Top Ten Random Things to Say at Your Family Christmas Party

The Top Ten

1 Eggs are the devil's cholesterol!
2 For freedom!! And muffins.

Sounds like something Derpy Hooves would say. - Pegasister12

After all who doesn't like muffins? - FennikenFan9

I'm not interested if there are no muffins. - PositronWildhawk

'Murica's muffins. Sounds delicious. - Merilille

3 Cowaf****** Piece of Dog S***!
4 Go ahead and call the police. They can't unhug you.
5 I shot Santa and burned his corpse in my fireplace

Oh the looks on all the little bastards' faces - bobbythebrony

If there's kids, don't - Martinglez

6 Why are Spongebob's parents cookies? Why??!!
7 Gimme that pumpkin frittata!
8 Kahn!!!!!

I'd love to shout this when the whole family are just falling asleep during watching Mary Poppins... - Britgirl

9 When a 21 year old cat hooks up with a 16 year old girl, he ain't looking for no ice cream

Anyone who's seen Good Times knows it ain't an actual cat - bobbythebrony

Phew! I'm 14 and my cat's 7. - SamuiNeko

10 Milk Milk Lemonade, this is where fudge is made!

Amy Schumer is funny - bobbythebrony

Awkward - Martinglez

The Contenders

11 I Like Turtles!
12 Allahu Akbar!
13 Is taking a s**t in someone's backpack okay?
14 I Have Hepatitis C

It's true.

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