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Are You a Boy or Girl?

A birl. Nah just kidding, I'm a boy. By the way the b of birl was intentionnal.

Attack helicopter mixed with vodka bottle and sega dreamcast.

If someone's gender isn't revealed on his/her profile s/he probably won't tell you even if you ask.

Check my profile.

Which of Your Lists Are You Most Proud Of?

Top 10 strongest pokemon of gen 8. I'm so happy that it got so popular. I'm also proud of the comments I made, and that others made. - Eclipsmon

"Top Ten Things That Take An Unexpectedly Dark Turn", "Best Foods To Eat While You're High / Stoned", "Best Songs from SpongeBob, My Little Pony, and Phineas and Ferb" and, "My Little Pony and Gravity Falls Characters Who Should Meet" - scienceLover10

Probably my list about the best songs from the Wii Sports soundtrack. - Jasmine21064

There are three certain lists that I'm most proud of.
Top 10 Obscure Progressive Rock Bands was my first list to truly explore the depths of prog, and I consider it to be one of my highest quality lists to date. Top 10 Progressive Rock Albums of the 2010s was another great one, particularly because I've found modern prog to be heavily expanded, so I could really explore different sub-genres here. Finally, Top 10 Eclectic Prog Bands, mostly because it was my first Featured list. However, what I like most about it is that I could once again explore more obscure groups in this underrated part of prog.

Are You a Potato?

No. And yet I make great chips.

The item confirmed my assumption that this site is full of creatures with no trace of grey matter left inside their head.

Yes, and I suffer a lot. I get cut to be made into French fries and be eaten by humans.

Yes I am a potato, a very loud and proud potato

How Did You Come Across TheTopTens?

I was always a big fan of top 10 on youtube, and a lot of time, this site was the first to appear when I search for a top 10.

Back when I was a huge fan of the series, I searched up Best Warrior Cats and this website was the first thing that came up. A few years later, I decided to make an account.

I wanted to know which games I should not buy for my Nintendo Switch and I came across the list Worst Nintendo Switch Games.

Searching worst treehouse TV shows on google then I clicked on a top tens list called most annoying treehouse TV shows

Are You into Sports?

Yes I like hockey the most, I also like baseball too, and basketball a bit

Yup. Skateboarding is my favorite and I'm a pro at it, I love BMX riding and (don't judge) Wrestling al though it's very rare for me to win a match without darting on the opponent.

No. My school was very football-centric, and I always felt out of place. If you like it, that's okay; it's just not my bag.

I played soccer for three years, but I quit because of bad memories and because of losing my dad.

Are You a Fan of the Big City, Medium City, Small Town or Country?

Medium. I don't want the city to overtake everything in my life, but I still want the services cities gives me.

Small town. I currently live in a big city and it's not fun at all.

I'll stick to Small Town and Country, thank you very much. I don't mind going in Medium cities though.

None, Urban areas make me feel awful. Planning to live on a city I can already guarantee it's going to be a terrible experience and not worth it. I'd rather live on the countryside that's how I lived most of my life anyway.

What Do You Like Most About TheTopTens?

Commenting, remixing lists, talking to users, adding images etc.

Messaging and music recommendations. When I first came here, I was mostly interested in the latter. That's how I discovered metal music and I haven't looked back since. Then I started messaging people here and realized there were a lot of people here just like me. It was nice to finally talk to all of them

Getting my comment liked, I feel good when somebody likes it, but when so, done dislikes it, I remove the comment.

The people. They seem to have more respect for my opinions than I've seen on YouTube.

Are You a Virgin?

I hump my owners leg occasionally. - Puga

Peculiar item... You can't expect underage people to have intercourse with another, that's not how sexual pleasure works... - Kevinsidis

Yeah. Even if I did have a partner when I'm older, nothing related to that ever appealed to me. I'm planning on staying a virgin throughout the rest of my life. Sorry if I got weird or too personal in this comment... - Flowersocks2137

Whoa...I'm not answering this one. Too personal.

Which of Your Own Lists, If Any, Do You Think Deserves More Attention?

