my dad's name. - lovefrombadlands

23 Marcus

Makes me think of marcus eaton from divergent.

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24 Gary

Not overused!

25 Ella

That's used way to much its nice but I like unpopular names

I know 2 Ellas plus the one in the story I'm writing! - lovefrombadlands

26 Kristi
27 Sara
28 Emily
29 Jacob
30 Chloe

My name. - PatrickStar3

31 Jaxon
32 Sandra Sandra Sandra Ann Lauer, commonly known under her stage name Sandra Maria Magdalena", "In the Heat of the Night", "Everlasting Love", "Secret Land", "Hiroshima" and "Don't Be Aggressive".
33 Cassandra
34 Madison
35 Emma

We had 3 in a class 1 year. - lovefrombadlands

36 Maddie

That is my best friend! - lovefrombadlands

37 Jack
38 Austin
39 Mary
40 Jane
41 Shelby

Uhh... You do not know that Shelby
Is almost nevert used...?

42 Kenny

LOL! That is a funny name!

43 Tyler
44 Bentley
45 Leigha

I never heard of that in my life. - lovefrombadlands

46 Piper
47 Seth
48 Navaeh

OK, name 3 people you
Know with this name!

49 Angie
50 Kimberly

It is rare, almost never used, and pretty

It is rare and almost never used.

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