Top 10 Reasons Anime is Better Than American Cartoons


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1 Great Characters

The characters are all so unique, yet so relatable. Their stories are easy to get behind and understand. They feel like real people and not just animations because the people who created the characters put their heart and soul into it. When an anime character is crying, I'm crying. When they're laughing, so am I!

Anime characters have real personality that make them relateable, when their mad their mad, when their sad their sad and when their happy their happy they also really care about other people like Goku who trains really hard to be strong in order to protect his friends and family even at one point he decides not to be brought back to life with the dragon balls fearing his revival would only attract more danger.

I actually can disagree on that part. The majority of anime characters are generic (aside from protagonists). Come at me white knights.

Many times American cartoons try to achieve good characters, and they get exaggerated, or creators try to make them fun and energetic, only to come off as annoying. The only counters I have to this are spongebob characters and gravity falls characters. Anime, however, character are actually real. Even in fantastical anime like one piece, you have a boy who has an ultimate dream, and tries to achieve it, but stumbles through obstacles along the way, - wren6

I agree with anime is WAY better than cartoon I hate cartoons with a burning passion!

2 Emotional Connection With Characters

Due to anime being able to have an actually serious nature, I feel for the characters. American cartoons are all about comedy without plot so I never give a damn about the characters. I mean isn't there an entire video on youtube devoted to all the Kenny deaths from South Park? How am I supposed to care when he dies literally every episode. Anime is different because they let me connect by making the characters real and relatable. Even if we're not talking about heavily emotional anime where I cry over characters dying or being seriously injured (Kagari from Psycho Pass and Izaya from Durarara), I still feel emotions for the characters.

Most Cartoon Characters don't die they just get hurt, with Anime characters you feel strongly connected with them you care about them and you feel really sad when they die - egnomac

Seems to me the you're only comparing humorous lighthearted cartoons with serious and dramatic anime. You can't compare two different genres, you have to compare using the same genre. As a result your list is heavily flawed as it only applies to certain anime as well as certain western animated shows. So much bias.

Many american cartoons have emotional connection with characters too. - DarkBoi-X

We love the characters in anime because there relatible and you feel for them wither they struggle to do the right thing or face near impossible challenges, we also get very emotional when characters die if Sponge Bob were to die not too many people would care but when a character who is important to the a show like Maes Huges dies we get very emotional. - egnomac

3 Better Story

Anime has lots of depth in the story. There usually is a deeper meaning you can get out if it. Unlike, American cartoons, it can get really serious with certain topics. Cartoons are based around light topics. In animation, characters grow a lot in person. They change through their experiences. The characters in cartoons usually stay the same. I think anime also can grasp the watcher's attention even if they don't like the art because of the story. (That's how I ended up loving One Piece even though I vowed to never read/watch it because I thought it was a childish, stupid anime) I think the plot lines in animation are really clever and well thought out.

As if anime stories aren't full of cliches, boring characters, regurgitated plots, generic designs. One piece is old and it NEEDS TO DIE

Whoever made that list should go to hell if they die

Anime is filled with emotion, and if the author/director tries, the story plot can be really amazing. The characters aren't black and white, in my opinion(Call me biased if you like.). Most cartoons have episodes that aren't connected at all, and don't really have a plot, not saying that anime can't not have a plot(Take Lucky Star for example, not hating, cause I loved it, just saying.). Anime characters also have growth, unlike cartoon characters, who seem to learn a moral, sometimes, by the end of the episode, but forget it when the next one starts. The only cartoon I've ever been a fan of is scooby doo, and people will say it's really pointless and predictable, which it is, but I still love it, but it proves my point on this topic; that cartoons, always have a happy ending, unless the newer ones don't, sorry, I don't watch adventure time, steven universe or anything(I live under a rock pretty much.), and anime, you can never tell. Anime endings will continue to surprise me. I'm ...more - Aurothon

In some of the Western animation that I have watched, there wasn't a set plot. It was just some episodes were connected, and some weren't. In anime, however, there is almost always a story that has been well thought out and well written. There are different genres of anime, so anybody can watch whichever one they like.

