Top Ten Reasons Super Mario Bros x is Better Than Mario Maker

I've heard some people saying they think Mario maker is better than SMBX is, well i hate to say this,
but it's simply not true, Here are the reasons why.

The Top Ten

1 Super Mario Bros X Just Has More Stuff In General

It's so hard to make levels in Mario x though...

Of course, custom boss, custom music, custom texture, new power up.

Mario maker updates are slower

Mario super bros maker

2 You Can Make Whole Games With Super Mario Bros X But Not Mario Maker

It's very hard to do with Super Mario Maker, as there isn't much stuff to use.
I haven't downloaded Super Mario Bros X yet, but I'm assuming it's not a virus (even though my computer says it's not secure). I hope it has slopes since it has all these other feats! - Qryzx

3 Super Mario Bros X Has Custom Graphics

This adds way more innovation and creativity into it. - GentleTrouter

4 Super Mario Bros X Has Way More Themes
5 Super Mario Bros X Has a Star Counter
6 Super Mario Bros X Has More Power-Ups

Mario maker only has, mushroom, fire, and a flying power-up. - GentleTrouter

Why am I getting down voted for saying this? I'm just explaining something. - GentleTrouter

Yeah, but the level sizes are wwwaaayyy too short

7 Super Mario Bros X Has Slopes

Why doesn't Mario maker have slopes? It really should! - GentleTrouter

8 Super Mario Bros X Has SMB2 Stuff

They haven't added it yet, they really should! Who cares how different it is? - GentleTrouter

9 Super Mario Bros X Has More Playables

In Mario Maker you can only play as Mario, on SMBX you can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, And Link! - GentleTrouter

10 Super Mario Bros X Has 16-Bit Graphics

Well Mario maker has Wii u graphics so yeah and 16 and 8 biot - Tyoshi

The Contenders

11 You Can Put Down Water and Lava In Super Mario Bros X

This is enough for me. - Qryzx

12 You can create events in SMBX

It lets you make objects appear or disappear at any time, change the background, position and music, display messages, etc.

13 Super Mario Bros X Includes "Mother Brain" Which can be attached and moved, creating endless possibilities for bosses.

Enough said.

14 Super Mario Bros X allows you to make moving objects.
15 You Can Change the Playable Characters

You can pick almost any character you want and play as them.

16 Super Mario Bros x Has 21 Sections and Super Mario Maker Has Only 2 Sections.
17 Super Mario Bros X Has More Boss Exits After Boss Fights

Super Mario Maker has only the SMB Bowser boss exit and Super Mario Bros X has a boss exit from SMB, SMB2, SMB3 and SMW.

18 Super Mario Bros X is Free

Would you get a level editor that's pretty limited and costs 60$ or a level editor with endless posibilities for free?

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