My two unpopular opinions list. They show what kind of person I am. - Eclipsmon

Top 10 Reasons Why Huskies Are Better Than German Shepherds, is one list I think needs more attention and comments

I have found myself caught up in list topics that are generally not popular with others around me, so I suppose the majority of my more recent lists. If any, Top 10 Obscure Progressive Rock Bands is one I'm incredibly proud of, and I hope it's a start to getting more people into the great world of prog.

Most Progressive Avenged Sevenfold Songs. No one sees them as a progressive band, and they don't belong to the progressive genre. Yet they have some songs which exemplify progressive rock that I don't want people to look past. - Songsta41

Which Member of the Site Do You Admire Most?

We are almost like Family here at TheTopTens. Strange, pathetic, family.

Of course an honorable mention to admin: thank you for creating our favorite site on the web. But my vote goes to PositronWildHawk. He's very bright and creative enough to have over 500 lists - one in each category. Even customer services and objective lists! He loves everyone here and although he is in no way underrated, I needed to mention him as the most inspirational user of the site.

Britgirl's my favourite on this site. To you, and beatles, thanks. The list is endless, though.
I remixed this list to simultaneously answer the questions and order by how good the question is. Check out the remix!

Probably Metal_Treasure. He keeps his lists to a high standard and makes note of any issues on a list. If he says that my list is good, then I know it's good.

The Contenders

Best New Blog Series?

*shrugs shoulders* - Jasmine21064

Have it had one yet - CatLeena14

Alien Invasion - Nateawesomeness

Delightfully depraved toptens killing game is a pretty strong contender, and is fun to read even if you're not on it - styLIShT

What Is Your Favourite List by Somebody Else On the Site?

I don't know. Probably "Top 10 Most Ignorant and Absurd Music Comments On TheTopTens". - Misfire

The list that made me lol would be:"Top 10 Reasons Why Adventure Time is Better than Ebola" - CerealGuy

It’s between Top 10 Chilling True Stories of People Being Buried Alive (Misfire) and Top 10 Cultural Differences That Can Cause Embarrassment, Misunderstanding, and Even Trouble (Metal_Treasure).
Long titles, I know. - Archived

If we're merely talking users, probably The_Crimson_King's Best Progressive Rock Songs Under Five Minutes Long.

What Advice Would You Give to the New TheTopTens Users?

Don't dislike because you don't agree... I had to restrain myself a couple times from hitting the dislike button because I was being a selfish jerk. Be open-minded to new ideas and accept other people's beliefs! Also never make any rude comments about other users, even if you don't like them. I actually have done that once... Sorry if you're reading this

Don't eat the yellow snow

And another advice: don't get too offended easily by words on a screen, and don't ever ask for something to get removed if you didn't read the Terms of Use. Saying excuses like "the content is offensive" is not a valid reason in any argument.

Always consider other people's opinions first.

Can We Be Friends?

If your a gamer girl yes, if your a gamer boy you can be my boy friends

Sure, have some coffee.

If we get along well and can understand and respect each other, why not?

Sure, just lemme get my Netflix and ice cream and we can be cringe masters together.

Can You Delete Lists?

I really want to delete some of my lists.

If admin hates it, yes.

I believe that users shouldn't be allowed to delete their lists, as in that case users will be careful and work harder on their content

I wish you could. Admin, please update the site so Users can delete their lists!

Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

Both but more on the pessimistic side.

Typically pessimistic.



Can I Use the Bathroom?

Heck no you can't go the bathroom, you know where you can go? The crap to sleep. I bet a lot of people won't get this reference.

No, finish your test first Billy.

What kind of question is that? Of course I can. Whenever I have to, unless I'm at school of course...

I feel slightly stupid that I snickered at this comment... I am an immature teenager though, so that's expected of me

Who's Your Favorite TopTenner?

I'm not too sure but I would probably go with ModernSpongeBobSucks. He has a lot of traits about himself that I can relate to, even though he's 3 years younger than me. I also like how he's so passionate in his comments and posts even though some people may not agree with them.

Metal_Treasure. That guy is the epitome of high quality lists.

I have so many, so I do not know. There are many great users on the site with unique personalities.

Admin as I already said but my 2nd favorite is PositronWildhawk

Which of Your Own Lists, If Any, Do You Regret Publishing?