4 Better Animation

Although anime has much better art style, it's animation doesn't top cartoon. Since cartoons are simple, they're animation is a lot more smoother and better. So this point is stupid - SnailPony

Hell yeah, animation is way better. The fight scenes are ' awesome and most of the animation is so realistic, unlike cartoons.

And while they're at it, why don't they make the design of their characters DIFFERENT this time

Lots of people say that all anime looks the same. To that I say: yeah, it can look different, just not always. Look at Yu Gi Oh!. The characters are very angular and sharp. Now look at One Piece. Very rounded and circular. Only amateur anime drawers make them look generic.

Lol, you cannot be serious. Anime in general don't have the budget for good animation. Western cartoons have better animation; not only because they have a larger budget, but character designs can be more simple. More simple designs means the less time it takes to draw a character. This let animators draw more frames. This is why anime characters tend to stand still when they talk, they only animate the mouth. In western cartoons the characters actually move when they talk. - howie

5 Strong Female Characters

Last time I checked cartoons had strong, independent females too like Korra, Katara, Toph, wonder woman, raven, miss martian, artemis, mulan, merida, daria, and many others were strong and independent female charaacters. Anime tends to abjectify women more, and when it does have strong female characters, they just make that the whole point of their character with no other defining character trait (looking at you Erza and Yoruichi).

Cartoon characters are nowhere near to the following characters' strength: Erza Scarlet, Juvia, Riza Hawkeye, Touka Kirishima, Mikasa Ackerman, Hanji, Winry, Wendy, literally any girl from Fairy Tail, and Lucy (Elfen Lied)

I'm an anime fan, but I have to admit that I have also seen strong female characters in cartoons. Examples include Kim Possible, Betty Barrett from Attomic Betty, and Merida from Brave. Although most main female cartoon characters tend to be Mary Sues, they are still strong and independent.

Have you seen Fairy Tail's strongest females? Just look at Erza Scarlett and Mirajane Strauss in battle form. Piss either of them and you're in big trouble.

6 Great Fight Scenes

I love fight scenes mor me than any other scenes BY FAR and anime exaggerates them so you can't help loving them! Don't believe me? Watch Naruto/Bleach and you'll see.

The fight scenes can be incredibly violent almost as violent as a Quentin Tarantino movie characters bleed bones are broken and some of them even die. - ZZDOORAL

This is what I love about anime almost the most.
The fight scenes in some anime are intense and yet violent but that's okay.
Anime can be as violent as any other movie. - aarond90

Anime scenes are pretty realistic. But in cartoons you see that the fight was off-screen or just a cloud spits out with stars and swirling lines. Alternatively, you also see a tornado (which it was from the old Looney Tunes).

7 Great Romance

Yeah, romance doesn't work in cartoons. - SnailPony

Their romance story is really great. I always ended with tears in my eyes every time I watch an epic story romance. I recommended you to watch Clannad :3

All anime love stories are better than American cartoon love stories. Especially Sword Art Online. Who says a virtual reality series has to be only about fighting and epic moments? Romance was the main thing that helped compel me to watch Sword Art Online. I really liked Kirito and Asuna as a couple and never ever regretted watching this anime ever.

Seeing Kirito and Asuna be number 1 on a Top 10 Anime Romances video by WatchMojo was one of the reasons I finally watched Sword Art Online. And guess what? I really loved the romance and the anime as well. I'm a boy and I love romance, so I loved Kirito and Asuna and how their relationship developed over time. And I find it quite stupid how people hate romance when it's supposed to be a part of their life if they ever wanna get married.

8 Great Intros

Anime intros are the best. Most are one and a half minutes long, but the songs are so good I'd listen to them even outside of anime. For cartoons? Nah.

Anime intros are well crafted, long, and professional like. Cartoon ones on the other hand are short, plain, and beginner like. Cartoon intros look like that it has no art or creativity in it. - MLPFan

Nope there intros suck. In anime it's really catchy and fun to listen to.

