Top 10 Best Weapons in Kaiju Paradise on Roblox

Kaiju Paradise has many different weapons with different abilities and stats. We will be looking at the best Kaiju Paradise weapons in the game and discussing their pros and cons. Make sure to follow me if you enjoy the lists I create. Enjoy!
The Top Ten
1 Chainsaw

The Chainsaw is an extremely powerful weapon. In fact, it's so powerful that only one person can use it in a server. It can kill Gootraxians in a matter of seconds with this beast and has extremely high durability.

However, it takes up three inventory spaces, leaving only one more weapon slot. It also doesn't allow you to enter the safe zone, and you are targeted by Gootraxians as you have a bounty on your head. Overall, it is a powerful weapon, but it comes with a price.

2 Katana

The Katana is among the best weapons in Kaiju Paradise. It features high durability and reach and cannot be stolen by Slimepups. However, its damage output is not impressive, and it is only found in a few selected locations.

3 Scythe

The Scythe is popular for good reason. It boasts high durability and very high knockback. Best of all, it can block grabs from Gootraxians. However, it suffers from low damage, a long cooldown, and is only found in selected spawns.

4 Sledgehammer

The Sledgehammer is a formidable weapon, offering the highest damage in the game and strong durability. It is also one of the few weapons that can deliver critical hits. However, it struggles to hit moving targets and has a high cooldown.

5 Crystalized Bats

The Crystalized Bats are like bats, but with some serious buffs. They have very high damage, significant knockback, and can't be stolen by Slimepups. Some can be bought at Abble's Shop.

There are three kinds of Crystalized Bats (crystals fling out of the target before eventually exploding): the Kaiju Basher (streaks of lightning shoot out of any nearby crystals, hitting the target and causing explosions), the Manic Striker, and the Hebi Bombarder (claw marks slash at the target for a few seconds before exploding). However, the bats have a long cooldown and a long raw reach.

6 Axe

The Axe is a weapon only obtained during Blackouts. It does a high amount of damage and has a very fast cooldown. It also cannot be stolen by Slimepups. The weapon gives the enemy a ragdoll effect when hit. However, it has low durability and only stuns the enemy for a short amount of time.

7 Machete

The Machete is one of the few weapons that can only be found in Abble's Shop. It does high damage, has very good durability, and cannot be stolen by Slimepups. However, it has a very long cooldown, low stun duration, and low knockback.

8 Knife

The Knife is best used for hit-and-run tactics as it has a fast cooldown, high durability, can be thrown, and can do headshots when thrown, causing extra damage. The biggest downside to the weapon is its extremely low damage, low range, and it can be stolen by Slimepups.

9 Crowbar

The Crowbar is best used for vending machines. It delivers decent knockback to players, cannot be stolen by Slimepups, and is available for purchase at Abble's Shop. However, it inflicts terrible damage and has a very long cooldown.

10 Bat

The Bat is a common weapon in the game. Most players have probably used it at least once. It has very low damage and durability, but it can be bought at Abble's Shop. Its commonality makes it useful to collect when on the move.

The Contenders
11 Panther Bombarder
12 Kaiju Basher
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