Worst Roblox YouTubers

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1 Denisdaily

I would vote Golden Ninja but he's not on the list so I'll comment it here, anyways you all will tell me "oh your a slender, totally not assuming" but continuing, Golden Ninja's videos are made to entertain 10+ year olds who act like slenders should DIE(I'm not joking) and 93% of his videos are "like and subscribe so I can kill slender LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL" and that's entertaining? No, it's boring, 4/10

Everyone is literally loving him. Like loving him! It's so weird. Just see the books of him and you will have tons of cringe

He clickbaits, he ignores his fans in Roblox, and his channel has so many errors. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO HIM ON YT OR BUY HIS MERCHANDISE ON ROBLOX!

Flamingo is the worst actually, he ruined the myth community, but denis is bad as well.

2 Corlhorl

Who even likes this dude? He almost made a fan commit suicide and scared everyone by posting 2 pics of himself with a Mossberg shotgun.

"Crooked Corl" almost made one of his OWN fans commit suicide, while Denis and the other pals are just plain cringy. While people knew the Pals always were cringy, the Corl situation was unexpected and came out of nowhere.

He was rude to a fan and made them almost commit suicide!

Well let's think, he caused huge drama not too long ago.

3 Lisa Gaming

Top Reasons why I hate Lisa Gaming
1. she deleted houses in bloxburg
2. her apology is fake
3. she is greedy
4. her content is fake
5. she lied about having coronavirus
6. she started Lisaism in late 2020
7. she had framed flamingo and sued Konekokitten for no reason
8. her game and merch is trashy and greenish lookin fake
As you can see here, her friends suck, the sound in her videos are extremely loud and looks like Alvin and the chipmunks talking at speed of light, also, her meet and greet is dumb and cringe.

Worst Roblox Youtuber Ever

Where can I even start? First her apology video was a huge joke

Second she removed people's houses from bloxburg and said "you deserved it" and that's really rude! She deserved to be banned from bloxburg

Also I may hate flamingo...but she's way worse

She completely hates every roblox youtuber, which makes her just stupid

She's also a whiny brat that acts like innocent when she's banned from something

Example:She said she did nothing in bloxburg but she deleted people's houses

My top 3 worst roblox youtuber
3rd CookieSwirlC
2nd Flamingo
1st Lisa Gaming

Lisa "Trash" Gaming is an a-hole who will do anything for views and basically raid any game with her brainwashed friends and fans, and make everything the church of Lisa. But unlike Jesus, Lisa did no good, only created evil and chaos amongst the Roblox community.

I Hate Lisa Gaming even if I do there is 2 things I feel sorry for her even tho I think she deserves them
1. Some Ordinary Games bullying her even if he did she didn't need to call him cringe tho and she still deserved it
2. Even if she deserved it being unfairly banned on Roblox

4 Alex

To be honest I'm not really agenst online dating, but it's weird when youtubers do it and this guy is also annoying.

How is he on the list I mean WHY! this is just my words don't judge (by the way this alex is a BOY not a GIRL yall are talking about InquistorMaster)

This guy is in ODER, her fanbase is bad, and she ruined the Roblox community.

InqiusitorMaster is an ODer, a sick pervert, and influencer, and puts filters on her webcam to make her look better, she should just stay off youtube

5 Dantdm Daniel Robert Middleton (born 8 November 1991), better known online as DanTDM (formerly TheDiamondMinecart), is a British YouTuber and gamer known for his video game commentaries. His online video channels have covered many video games including Minecraft, Roblox and Pokémon.

He should stick to Minecraft. (and by the way, Minecraft is *insert a bad word that means "poop") We also don't need to worry about it anymore because people said that he quit.

He's not that bad, and Denis brought WAY more little kids into Roblox than Dan.

6 NicsterV

His codings and ideas actually work, Whats wrong with him is that he has to talk so much, And he hides his main topic somewhere in the video, Making it so frustrating.

I suppose you could say he clickbaits a little, but I like his channel. He exposes scammers. Is that not a good thing? Plus, he just got banned for 7 days but it was for something he didn’t do. Does ANYONE at ALL feel sympathetic for him?

