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21 No Tutorial

If you first play the game, you are a noob otherwise known as a loser. I don't get it. If you're a pro, that just means you play Minecraft a lot meaning you have no life. Their should be any cool types of people because this game is actually for nerds!

Regardless of the fact that the game is about as easy to learn as any other sandbox game...

Kind of annoying for new players, but there's always Wikipedia.

The game has no tutorial, which makes the game all the harder to play if you are a first time player. The only way you know how to do something is to go to the Minecraft Wiki.

True I had to learn from my friend but Minecraft is still BEAST I tell you

It's easy to play - Ohno

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22 Pointless Addons

People say "keep playing Minecraft because there's a new update! " The problem with this is that the updates now add stuff like new stone that's really ugly, or new mobs that interact with the environment in the exact same way as any other mob, or a new dungeon which is impossible to get to because it's underwater. Updates mean the game is now packed with extra crap.

Plus the updates are incredible inconsistent. the wait between 1.2.5 and 1.3 was 1 YEAR!

The game keeps on getting stuffed with pointless stuff (kind of like Windows before being shipped). Enchants. They are NOT with the vibe of the game. Minecraft is definitely NOT a fantasy/RGP game. XP. Wow. "I'm level five! " and? No point. Beacons. Cheat codes. Hunger. I got into alpha version and LOVED the relaxed feeling of the game. Then along came hunger and made the first thing you do, no not punch trees, but BEAT THE FIRST PIG/COW/CHICKEN TO DEATH.

Ever since 1.5, Minecraft has become much worse. Horses were taken from a mod, and lots of useless blocks were added in 1.7. WHO CARES ABOUT GRANITE OR ANDESITE? That's completely pointless. That is what spoiled the game. Pointless Add-ons made the game unnecessarily complex. Minecraft 1.5 was the pinnacle of the game.

Who cares about woodland mansion and end rods! No one other than an idiot - MChkflaguard_Yt

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23 Hackers

God, hackers. They ruin the game for everyone. I remember one time when I played on mini game with a hacker. He dominated the game and when I tried to report him, nothing happened!

So glad someone put this up, I like Minecraft and all but hackers ruin it. Although I haven't seen as much hackers as I use to they still cause problems, even if there's no hacker. I have been called a hacker so many times it's not even funny. I kill two people with no armour on and one calls me a hacker for being skilled (I'm not saying I'm a pro but you get the idea). I once was playing on cube craft and my teammate was a hacker and I didn't see it til the end, hackers suck.

Too many Hackers... I really hate them. when I play Hypixel= Life Boat. I die out of nowhere. why? Invisible hackers. I got so frustrated I stopped playing Minecraft.

1. K N O C K B A C K H A C K. Really, it's annoying. - Theco

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24 Graphics Suck

Minecraft, you can't judge a game by it's graphics. But for me, Minecraft is terrible the way it is now.

I'm kinda surprised that this is not higher on the list, because really, the graphics look like they are from last century. Oh wait, they are. In my opinion even half-life 1 has better graphics, although it was released more than a decade before Minecraft. If the pixelation is the game's style, or if that is supposed to add to the atmosphere of the game, they failed at it. I mean really, there are a lot of games which are pixelated because of the style of the game, like Risk of rain, Magicite, even Terraria for god's sake, and trust me, I could continue this list on and on.

We went from morons who were like, (*imitates stupid fool voice*)"Nintendo sucks! Their graphics are terrible." Then say Minecraft is the greatest thing known to humanity when it is one of the worst games of all time.

Terraria has similar graphics but MC's sucks - Theco

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25 Combat

The combat is not that good. You can either have a sword or a long range bow. Other than that the only thing that you can use to defend yourself is with armor. Their is blocking with your sword to reduce damage, but their is nothing to make it interesting. It gets really repetitive.

In combat, you can clip through players, which just makes no sense to me. The stock Minecraft only includes melee and slow ranged attacks. The other things you can do, like block do not have much effect and take a lot from the game as there is little stratgy possible. So the next time someone comes to you and tells you that "Minecraft is educational" tell them that Minecraft does not help you learn something when playing with friends. The enchantments have some stratgy, but some enchantments are OP compared to others and make whoever who has it usaually wins. If you think that Minecraft sucks and this post sucks 'cause I'm rambling, you don't need to say it. I KNOW

Combat is totally terrible in this game. There are very few things you can do to battle: either mash your mouse to attack with sword, or release mouse button at right time to shoot stuff with bow. Yea that's it. There's nothing else to combat than this. At all.

