Top Ten Reasons Why Keycha1n Is a Good User

The Top Ten Reasons Why Keycha1n Is a Good User

1 She knows a lot about visual art
2 Her opinions aren't offensive
3 She's sweet
4 Her comments are all high quality
5 She understands how visual artist feel
6 She has a good taste in shows

She watches gravity falls. - SamuiNeko

Well, if I do say so myself...

Gravity Falls, TBBT, Avatar. There's literally no other reason I turn on the television at all anymore. - keycha1n

7 She believes in Christ

And there are fairly many Christians in this site! But she has one of the best views on it!

8 She loves her dad

To be clear, I really love all of my family. But I certainly hope this is something a majority of you share!

Thank you very much for this list by the way! Really, with all of these, my heart and head are swelling at the same rate... - keycha1n

She loves her dad even when her dad doesn't allow her to have a boyfriend! - SamuiNeko

9 She's talented

I wish I had a list like that that was not made by me - kosdff

10 She has a heart of gold

I second that. - dipperpinesfangirl618

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11 She is down to earth
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