Top Ten Reasons Super Mario Bros x is Better Than Mario Maker

I've heard some people saying they think Mario maker is better than SMBX is, well i hate to say this,
but it's simply not true, Here are the reasons why.

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1 Super Mario Bros X Just Has More Stuff In General

It's so hard to make levels in Mario x though...

Of course, custom boss, custom music, custom texture, new power up.

Mario maker updates are slower

Mario super bros maker

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2 You Can Make Whole Games With Super Mario Bros X But Not Mario Maker
3 Super Mario Bros X Has Custom Graphics

This adds way more innovation and creativity into it. - GentleTrouter

4 Super Mario Bros X Has Way More Themes
5 Super Mario Bros X Has a Star Counter
6 Super Mario Bros X Has More Power-Ups

Mario maker only has, mushroom, fire, and a flying power-up. - GentleTrouter

Why am I getting down voted for saying this? I'm just explaining something. - GentleTrouter

Yeah, but the level sizes are wwwaaayyy too short

7 Super Mario Bros X Has Slopes

Why doesn't Mario maker have slopes? It really should! - GentleTrouter

8 Super Mario Bros X Has SMB2 Stuff

They haven't added it yet, they really should! Who cares how different it is? - GentleTrouter

9 Super Mario Bros X Has More Playables

In Mario Maker you can only play as Mario, on SMBX you can play as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, And Link! - GentleTrouter

10 Super Mario Bros X Has 16-Bit Graphics

Well Mario maker has Wii u graphics so yeah and 16 and 8 biot - Tyoshi

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11 You Can Put Down Water and Lava In Super Mario Bros X
12 You can create events in SMBX

It lets you make objects appear or disappear at any time, change the background, position and music, display messages, etc.

13 Super Mario Bros X Includes "Mother Brain" Which can be attached and moved, creating endless possibilities for bosses. V 1 Comment
14 You Can Change the Playable Characters

You can pick almost any character you want and play as them.

15 Super Mario Bros x Has 21 Sections and Super Mario Maker Has Only 2 Sections.
16 Super Mario Bros X Has More Boss Exits After Boss Fights

Super Mario Maker has only the SMB Bowser boss exit and Super Mario Bros X has a boss exit from SMB, SMB2, SMB3 and SMW.

17 Super Mario Bros X is Free

Would you get a level editor that's pretty limited and costs 60$ or a level editor with endless posibilities for free?

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