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41 They Don't Hesitate to Do What Is Necessary

But they also don't hesitate to do what is unnecessary as well. (AM I RIGHT FILLER? )

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42 Character Deaths Are Actually Meaningful

And don't just say that anime characters come back to life all the time because that's pretty much transformers in a nutshell

It adds more to the plot and changes what is going on in the plot line! It's crazy and I love it!

Yui's death tried to be, but failed. She just died to make everyone sad. But then the makers were like "OH NO! PEOPLE WILL DISLIKE OUR SHOW BECAUSE THEIR LOLI WAIFU DIED! " and gave Kirito the power to hack (Adding more to the "Why Kirito is flawless" list) just to bring her back. Nothing would change if she never appeared on the show, except Kirito and Asuna's relationship.

Jiraiya from Naruto, Light from Death Note, Yui from SAO, etc.

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43 More Serious Subject Matter

When was the last time a cartoon was about dying in real life if you die in the game? When was the last time a cartoon was about humanity being on the brink of extinction? When was the last time parasites tried to devour the entire human species? I don't see any cartoons out there like that.

When did you last see a cartoon have blood? When did you last see a cartoon about humanity's struggle to survive? When did you last see a cartoon deal with the same subjects as death note? Simple answer. Never.

A bunch of American cartoons deal with realism, satire, economy, socialism, pop culture, time, depression, planets, emotions, etc. And you want to tell me that Anime has the serious subject matter? Duck that!

Just because it's more serious and edgy doesn't mean it's automatically good.

44 Not Obvious Who Is The Good Guy

Light Yagami is the protagonist...who is a crazed mass-murderer with a killer notebook.

45 Smart Characters

There are tons of smart characters in American cartoons

46 Deep Characters

There can be deep characters in any form of media! It doesn't just have to be anime! Heck, even cartoons have some deep characters!

47 Intelligent

While most cartoon characters are mainly used for being a goofballl, you can't deny that there are smart cartoon characters. And not every anime character is smart, just look at Goku (I'm not attacking DBZ), He did go through character development but at the start he wasn't really smart. I'm not attacking, I'm just saying. - nintendofan126

Not all are intelligent like Tsuna from Reborn...but he do grow

48 Less Annoying Characters

At least animes don't ask dumb questions like dora, or make annoying potty humor like sanjay and craig.

Anime characters are over the top, and dumb. At least American Cartoon Characters make you laugh.

Every single anime character is annoying

49 Some Cartoon Series Run Way Too Long

OH sure because it's not like Pokemon hasn't run for too long with all those crappy spinoffs to a crappy show.

This is a dumb reason because shows like looney tunes and tom and jerry went on for 50+ years and they are considered to be some of the greatest shows of all time.

Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob, Simpsons, Family Guy, do I need to name more? - MeaganSaysHI

It gets more moneys $$$$

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50 Not Too Happy

Here are some sad animes...Clannad, Angel Beats, Elfen Lied, Madoka Magica,Clannad After Story, Future Diary, Higurashi - MLPFan

51 No Cheesy Clip Shows

I think you're confusing cartoons with live action sitcoms. I can't think of any cartoon that has had a clip show except for the simpsons. On the other hand I can name plenty of anime that have had clip shows (Project arms, Naruto, bleach, nurarihyon no mago, one piece, disk wars: avengers, trigun, transformers: robots in disguise anime, various gundam series, fullmetal alchemist, tenchi muyo, etc.

52 They Don't Try to Be Hip

I hate it when cartoons get hip, like for example a cartoon character raps, lame. At least animes don't make annoying songs and care too much about makeup and fashion and looking cool.

Most cartoon characters only think about getting compliments from appearances. And that's plain stupid. You should receive compliments from what wonderful person you are. Not from some expensive new clothing - MLPFan

Samurai Champloo kind of tries to be hip. At least it's not as controversial as The Boondocks.

Anime is still bad, even without trying to be hip

53 They Don't Try to Offend People

Anime never made fun of Muslims, The Handicap, Scientology, Black People, or even Jews, they certainly never offended the entire nation of Brazil and they also never used the Prophet Muhammad in their plot line.

Neither have Wallace & Gromit and guess what, that's British.

Whoever added this has no idea what "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt" or "Shin Chan" are. - Goatworlds

Seriously? Did any show offended people? I bet u name one

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54 Funnier Characters

I even consider Cyborg from the Teen Titans 2003 series to be funnier than SpongeBob, he gets me more laughs than him. - MeaganSaysHI

Teen Titans 2003 was an American cartoon. It just had the anime animation. It's just like Avatar.

No in American cartoons, when a character does something funny, it is usually humorous. When it happens in anime it is retarded.

Some animes are funnier than cartoons.

Anime shows try to hard.

55 More Filler

Wouldn't really put this as a reason for saying it's better.

How is this even a reason?! It isn't a good thing!

56 Trap Characters/Reverse Characters

What does this have to do with one thing being better than another.

To all the people who don't what it mean. In anime, Trap Character is a boy who look, sound, and personality like a girl. And Reverse Character is a girl who look, act, and sound like a boy. Serously, You know Haku from Naruto? Well, You all think she is beautiful, but the truth the 'she' is actually a 'he'.

T.V. Tropes says otherwise.

57 Characters Develop Better
58 Anime Breaks Stereotypes and the Status Quo Rather Than Following Them

Well this is a stereotype. *Clap clap clap*

The only anime with stereotypes that I can think of is Lucky Star and K-On - MLPFan

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60 Animes Generally Aren't As Overrated As American Cartoons

Why try to call Attack on Titan or Sword Art Online overrated when cartoons are way more overrated than those series? Adventure Time and Phineas and Ferb get so overly praised for what little they contribute to the cartoon industry with their shows.

At least they don't show too many commercials and merchandise.

POKEMON. That is all.

JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING'S "OVERRATED" DOESN'T MEAN IT'S BAD. I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE USING THIS PATHETIC WORD TO MAKE AN EXCUSE TO HATE SOMETHING. The word "Overrated" is overrated itself, and it needs to stop. It is a bad reason to hate something without watching/playing the actual thing.

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