The low quality ones. :/
I don't regret the "Funniest Ways to Answer the Phone" though. At least it's entertaining to read, well, for me. - Misfire

Worst "Versus" Conversation Topics, mostly because of the title

Top Ten Reasons to Hate My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. Why oh why did I make that list? I don't even hate the show as much as I used to anymore anyways. - cosmo

Top 10 Countries Ranked Highest On the Press Freedom Index. This was actually a factual list and people who were commenting on the list were bashing other countries for no reason, and one guy even bashed me for using Wikipedia as a source. I know Wikipedia is not the best source to use but the article had good sources and backup so I that's why I used it. - Mcgillacuddy

Candy or Ice Cream?

Usually candy (aka sweets here in England) though it depends on what I'm in the mood for.

Ice cream, candy is overrated and too sweat

Ice cream for the win!

Hard choice but I think I choose candy.

What Is Your Greatest Pet Peeve About TheTopTens?

My greatest would be one of the following:
1. The Justin Bieber joke
2. When a list lacks a description and/or comments
3. Opinion-disrespecting
4. Rude comments
5. The somewhat lack of variety (I can't go into this site without seeing a list about music, specifically a band)
6. A list title/item/comment that involves calling something "cancerous," "retarded," "autistic," "gay," or "cringe" - Jasmine21064

People who can't respect other people's opinions. It annoys me a lot - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

The people on the why this is better than that list when its like reasons why barney is better than gravity falls they hate on the list like crazy and when its like why gravity falls is better than sanjay and craig they agree I am not saying they have to like sanjay and craig but it makes no sense what a bunch of hypocrites - MrMonkey

Well I only have one pet peeve here and that's when people make lists with only five or less items on here. It just annoys me and gets to me I'm not that sure why though. - happyhappyjoyjoy

Sometimes Admin takes off items on the list... That happened with one of mine, where I was supposed to have ten items on there and three were taken off, leaving me with seven... That does get on my nerves though, I wish Admin would kind of just leave the items be, especially if they aren't insulting or incorrect in any way. - Flowersocks2137

Do You Like Rap Music?

Eh...I don't know. Some of it is good but a lot of it is worse than anything Justin Beiber has released.

Rap about world problems is good. Rap about money, sex, and drugs suck.

Yeah, with the exception of Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Nicki Minaj and other talentless rappers

It really depends on the song. Some is decent, but some is stupid.

Do You Hate Any Users?

Nope. While others aren't really the nicest people to be around, I can't say I hate them. - Misfire

With this being a public site, hating on a user isn't like hating on PewDiePie. Here you must be careful what you say, because it could affect you in the future, so please everyone, do not make the mistake I made and make fun of another user for their mistakes. I'm not going to ever call out a user and say I don't like them again.
If you do, on the other hand, dislike specific users, please feel free to keep it to yourself, or express your concern with the user via private messaging. Thank you.

I could make a list of some, but I won't say them so the admins won't hunt me down. - Kuro

Not at the moment, and I hope I won't resort to that feeling ever. - Archived

Who Was Your First Follower?

It was Britgirl. I asked her to follow me for no reason, really, but she did it without second thought. She's awesome.

Britgirl and PositronWildhawk both followed me when the feature was introduced, about 15 months ago.

Positron was my first soon followed by forever smiling 13

I don't know (and never will), because I didn't really pay attention to my followers in my first few months on here.

What Music Genre Do You Like?

80s/90s Hard Rock, Traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, and Glam Metal are what I mostly listen to. I also enjoy some Indie Pop, Death Metal, Rap, Black Metal, and Alternative Rock music.
The only music genres I entirely avoid are Deathcore, Slam, Dubstep, Grindcore, Country, Electronic, Crunkcore, and that weird Experimental Rock/Rap stuff.

Before asking a user about this, I first check if he/she has a remix of best genres.

(to answer the question: classical, jazz, metal (thrash, progressive), stoner rock and to a lesser extent grunge and neo-psychedelia)

Mainly Alternative Rock/Alternative Metal but I also like Grunge, Industrial Rock, and Shoegazing.

Any type of metal except death metal and any type of electronic music that's in a video game would be among my personal favorites. Alternative, grunge, some forms of pop, other forms of rock, and in rare cases, some rap as well.

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