Top Ten Reasons Visitors Join TheTopTens


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1 Because it's fun

Yeah it's my fave website

Maybe - bobbythebrony

Well DUH! This is my favourite site! And, you, TheGreenSkittle, are the first to discover _______________'s NEW profile!


2 Because the users are nice

There are mean ones though

3 Because people suggest it

Yeah. It has a lot more perks too. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

4 Because making lists is fun

The admins are being mean and now we can't add list and we can't even add items to lists anymore!

5 Because a friend is a user
6 Because you want to be known

I only came here to get attention. - birdechosplash

You already got enough attention. Negative attention, may I add. - Elina

Birdechosplash you literally suck you are atention seeker which they suck

7 Because it has people who aren't obsessed with Justin Bieber

Instead, it has people who HATE Justin Bieber to to extent it gets a bit annoying.

8 Because the idea is cool

It is! I was a visitor for 2 years waiting to be 12 & being a member is better. YOU CAN MAKE A POST! - lovefrombadlands

9 Because of the background for the site
10 Because it is a good way to express your superior opinions

The Contenders

11 So you can reply to comments and comment on blog posts
12 To entertain
13 Because you can delete your comments if you are wrong
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