Top Ten Random Things to Do at a Birthday Party

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1 Throw McDonald's food all over the place

Food fight. It's so childish... And that's what makes it so much fun! Excellent! - Britgirl

I Did this once at a restaurant. So much fun - idontknow

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2 Smack the birthday kid with a computer

I have never heard something more cruel than someone not caring about the kid, just the computer.

Who cares about the kid? I mean the computer!

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3 Put a person's head in the birthday cake

Wow, I'll do this if my bully throws a party - TwilightKitsune

People do this all the time. - JaysTop10List

Someone (I don’t know who) did this to me during my 3rd birthday in 1995. Someone even took a picture of it. I still have that picture. I looked embarrassed in the picture but now I laugh at it because I looked so ridiculous. Now during family birthday parties my uncles, aunts, and cousins smear icing on each other’s faces. I will NOT let them do it to me, though.

4 Steal the kid's birthday presents

You would probably get in trouble by that person... - funnyuser

5 Lay on the floor and curl up and say : FUTURE

This would be random. - funnyuser

This is from the 1999 SpongeBob episode SB129 I think. - JaysTop10List

I Will Do That In The FUTURE! - 111Donlijo3436

6 Break dance and knock the food over
7 Sing Red Lights by Tiesto

I hate to admit this I kind of KIND OF like this song because it gives me like these crazy imaginations. - JaysTop10List

8 Just randomly dance behind a person

When the guy isn't looking I Will stop dancing but when he looks back I will start dancing again. - 111Donlijo3436

This would be funny! I would be giving the person thumbs up! - JaysTop10List

This is like putting bunny ears behind a person, and it would be funny! - funnyuser

My cousin does this all the time

9 Dress as Frankenstein and watch the movie I, Frankenstein

Who would buy that movie... - DapperPickle

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10 Invade the room with dogs

Bark! Ruff ruff! Then I would be playing with them - JaysTop10List

Well, I only have 1 dog, but she probably can ruin a whole party if there are lots of food there - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

How I wish I could take my dogs to any party. Or anywhere. - PositronWildhawk

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11 Bring a duck

Why would you bring a duck to somebody's birthday party that sounds terrible

12 Drop an El Mongo Stink Bomb
13 Call Justin Bieber to come

What is this torture - lolingdog9000



14 Beat up the supervisor

I'd hadouken him/her.

15 Play obscure video game music

As long as the music isn't Crazy Bus-esque, this would actually be really cool! - Entranced98

16 Kill the birthday boy

Wow, this is so extreme.

What if it's a birthday girl, dun, dun, dun! - funnyuser

Or kill anyone who is holding their birthday.

17 Do the cinnamon challenge
18 While nobody's looking, steal a whole bowl of candy, eat it and then throw up all over the birthday cake
19 Summon Godzilla to eat everybody
20 Quack
21 Make a prank invitation letter to the House of Commons and give it to the birthday boy/girl
22 Attack people with forks
23 Fart on the birthday boy
24 Fist fight a pineapple
25 Beat up the clown
26 Invite your enemy then slap them in the face with cake
27 Perform an exorcism
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