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141 If There Was a List On the Site That You Wish You'd Thought of First, Which List Would That Be?

Right before someone else made the list, I almost decided to make a list called "Best Metallica Songs from Hardwired... To Self Destruct". I'm glad I didn't because that was on one of my old accounts, and I didn't want people thinking I learned nothing since the time I made best songs from Megadeth's Dystopia 5 months before It came out.

Top 10 Greatest Survivor Players to Never Win. I SWEAR Rob Cesternino would NEVER leave the top spot if I made the list. - naFrovivuS

Best users on thetoptens, for sure! I love that list, especially commenting and voting on my friends! - Flowersocks2137

Best Songs Of All Time:I would let my favorite songs have a head start at #1. MWAHAHA - lovefrombadlands

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142 Will You Marry Me?

Proposing on a site? I don't think so. - funnyuser

The answer is no because I have no idea who added this. - cosmo

Not interested but that what my momma said Lol. It's a joke. Get it? - Chaotixhero

no. - lovefrombadlands

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143 How Is Your Life?

Pretty good, but I'm nervous for the future! I guess I should make the present count though, but of course a little bit of worrying can't kill anyone... - Flowersocks2137

Great. Awesome. I do run into problems here and there but the best thing to do is just take it up the ass and move on. It keeps me going. - Mcgillacuddy

Funny; strange; happy; sad; erratic; lonely; musical; steady; safe; nice; loving; but definitely never boring. - Britgirl

It's good when I'm not at school. - lovefrombadlands

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144 Do you like Pokemon?

Yeah, but only up till Heart Gold and Soul Silver... The anime was good for the first couple seasons, and now it isn't that great... I do love the new pokemon app though! Here in Michigan everyone is playing Pokemon GO! Everywhere you look there are people on that game walking around the neighbourhood. - Flowersocks2137

I used to, but back in 7th grade I just stopped altogether and never came back. Not because I hate it it's just because I just stopped. - NuMetalManiak

I don't watch or play Pokemon but I love the designs on the monsters. It makes me want to own a Lucario or Pikachu. - Mcgillacuddy

I love Ninetales. - lovefrombadlands

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145 Is That You Tickling Me?

No I think that's Barney just touching you somewhere you don't want to be touched.

No that is a ghost set out to steal your soul giving you the impression that your being tickled. - Lucretia

No, maybe the person beside me is. Oh, wait. I'm alone in my room!

No, I'm not here.. - lovefrombadlands

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146 What Type of Movie Genre Do You Like the Best?

I really like Comedy, but I also watch some Horror movies like Saw and Halloween. - Kiyomi

Hard to answer this one, really, but I would probably go with Crime. - Mcgillacuddy

Not sure. I have to go look up the genres and see. - Powerfulgirl10

Good movies - lovefrombadlands

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147 Who Do You Think Is the Biggest Sellout (Musician, Filmmaker, Etc)?

Red Hot Chili Peppers. They have went with the trend and never been true to themselves. They began as a punk rock band and now they're pop. - Songsta41

Technically Lil Wayne, but his new music really isn't as commercial as it is hugely inferior to his older stuff. - WonkeyDude98

3 Doors Down their music sounds greedy rather being from the heart.

Maroon 5. It couldn't be more obvious. - naFrovivuS

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148 What Are Some of the Things You want to Do in Life Before You Die?

Travel to every destination I want to visit. Orlando Florida, Hawaii, Italy, Alaska, Bahamas (Atlantis Resort), Japan, and the Alps. - Mcgillacuddy

I want to travel around the world, that would be cool - Ajkloth

I want to at least live until I'm thirty, and have a nice, peaceful life! - Flowersocks2137

Meet Halsey. - lovefrombadlands

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149 Do You Believe That We Will Make Contact With Aliens One Day?

No. Because we were destined to conquer other planets and not to be conquered by others.

Maybe. The world is really big. There's a possibility we will - Sassy13crown

I don't think aliens exist, but alien life is still plausible, especially considering the amount of sightings documented. - Mcgillacuddy

One of my biggest interests is in science and finding alien life and stuff. I have a feeling they’re out there. - Lunala

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150 What Is Your Favorite Movie of All Time?

All of Transformers movies, but Revenge of the Fallen was little bit terrible. - 05yusuf09

How to Train Your Dragon. And I don't mean all those series that brought it downhill, I mean the original Dreamworks movie!