Minecraft is not a game about combat. Build people. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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26 TheBajanCanadian Fanboys

I used to be one until he turned PG. Then I realized that all Minecraft YouTubers suck. Another reason is that he does it just for the money. Then I realized that he's not even good at sg! Because fanboys think its an honor to be killed by him! Then I thought to myself: Minecraft sucks. Because I only was a fan because of the YouTubers! So yeah he sucks. Him and chimneyswift11 were the main reasons I started to dislike Minecraft.

You aren't forced to subscribe him also multiplayer isn't everything on minecraft. - Vgamer2

Fangirls are weird as hell, but yeah, the fanboys are rabid as hell

He lied,he suck at pvp and sg.My 2 friends even beaten him in MCSG.Their not even trained and can beat him! They said "Bajancanadian plays on his own server,he is a liar,and sucks at SG.You can easily beat him."Said them.I said this"Well,if that's true,this coming Christmas 2016 or 2017,ill crash his head and let him get embarrassed in front of his fans.

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27 Kind Squeakers

Squeakers who call people hackers if they kill them

What is kind squeakers? There is only one type loud and abnoxious.

The squeaker that swear a lot.

This is the reason I hate Minecraft I also hate the YouTube videos of it seriously! This game sucks it's just annoying

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28 The Diamond Minecart

I actually like him, but his fan base is honestly annoying

I only like him when he ISN'T doing Minecraft. Other than that he's not great, but not the worst

So scripted. Like, seriously. But hey, if you like him, I'm in no place to judge. All the more power to ya.

I DO like him, but fanbase? Ugh! Every fanbase and fandom is bad! - BorisRule

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29 Kids Play It

According to my experiments, kids will think they can do this and that, but in reality, they are only hurting themselves. Another thing is that kids play the game so much, they become addicted, and they will play Minecraft where ever they go, even churches. Now according to my research, many kids have hurt their eyes due to playing Minecraft so long. And one more thing. Kids will watch YouTube a whole lot, just because it's Minecraft. When watching and playing in multiplayer, they will progress on swearing and cursing. In my conclusion, Minecraft hurts a child's life.

I agree. These 8 year olds are all minecraft obsessed. These kids have NO IMAGINATION. Just rotting their brains with Minecraft. - GlobStudios

Kids can play better games and Minecraft is addicting so it interferes with a kid's life:
You wanna go to Harvard
No I want to go to Minecraft college
You wanna read scripture
No I wanna read Minecraft books
You wanna read a good novel/comic/manga
No I wanna play Minecraft
You wanna watch a movie/anime
No I wanna watch SkyDoesMinecraft
You wanna play a better video game
No Minecraft is the best video game

Well yeah. Many kids are addicted to the game. I play the game a bit but I don't watch a crap ton of Minecraft videos on Youtube or talk about it in school that much. But seriously, a holy crap ton of my classmates talk about it a lot or wrote essays to the principle that the school should have Minecraft. Well, those kids are probably stupid and are addicted to the game. And yes, Minecraft could hurt some children's lives.

Average minecraft addicted kid:
Plays minecraft, ignores the fact that he lives.
Has minecraft poured ALL over his room. MC pillows, plushies, posters, books, xbox controller, chairs etc.
When someone says "MC sucks! ", the kid gets a heart attack and calls the cops.
Whether it's drawing on Paint, Paper, anything, they use it to draw their mc skin killing a creeper. - FlyingFridge

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30 Isn't Competitive

Currently, Kirby is ranked 26th in the G tier at the very bottom, a huge drop from his 2nd position in Smash 64 and his worst placement in the series. While he has several throw options into Kirbycide and a decent edge guarding game, Kirby's approach and KO ability are among the worst in the game; slow attacks, a low air speed, an ineffective projectile in Final Cutter, and numerous other flaws both on the ground and in the air prevent Kirby from easily approaching enemies, and he struggles against almost all characters as a result of this. Kirby currently has terrible overall match ups, with seven match ups that are near unwinnable, and only two positive match ups (against Bowser and Roy), and even these can be disputed at length. - unviable

I've got to agree. There's no competition in the game, other than who can make an exact replica of Beverly Hills the fastest.

I still think Minecraft is a good game, but there's no incentive to do better than anyone else on the server so it gets a little boring at times.

Minecraft is more of a tool than a game - MChkflaguard_Yt

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31 New Updates

The updates that Jeb is adding in is making the game more confusing and adding in too much stuff to focus on. At least the only upside is that they now added a way to go back to the beta/alpha days when Minecraft was good.

They are tying to make it into a rpg.

Yea, and they didn't manage yet to choose it's path... It's still a senseless game with no shape nor 'things to explore' or battles/mobs enough.