Have you even ever watched an American cartoon theme song because I doubt you have and your just saying it's sucks since it's from an American cartoon and your just biased.

What does good intro music have to do with a good show in general.

9 Better Villains

While some cartoon villains were good most of the times they always lose quite pathetically if I may add, anime villains are smarter, more dangerous and a lot of the times triumph over the good guys such great anime villains include Frieza from DBZ who takes over the planet Namek and he's ruthless in doing so doesn't flinch in killing innocent people who get in his way and he's super powerful, In Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood there's Father who actually succeeds in his plan to transmute the whole country. - egnomac

Yeah Frieza is classic. The epitome of a pure evil villain in anime. - Goku02

Cartoons always portray their antagonists as losers. They try to send the "good guys always win" message, which is not very realistic. However, the antagonists of anime are very dangerous and present a real challenge to the protagonists. It is impossible for the protagonists to defeat them without undergoing rigorous training. In Bleach, for example, Ichigo Kurosaki had to risk losing his soul reaper powers in order to reach the final Getsugatensho and defeat Sosuke Aizen. Many characters in anime even die while fighting the antagonists, as seen in Naruto when Pain (or Nagato) killed Jiraiya.

These people have no idea what they are talking about. A great villain isn't just "dangerous" or "actually evil", a great villain needs to seem "real". I like villains who are funny more than villains who are dangerous. Comedy makes them feel more real than "OH NO, HE CRUSHED SOMEONE'S HEAD WITH THEIR FISTS! 1! ". And it doesn't have to just be comedy, have them say something you hear maybe everyday! They may be villains, but people can still relate to a part of them.

A lot of the cartoon villains are too comical at times they certainly don't have the mean streak in them like anime villains do..

10 More Interesting Plot

It depends for every fooly cooly or gurren Lagann there are 10 different fighting anime with the same cliches and characters. Some American cartoons are awesome such as Steven universe (a show about a young boy being raised by humanoid aliens, he must learn how to control his powers well dealing with the fact his birth is the reason his mother died and he is really a liability to the team), adventure time (a show about a boy and his magic dog brother going on adventures to different universities and fighting with magical monsters while also being friends with a bubble gum woman, princess made of fire and a demon/ vampire in a post apocalyptic world.

Animes are better than American cartoons, even Gravity Falls when you think about Gurren Lagann, the show about a boy the size of Earth, who can control robot bigger than a galaxy and sometimes bigger than the known universe, Gurren Lagann makes all the other animes and Gravity Falls look weak and boring. - nelsonerica

For me death note has the best plot

Try getting trapped in a VRMMORPG with 10,000 players inside where dying in the game means you die in real life unless you beat the final boss and clear all 100 floors, Adventure Time.


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11 No Toilet Humor

The only legitimate anime series that contains toilet humor is Gintama, but other than that, that's just only ONE anime with toilet humor. Plus, it doesn't overuse toilet humor and at least the toilet humor can be funny. While most cartoons such as Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, Fanboy & Chum Chum, and Uncle Grandpa have overused toilet humor. Sigh... sure, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy had a lot of toilet humor as well, but at least it wasn't overused. Now most cartoons that aren't well-written superhero shows don't seem to be like that anymore... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I do like some american animation but I agree here toilet humor is extremely overused and gets cringey

Name 10 anime series that use toilet humor, then I'll be proven wrong.

I agree with this one. I never hear of anime with toilet humour. - 3DG20

12 Cute and Compassionate Characters

Sigh... Here we go.
- Adventure Time
- Steven Universe
- Gumball
- We Bare Bears
- Star vs. The Forces of Evil
- Phineas and Ferb
- Amphibia
- Doug
- SpongeBob
- The Loud House
- Harvey Beaks
- Milo Murphy's Law
- My Little Pony
- Dexter's Lab
- The Powerpuff Girls - KalloFox34


I personally think that the characters in anime, both boys and girls are cuter/prettier/handsomer than most cartoon characters. Many boys in anime are so attractive. Sure, they all look like they have the same face, but that's the point of ART STYLE. Each anime has different art styles from each other which makes it quite refreshing. And they don't have the same body builds and bodily features. - MLPFan

How the hell does that have anything to do with cute and compassionate - SnailPony

Explain all the dragonball z and super characters

13 Great Music

Just because it has good music doesn't mean it can't be a bad show. A good show should have a creative conflict, story and characers, not just good animation and music.

