Top Ten Pro Wrestling Feuds


The Top Ten

1 WWE vs WCW

The most heated rivalry in all of television history, it was a series of one-upsmanships, superstars jumped shows and cheap-shots but in the end after a series of bad decisions on WCW's part see Top T.V. blunders WWE eventually bought WCW ending the 7 year war. - egnomac

2 Stone Cold vs Vince Mcmahon

You know the first time you saw Stone Cold give Vince the stunner it was going to be the start of one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history. - egnomac

3 Stone Cold vs The Rock
4 Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels
5 The Fabulous Freebirds vs The Von Erichs
6 Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat
7 Raven vs Tommy Dreamer
8 Hulk Hogan vs Roddy Piper
9 Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
10 The N.W.O vs WCW

The Contenders

11 The Undertaker vs Edge

Edge cost Undertaker the world title on more than one occasion and it must be said Edge has never defeated the Undertaker without cheating. - egnomac

12 Randy Orton vs Triple H
13 Edge vs Matt Hardy

It became very personal after Hardy found out Lita was having an affair with former friend Edge.

14 Dusty Rhodes vs The Four Horseman
15 Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Gurrero
16 John Cena vs The Nexus
17 The Rock vs John Cena
18 DX vs The McMahons
19 Trish Straus vs Lita
20 Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Andy Kaufman
21 Mr. McMahon vs Donald Trump
22 Steve Austin vs Bret Hart
23 Owen Hart vs Bret Hart
24 Edge vs John Cena
25 John Cena vs CM Punk
26 Randy Orton vs Christian
27 Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks
28 Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker
29 Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman
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