The Shawshank Redemption, followed by To Kill A Mockingbird. - naFrovivuS

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back - PeeledBanana

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151 Who Are Some of Your Favorite Directors?

Ridley and Tony Scott, Martin Scorsese, and Antoine Fuqua - Mcgillacuddy

Steven Spielberg is my favorite probably - Ajkloth

Quentin Tarantino! - htoutlaws2012

Peter Jackson - VideoGamefan5

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152 What Do You Think Is the Worst Song to Have as Your Ringtone?

Baby - Justin Bieber. Imagine hearing "Baby, baby, baby, ooh" on your phone. - Powerfulgirl10

Anything that was created by Nicki Minaj for sure. - Catacorn

Praying by Kesha. I would not text them if they had it as their ringtone. - lovefrombadlands

Entrails Ripped From A Virgins C. - Lucretia

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153 What Country Would You Like to Visit?

Only Denmark, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Japan, Australia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, India, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Fiji, New Zealand, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic, Brazil, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Peru, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and Poland. - ethanmeinster

United States. Preferably Southern states. - Britgirl

Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, England, Australia, Greece, France and Kenya. - NikoX

Japan. - Lunala

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154 What Do You Think Are Some of the Most Inappropriate Movies for Kids?

Deadpool (even though I love the movie) if a kid to,d his parents he will close his eyes at the bad parts his eyes will be shut the hole movie - Batmaniscole

The Lion King. Too violent for families with small children.

The Cat in the Hat (Dreamworks) - Powerfulgirl10

Dead Silence and Hellraiser. - NikoX

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155 Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Yes, I believe in the supernatural. - Pegasister12

Considering I think I've seen one, yeah, sorta - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

My ghost? Where'd you go? What happened to the soul that you used to be - lovefrombadlands

Yes - Lunala

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156 What Do You Think Are Some of the Most Inappropriate Music Artists for Kids?

Nicki Minaj. I mean, who would love to have a prostitute as their idol or role model?

Kids listen to Justin bowler at my school and nick I Minaj and Miley Cyrus - OneWayStreet

Some pop singers I guess - Ananya

Nicki Minaj and Eminem - lovefrombadlands

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157 Which Celebrity Do You Think Is a Bad Role Model?

Miley Cyrus or Ariana Grande can't really decide between these two. - htoutlaws2012

Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

Chris Brown - NikoX

Barack Obama - Himalayansalt

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158 What Is Your Least Favorite Movie Genre?

First, romance. Love is okay in my book, but think it's overrated. Second, horror. I get scared pretty easily, and can't stand going to bed after watching one. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Romance (the cheesy kind). My friend always makes me watch that, and I hate saying no to anyone, so I've probably seen over 100 romance movies! - Flowersocks2137

Those movies based off true story's where somebody either has an illness or is depressed they are really boring - Himalayansalt

Chicklit. It’s unfunny and chicklit films consist of jokes about slapping men, period jokes, lady part jokes, cussing every 5 seconds and whining over every little thing, then the cringy scenes where they play loud music and have no dialogue as they destroy a shopping centre, slap people for no reason and cause trouble. I’m a teenage girl. - Lunala

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159 When Have You First Discovered TheTopTens?

God I don't even remember to be honest...

I Discover It Like In January 2016 And I Join As A User in Late June 2016 - VideoGamefan5

I forget the date, but it's probably been about a year ago. - Powerfulgirl10

2015, but then I waited to be 12 - lovefrombadlands

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160 Do You Think The Modern SpongeBob Episodes Are Really Inappropriate for Children?

Depends. Some are -shudders-, but some new ones are okay. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Not the episodes but some of the jokes - Himalayansalt

A Pal for Gary? Yes. One Course Meal? No. The Battle of Bikini Bottom (NOT A BAD EPISODE? Yes. The Slpinter? No. It really depends. It's more inappropriate these days but it's not as bad as I thought. - AlphaQ

In “The Curse Of The Hex” there’s a part where spongebob stuffs two krabby patties in his pants and as he exits the KK, mr krabs sees the patties sway like a butt.
When confronted and Spongebob asks Mr Krabs how he found out, Mr Krabs LITERALLY says:

“Boy, you would have to get up pretty early to sneak a pair of buns past old, Mr. Krabs.” - Lunala

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