Take anime openings, sure the music can be good, but I perfer it when the actual opening shows more than just 2 second standing character introductions, scenery and fighting (Looking at you, SAO). Baccano is a example of a great opening. The character introductions show they're personality, and not a single word is said in the opening, instead playing some jazzy music to go along with the opening, with matches the theme of the anime. Most cartoons are short so that they can get more on to the actual thing, instead of one minute of an opening.
Now background music is different, yes it can be awesome, but sometimes it isn't necessarily. I've only cared to listen to two anime soundtracks, which were Madoka Magica and Nichijou. The rest I just didn't care, unlike the millions of video game soundtracks I look up ...more

Nichijou’s music is great for cartoon and anime fans because it sort of sounds like music that would be in a Loony Toons cartoon. - narutoisepic864

Cartoon music is also really good. Case in point: SpongeBob and Steven Universe have great soundtracks. Phineas and Ferb, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park, Futurama, etc. also have good soundtracks. - KalloFox34

I agree. Anime music is always nice to hear even if its an anime for younger viewers.

14 Anime Breaks Stereotypes and the Status Quo Rather Than Following Them

Well this is a stereotype. *Clap clap clap*

The only anime with stereotypes that I can think of is Lucky Star and K-On - MLPFan

Staus quo is funny.t - AinezoChan

15 Gets People Interested In Japanese Culture

Anime represents a lot of things, but least of it is Japan

By teaching them words like "kawaii desu", and making them think females are emotionally sensitive, and males like "peeping toms"? Japan is actually a pretty mannerly country. - Qryzx

Yeah it does, but usually for the wrong reasons.

Japanese culture is portrayed the wrong way by anime *braces self for dislikes*

16 Anime Characters Express Their Feelings Better

In anime when a character is in despair or is sad it is often better than in American cartoons. An example is when anime characters feel pain or sorrow they scream out in pain somewhat a real scream but in American cartoons I hear " IT HURTS" or "DOH" which isn't very appealing to me at least.

Not really...they're way too dramatic.

But it's too exaggerated
When cartoon characters hurt : Ouch - It hurts - DOH

17 It Can Show More Mature Content

Smh wait till you see Steven universe

That is true. Although there are cartoons for adults (Family Guy, South Park, Simpsons) anime aims for most *if not all* ages - SnailPony

I'm 13 and all the anime I watch is pretty tame. (little witch acadamia,the haunted house,smile precure,etc)

I don't agree that anime is only for kids. In Western culture, animation mostly focus on children. But Japanese anime basically server all kind of genres. You can see Doraemon or Youkai Watch is made for kids but others like Gintama, S.A.O. or Attack on Titan for teenagers and adults. For anybody is still thinking anime for kid, you are misunderstand because anime is made by difference culture (Japanese culture) where their standard is not like ours. Anime can show "love" between two elementary kids and "violent" in schoolboys and their teachers relationship... So don't force your standard on anime cause its not your culture.

18 Great Humor

Well your saying that's all the humor in American cartoons and it's really not. Sure there is slapstick but it's well timed enough to be funny. Apparently you are biased about slapstick even if it's well timed. I watch a lot of American cartoons and I barely see slapstick. It's there but your making it seem that it's the only type of humor in American cartoons. - mrcoolface

A Lot of American cartoons rely too much on slapstick humor & random gags that its just annoying, Anime does it better because its not constant its funny when it wants to be and can be dead serious when it needs to be. - ZZDOORAL

Everyone has a different sense of humor. One guy might find a joke of lifting a girl's skirt to be hilarious, but the guy next to him finds the joke to be immature and creepy. The cartoons and anime I have watched have a variety of comedy, and even though I didn't find some jokes funny, I could see effort put into it.