The updates ruined the game. They should of stopped at level 50 enchants and found a way to stop people with hacks.

Every update nowadays just ruins the game. This should be top.

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32 Too Many Kids

Dude the game is made for every age. It's like saying a mall has too many old people. Get this off the list.

Because it's for everyone.

Basically MC-Kids are:
Calls people a hacker/noob
Makes MC parodies
Tells someone to go die if they hate Minecraft - Theco

33 Non-PC Versions

Rarely updated, the console versions have a gimmick of: If you pay money we will give you a texture pack and a premade adventure map. The mobiles gimmick is: beetroot- no wait they are adding that to PC... The nether reactor core- no wait that just a tiny expensive tower made of nether rack that looks kinda cool, A spec compared to the PC version. The console can cost up to $30 (1st party sellers) and 8 dollars for IOS (Which now has useless micro transactions). Pretty much anyone with a home and the stuff you need in a home has a computer, just get the PC version.

PC Minecraft is the best version. But the console, Pe and windows 10 have a better together update that allows them to play together but thanks to Mircosoft the whole "better together" means "buy an expensive Xbox live gold so we get more money and you get nothing" I hope it doesn't happen to the PC Java edition

MCPE, Where is our Skins and Texture Packs!? I mean you gave us Skins but two things... (1) That annoying 'that's Not a Skin, Silly' Bug and (2) No Texture Packs Yet! Well, One thing to say, Get PC! It's worth your money!

34 Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

Literally everything has changed! Polar bears are just not supposed to be in Minecraft. There is nothing fun anymore.

Microsoft made minecraft suck by making it so advanced and complicated. I liked it when it was super simple.

They butchered the game by putting the MOBILE VERSION on every platform. It runs like AIDS, has bugs up the bunghole, and it ruined PE.

It's microsoft

35 Too Many Noobs

Its not their fault that they are new and don't know much about Minecraft!
I hate the pros because they make fun of new people as if they are the coolest people on earth!

Why the heck are they noobs? I see a few people be like, "How do you craft a diamond sword? " FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST LOOK ON Minecraft WIKI ITS NOT THAT HARD!

Because they just stated dummies everyone was a noob before so shush

Everyone is once a noob, even the "pros". These pros ruined Minecraft Multiplayer for me - MChkflaguard_Yt

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36 The only Pocket Edition updates are skins nowadays.

I was expecting a diversity of blocks BUT THEY JUST MAKE MORE SKINS - MChkflaguard_Yt


37 8 Year Olds Squealing at Enderman

Worst mob in minecraft! They literally squeal all over the place and it drives my head crazy! (They meaning the 8 year olds, not enderman)

Literally, ended an is a childish stupid character that I think is boring

This makes me laugh honestly.

If an 8 year old came to my house and he played minecraft, I will set mysrlf to creative, set the time to night, and spawn endermen everywhere - TeamRocket747

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38 Unofficial content is the reason it's still alive

Pretty much this, the game has no point to even be alive, only people who play vanilla are 6 year olds who don't know about mods. Once they learn about mods though, the play time is expanded from 10 hours to about 1000 hours because of all the content you can get.

Thank you, thank you! Finally someone who appreciates Minecraft mods! Yes, I agree that mods are the only reason that the game is alive. In fact, it's the only reason I play the game.

Mods: Ad ons that made minecraft flourish. Gawd dang the programmer fanbase. Mods are great, but most mods turn minecraft into something else.

Look at Terraria Calamity mod, then look at all the MC mods. Yeah... - Theco

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39 No Physics

Let's see here... Sand and Gravel are the only things I can remember that have Physics applied, as well as water but only if it's a block away... Everything else except the TNT before exploding just floats in mid air... You won't get a lot of love with this crap... Sorry to say but I've played MineCraft before and I've tried everything imaginable I could think of, before I even knew about mods for it, and even then after 3 days of playing it I began to unearth a new thought... MineCraft is the biggest piece of junk to exist... Good for those who are little, but only if they have low standards for gaming and only got Vanilla... And mods barely keep the game alive too, and the blocks and what not (some retextures some not) ALSO float in the air too when you place something...

Minecraft has a lot of floating blocks.

They all float! No realastic falling! - cone6267

That's what makes the game fun.
How you will build with physics? You can but it would be too hard for a kid game. - Vgamer2

40 It's Expensive for a Game Which Just Has Blocks

Seriously, all you just do is build. That's the only good thing Minecraft has, and it gets boring after 10 seconds.


I respect your option, but at the end? Well, not everyone likes terraria. - BorisRule

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