Top Ten Random Things to Do at a Birthday Party

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1 Throw McDonald's food all over the place

Food fight. It's so childish... And that's what makes it so much fun! Excellent! - Britgirl

You will get in trouble so much. - JaysTop10List

I Did this once at a restaurant. So much fun - idontknow

2 Smack the birthday kid with a computer

I have never heard something more cruel than someone not caring about the kid, just the computer.

Who cares about the kid? I mean the computer!

I did this on my own birthday! - 111Donlijo3436

This happened to longheadedbandicoot - idontknow

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3 Put a person's head in the birthday cake

Wow, I'll do this if my bully throws a party - TwilightKitsune

People do this all the time. - JaysTop10List

Someone (I don’t know who) did this to me during my 3rd birthday in 1995. Someone even took a picture of it. I still have that picture. I looked embarrassed in the picture but now I laugh at it because I looked so ridiculous. Now during family birthday parties my uncles, aunts, and cousins smear icing on each other’s faces. I will NOT let them do it to me, though.

4 Steal the kid's birthday presents

You would probably get in trouble by that person... - funnyuser

5 Lay on the floor and curl up and say : FUTURE

This would be random. - funnyuser

This is from the 1999 SpongeBob episode SB129 I think. - JaysTop10List

I Will Do That In The FUTURE! - 111Donlijo3436

6 Break dance and knock the food over
7 Sing Red Lights by Tiesto

I hate to admit this I kind of KIND OF like this song because it gives me like these crazy imaginations. - JaysTop10List

8 Just randomly dance behind a person

When the guy isn't looking I Will stop dancing but when he looks back I will start dancing again. - 111Donlijo3436

This would be funny! I would be giving the person thumbs up! - JaysTop10List

This is like putting bunny ears behind a person, and it would be funny! - funnyuser

My cousin does this all the time

9 Dress as Frankenstein and watch the movie I, Frankenstein

Who would buy that movie... - DapperPickle

WE ALL HATE FROZEN! - 111Donlijo3436

Itchy itchy little spider climbed up the soda sprout. Down came the soda and washed the
This is boring
15 seconds later
This costume is itchy. Well, who wants to watch I Frankenstein?!
*Crickets chirping*
I knew that was boring movie. We should've watched Frozen or Pokemon and eat pizza.
Ok so Pokemon?
Mind : Why do I have to watch this? - JaysTop10List

10 Invade the room with dogs

Bark! Ruff ruff! Then I would be playing with them - JaysTop10List

How I wish I could take my dogs to any party. Or anywhere. - PositronWildhawk

I would do this. BEHOLD MY DOG ARMY! - RiverClanRocks

The Contenders

11 Bring a duck

Why would you bring a duck to somebody's birthday party that sounds terrible

12 Drop an El Mongo Stink Bomb
13 Call Justin Bieber to come

What is this torture - lolingdog9000



14 Beat up the supervisor

I'd hadouken him/her.

15 Play obscure video game music

As long as the music isn't Crazy Bus-esque, this would actually be really cool! - Entranced98

16 Kill the birthday boy

Wow, this is so extreme.

What if it's a birthday girl, dun, dun, dun! - funnyuser

Or kill anyone who is holding their birthday.

17 Do the cinnamon challenge
18 While nobody's looking, steal a whole bowl of candy, eat it and then throw up all over the birthday cake
19 Summon Godzilla to eat everybody
20 Quack
21 Make a prank invitation letter to the House of Commons and give it to the birthday boy/girl
22 Attack people with forks
23 Fart on the birthday boy
24 Fist fight a pineapple
25 Beat up the clown
26 Invite your enemy then slap them in the face with cake
27 Perform an exorcism
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