ZZDOORAL what you stand by is retarded. You are clearly a biased anime fanboy. American cartoons have slapstick but it's not it's main humor. There a quick-wit jokes or adult jokes or even funny pop cultural references that are still known today. It's really clear to me that you have no sense of humor because anime isn't funny at all and you keep saying that American cartoons only have slapstick. Also if a piece of well-timed slapstick was funny, it will always be funny. It will never be unfunny unless you keep watching it over and over again. American cartoons are way funnier and better than anime will ever hope to be.

19 Animes Generally Aren't As Overrated As American Cartoons

Why try to call Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online overrated when cartoons are way more overrated than those series? Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb get so overly praised for what little they contribute to the cartoon industry with their shows.

At least they don't show too many commercials and merchandise.

POKEMON. That is all.

JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING'S "OVERRATED" DOESN'T MEAN IT'S BAD. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE USING THIS PATHETIC WORD TO MAKE AN EXCUSE TO HATE SOMETHING. The word "Overrated" is overrated itself, and it needs to stop. It is a bad reason to hate something without watching/playing the actual thing.

20 Different Genres

So do cartoons. The DCAU has a lot of action cartoons. Steven Universe, Adventure Time, BoJack Horseman and The Legend of Korra are dramas. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Invader Zim, Gravity Falls and The Owl House belong to horror. - KalloFox34

In the world of anime (and manga) there is something to watch for everyone no matter age, gender or preferences. You can find anything from thriller, adventure and action to romantic comedies via any kind of childish theme you can come up with. No matter the theme you can think of, there's sure to be an anime about it! - akuusa

No cartoon can juggle genres in one series like Sword Art Online can.

I read some comment near the bottom, and I saw a very valid point, most Anime genres are just "learn how to fight, or die" type of genre. :/

21 Different Genres to Choose From

Oh yeah? I'd like to see American cartoons juggle genres in one season like Sword Art Online did!

"Different Genres"? 95% of Anime have the same genre that is basically "learn how to fight or die".

Like when you just know about DBZ and you think that Anime is only about ''learn how to fight or die''

American cartons have different generes to choose from. Every Disney animated movie is basically full of different generes

22 Characters You Can Actually Relate To

I can relate to Zuko from avatar and he's a cartoon character.

Avatar is heavily inspired by Japanese animation, which you can also see in the art style. A lot of people would even call it an anime just for that reason

Seriously, though, Avatar has everything named in this list, haha. - Maplestrip

I can relate to Asuna from Sword Art Online

I totally agree! Mother's Rosario demonstrates how Asuna can be relatable to others. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Have you seen Family based Cartoons? You can relate to anybody in there. You gotta have a messed up life if you can relate to anime characters.

I can relate to chum chum because I am a 4 year old who wears their underwear over their pants so I can emphasize my weight problems

23 Great Supporting Characters

An example of a supporting character: Hetalia you have England who raised and fought against America in the Revelutionary War.

Anime does in fact feature a lot of great supporting characters who help out the main character, In Dragon Ball Z you have Master Roshi who was Goku's master, King Kai who teaches Goku the Techniques that help him with fight against the Saiyans and there's Bulma despite her constant nagging proves to be real help with her technology especially the Dragon Ball Radar, in Fullmetal Alchemist there's Winry the very Auto Engineering who gave Ed his auto mail the got him back on his feet and lets not forget Pinako and there's Mes Huges who becomes the closes thing to a real father to Ed & Al. - egnomac

But people are saying every supporting character is great when in Pokemon all the characters have no personality - mrcoolface

How about you watch an anime that isn't Pokèmon, seriously that's like the only anime I've seen you complain about - americancartoonssuck

How? Every character in anime has no personaility - mrcoolface

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24 Character Deaths Are Actually Meaningful

And don't just say that anime characters come back to life all the time because that's pretty much transformers in a nutshell

Yui's death tried to be, but failed. She just died to make everyone sad. But then the makers were like "OH NO! PEOPLE WILL DISLIKE OUR SHOW BECAUSE THEIR LOLI WAIFU DIED! " and gave Kirito the power to hack (Adding more to the "Why Kirito is flawless" list) just to bring her back. Nothing would change if she never appeared on the show, except Kirito and Asuna's relationship.

