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21 Sandstorm

Sandstorm is simply amazing, Her kits are amazing, and you can really tell she cares!

She was such a great mom to squirrellkit and leafkit. She is awesome!

Loving queen towards leafpool and squirrilflight but wasnt as good as she should have been

22 Nightflower
23 Darkstream
24 Dawnpetal
25 Millie Millie

This cat is a discrace she practicly disowned blossomfall and she hates blossomfalls kits
but she is loving towards briarlight

26 Stormstripe

After Flowerkit was nearly killed by her sister Dawnwhisker, who was Flowerkit(later Flowerstream)'s mother, Stormstripe, who was expecting her two kits, she took the she-kit in and loved her just as much as she loved her own kits.

27 Pearlpelt
28 Ghostfrost
29 Goldenpool

She is the most kind queen to ever live! She loved her kits more than anything in the world. She took in Leafkit even though her kits were almost apprentices. She stayed for very long in the nursery so that Leafkit would become an amazing warrior.

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