It adds more to the plot and changes what is going on in the plot line! It's crazy and I love it!

Jiraiya from Naruto, Light from Death Note, Yui from SAO, etc.

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25 Doesn't Always Take Place at a House/School

At least the school anime are better than where cartoons take place in. The Asterisk War or Chivalry of a Failed Knight, anyone? At least they're good shows.

Not true. Sure, there are a lot of animes that do take place in fantasy worlds and stuff like that, a big chunk of it takes place in highschool/has highschoolers as the main characters (Toradora, Mob Psycho 100, Nichijou, Haruhi Suzumiya, etc). It's gone to the point where people have been asking why there's so many highschool animes out there, and even hating the school setting. Cartoons, on the other hand, while some can take place in a school as well, also can take place elsewhere.

Not really, but I am interested in The Irregular At Magic High School.

Sailor Moon takes place at school. I even watched half of it.

26 Characters Actually Age

Its not really that important but it does annoy me that certain characters haven't aged at all The Simpons have been on the air for over 20 seasons yet Bart and Lisa are still in grade school don't you think by now that they would be in college by now will at least Lisa.

Just like how Ash is still 10 years old even though Pokemon anime started way back in the 90s. It's called a standing timeline dude, many anime and cartoons have them.

Goku is 12 at the end of Dragon Ball and he's 45 at the end of DBZ. - Goku02

Your stupid for even answering it was a rhetorical question one that people already know the answer or don't really care. - ZZDOORAL

Ash didn't age and it's Pokemon. - MeaganSaysHI

27 Characters Change Outfits Every Episode

Precure doesn't change much.

I haven't watched that much anime but I saw 2 anime series that changes clothes every episode. and in Gravity Falls, the only character who changes clothes is Mabel, I've seen a few characters in Clarence change clothes a few times, and some characters in Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Regular Show, etc. - MeaganSaysHI

Uh, last I checked most anime characters wear the same clothing all the time.

WHO CARES?! It can be the same for video game characters!

28 More Realistic

I've seen more realism in Parasyte -the maxim- than The Amazing World of Gumball.

Take a look at The Amazing World Of Gumball

Unrealistic? Go watch SpongeBob. However there's so much innuendo that it's not for kids. - Goatworlds

It's MENT to be crazy

29 Some Don't Go On Forever


Some western animated shows don't go on forever either. In fact, there are more longer rnning anime than there are western aniamtions. Most of them last for 52-65 episodes at least, only a few are actually long running.

The Simpsons ran for at least 26 years (Almost 600 episodes). SpongeBob for about 16 (Over 300 episodes, will be 17 in May). Adventure Time for 5 years (Will be 6 in April, more episodes than there are Kanto Pokemon) - Goatworlds

I wish Soul Eater has cause then it would be longer than Tenkai Knights. - MiraiNikkiYunoGasai

Yeah and Madoka would actually get a second season and the Kazumi Magica spin off. Also some movies. And It would be longer than Winx Club - MLPFan

30 More Depth

Cartoon use to be really great but lets be honest the days of Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Hannah Barbara and Mel Blanc are long gone, cartoons toady have lost their appeal and are only getting worst just look at Uncle Grandpa, Phineas and Ferb, Fish hooks and Regular Show not exactly living up to such a great legacy not to mention that some cartoon characters have completely diminished over time.

I used to like cartoons. But the new ones like Breadwinners are awful. And most mainstream cartoons have terrible fandoms. That's why I moved to anime - MLPFan

Death Note lesson: Too much power and greed can lead you nowhere.

So why are you making a list of crappy reasons on why you think it's better.

Why don't you just stop saying cartoons are only for kids.

31 There's an Actual Plot

I have seen plenty of both anime and American cartoons and I can say for certain that anime is more common to have big plotlines than western cartoons.

This is the same for western cartoons. Shows like Gravity Falls, Avatar the last airbender, Teen Titans, Steven Universe and even Adventure time can have some deep plot and lore behind them. And also, animes can also have barely any plot. Take Nichijou for example. The show is just about students, a 8 year old professor, and teachers getting into very random situations. Osomatsu-san is another example, which is about a group of sextuplet NEETS being random and fawning over there crush. Both I consider to not be what you call "Actual" plot.

Either way, having a plot does not mean the cartoon/anime can't be bad. Take Diabolik Lovers for example, it has a plot yes, but the characters are so idiotic were it's not even entertaining and the plot is really boring. And if the show doesn't have an "Actual" plot, it can still be good. Even though Nichijou and Osomatsu-san have no "Actual" plot, both are still some of my favorite animes. The same can be said for TAWOG, I enjoyed the show ...more

Anime have real plot's not a bunch of random things happening for no reason. - egnomac

You are wrong because I know you are saying American cartoons have a bunch of random things happening for no reason. But the truth is, your just a typical biased anime fan who hates on American cartoons just because they aren't animes

Just like how dc animated shows, marvel animated shows, avatar, gargoyles, prince valiant, thundercats (2011), danny phantom, he-man (2002) and more had actual plots.

32 It Isn't Childish

Isn't the whole point of a cartoon to be childish? I mean... - MovieFan007

Hey kids, watch Deadman Wonderland! The most childish anime that every kid will love! Wait till they actually see it...

There are people saying "anime is for kids" they obviously haven't even watched anime. Try it before you say that you hate it.

Same With American Cartoons like Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and every adult swim cartoon

33 Bad Fight Scenes

Some 10 year old kid with some dagger called barishinoto or whatever jumps up and does a 360 spin and a backflip then jumps in mid air and stabs someone in the back. things like that suck. And swordart, really? Sooo bad. I guess most people who watch this are "GAMERS" really, or whatever they call themselves making a dirt house on Minecraft. Oh yeah, don't forget to listen to some mindless dubstep as well.

34 Better Voice Actors

The voice actors for anime can always change the way they sound in reality without computers. They have unique voices. They surprise you when you find out the voice of your favorite rowdy character is the same as voice to a sweet character because they can change the tone of their voice and it sounds real.

Hey guess what voice actors for American cartoons can also change the tone of their voice or come up with a different voice. Its not done with computers or anything. - YakkoWakkoDot

The voice actor quality are superior, rarely done any mistake and the differences between their voice acting in every show they participate is stand out.

That's the exact same thing with American cartoons. Anyway with Japanese anime, if it's not dubbed and if you don't know Japanese language, they are basically all saying the same thing. If it's dubbed its always dubbed badly and the voice acting usually sounds cheesy.

Most cartoon's voice acting are trying to hards. Anime ones, on the other hand have the ability to make them sound realistic and sounded way better - MLPFan

If nobody cared, you wouldn't have responded to anything that he typed. You obviously care.

35 Helps Viewers Escape Reality

I'm sick and tired of all these biased cartoon fan-boys trying to force the idea that cartoons are better than anime because there not Anime has more meaning in them and don't rely on stupid jokes & gags I personally hate cartoons and I don't care what you or any of these rejects think because quite frankly I don't give a F/ all of your reasons for hating anime is crap.

Yes because avatar, young justice, and gargoyles don't have meaning to them and are nothing but gags and jokes. You're busy complaining about anime haters when you're hating on cartoons? Biased anime fanboy.

In American cartoons, I could never escape my reality. Anime has helped me escape.

I guess that's good in a sense, but also worrying, you don't want anime to interfere with your life too much otherwise it may change your expectations in reality. - Pindini

Not only can this be said for cartoons, but basically any type of media that is fiction can help people escape from reality. I have friends who do this with video games when they are in hard times. Escaping from reality does not only apply to anime.

Why do you think people's reasons for hating anime is crap. Is it because they aren't they same as yours. That is the case with most fans if someone doesn't like something that they like.

36 Facial Expressions are Shown
37 Life Lessons

Especially in slice of life types of anime, and realistic anime that take place in highschool or throughout the characters life, anime always gives you a moral or a lesson that is taught in the anime. Even when it's a fighting type of anime, or is a fantasy anime or sci-fi, there is always a deep meaning behind the depth of the story and the characters background.

Anime teaches you things that you don't get taught in the real world, they teach you to fight for yourself, to live for your friends, to not fear because fear itself is not real and anime makes you who you are right now.

38 The Anti-Heroes

Cartoons talk about heroes and heroes and heroes. Heroes are great! Yay! My ass!

Anime has plenty of loveable heroes too, let's get the name of Saitama from One-Punch Man. Heroes are loveable in animes well as the anti-heroes like Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass, Light Yagami from Death Note and many more. Are they not popular? In MAL, the most favorite character to rank the first place is an anti hero. Now a question, can a cartoon stand this?

GoatWorlds They're not really anti heroes, most anti are who try to save the world by killing millions

There are anti heroes in cartoons. Squidward Tentacles, Benson (Regular Show) and Mr. Burns. - Goatworlds

39 Characters Develop Better
40 Cuter Characters

Anime looks weird

No. For most of the time anime characters had more human features than cartoons. In cartoons the characters are either as chubby as a meatball or as thin as a stick - MLPFan

So true, the only cute things I see is ppg, everything else is not cute, anime has cuter characters that make you aww.

41 Bigger Fights
42 Not Obvious Who Is The Good Guy

Light Yagami is the protagonist...who is a crazed mass-murderer with a killer notebook.

Exactly. Cartoons are black and white, and the characters are either “good” or “evil”, making cartoon characters boring.

43 Most Cartoons are Run-Of-The-Mills on the Genre

Winx club? Generic
Transformers(the cartoon ones.not the movie versions since the cinematic versions were good)? Generic
Sanjay and Craig? Generic
90% new american cartoons are generic run of the mills. Animes may have run of the mills, But there are great animes that aren't generic like Madoka Magica or Neon Genesis. I prefer those type of shows over generic ones any day! - MLPFan

Well anime has been doing the run in the mill for only the decade so far but western cartoons have been doing it foe years - sadfag

44 Not As Predictable

Anime is full of surprises for instance some character can die some good guys become bad guys and bad guys become good guys. - egnomac

None of those things are surprising. They have been done in anime so much that they are now cliches. When a new anime comes along, I see a bunch of people assuming that this guy will turn good, or this character is going to die. Death flags and side changing are two of anime's biggest predictable cliches.

There are a LOT of shocking moments in anime. Some will make you cry.

Anime: Same type of comedy, same type of "suprises" and etc.

45 Smart Characters

There are tons of smart characters in American cartoons

46 Diverse Storylines

Anime: Follows one story
Cartoons: endless adventure

47 More Popular

Something being more popular doesn't mean it's better.

Hey there, anime hater who always gets 11 dislikes, go back and watch caillou

Maybe in Japan - bobbythebrony

See: splatfests

48 Funnier Characters

I even consider Cyborg from the Teen Titans 2003 series to be funnier than SpongeBob, he gets me more laughs than him. - MeaganSaysHI

Teen Titans 2003 was an American cartoon. It just had the anime animation. It's just like Avatar.

No in American cartoons, when a character does something funny, it is usually humorous. When it happens in anime it is retarded.

Some animes are funnier than cartoons.

Anime shows try to hard.

49 Pretentious Fans
50 They Don't Hesitate to Do What Is Necessary

But they also don't hesitate to do what is unnecessary as well. (AM I RIGHT FILLER? )

Hardly takes place there like Naruto,bleach,DBZ

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