Get this crappy channel to #1,his title's and thumbnails are ALWAYS clickbait, he always calls the most normal things 'crazy' and when he says he'll put a link to something in the description, HE NEVER DOES! 1! 1! 1111

7 Sub

My goodness I hated him. He was super rude back then and would abuse on Sky. I bet he never changed now.

I even hated his new channel, Sub's Blox world. Like, at the start of every video of sub's blox world he dances which is so annoying.

He needs to get roasted by pink sheep

I hate you sub

8 ethangamertv

Dude who commented before me: pretty much every lists about roblox are a joke due to retarded children.

This list is one big joke


The only thing to say about this prick is that his YouTube career is pretty much screwed (and for a good reason), he'll never be able to go anywhere without people treating him like garbage.

10 InquisitorMaster

I have been on a server that she was in, and it was not pretty. She kept dating, and when I saw this I thought to myself,
"Hey, should I interrupt? "
I decided not to because I was nice and did not wanna ruin her experience. Even though she is fine and is very nice she has cause quite a lot of damage to Roblox. During the Golden days of Roblox (2010-2015) they were less Online Daters, and all of it could have been the same if IQM did not join. When she joined it was during the decent days of roblox (2015-2016) (She joined in Mid 2016) Roblox went downhill, more people were dating, No one cared about the TOS, etc. She has caused a lot of damage in the past, which is why the Garbage Days of Roblox are still going on (Late 2016-Present) If IQM was terminated, the inappropriate ODERS would slowly disappear and Roblox might be decent again, or maybe golden again. Good things must come to an end, and it's sad that this had to happen. (Written in 2019)

Not many hate about her. Her fans scream and drown her and her friends to death like a pile of titanoboas. Literally saying "can you friend me please" and makes the server lag! Her friends don't request anyways and yet are completely oblivious to anyone that says hi.

Half of her videos are just her SCREAMING, and then ODing random people on ROBLOX. She says "Subscribe" fifty times in a video, and she's the reason my younger sister pretends to OD on ROBLOX.

Disrespectful to her fans?! Can someone please show me text evidence? I need to know this. Every time she is in a server she gets admin.

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11 Flamingo

First of all this guy could care any less about his fans. He calls his very own fans "idiots, noobs, etc" as much as he does to his trolling victims in his videos which in my opinion you should NEVER DO to your own fans! Second, his fans try WAY too hard to be funny as him. He barely pays attention to his fans so they just go crazy trying to get his attention. There was even a stream where Flamingo's fans tried to make him say "I kin children" to make him sound like a pervert when he's not! Flamingo also got super nervous because he thought he said a curse. He also has been allowing some swears (At least one, which isn't that bad) recently. All his fans become wannabe lawyers to him and throw up lame excuses like "He's 24 yrs old he can swear", "He had an old channel he is allowed to swear". Yeah we know that, but NOTE that he is swearing on a generic channel aimed directly at kids. Also Flamingo abandoned his adult channel because he indeed felt bad that he was being toxic. Flamingo ...more

He's cool, but NOT his fans. His fans always dress up like clowns and screw up their grammar like saying "Ugly scp tato", "me want bobux" or purposely spamming "AAAAAA" in chat, when those things, in fact, annoy the heck out of Flamingo. Sometimes own fans would actually be ruder to their own audience like saying "this so toxic loser get no roux", excluding other people in their own humor. How mean! When he invites his fans to places in his videos, 80% are wannabe clowns trying sweaty hard to be funny. They are literally magnets following him around. It's super annoying. Also, by the way, and unlike Flamingo, THEY SWEAR TOO.

by the way, yall lawyers say when he said badass it isn't a bad word. It is a bad word, to many people it is, but apparently the other half of Flamingos fan base can't see that.

There's numerous reasons why HE'S trash:He bullies people,He screams every 5 seconds,His voice is very loud and annoying. But I gotta say his fanbase is worse,I'm not saying all of them,I'm just saying most of the fanbase:First of all,they spam flamingo memes or anything,They will disrespect your opinion if you hate flamingo then call you noob,they're freaking annoying,But to be honest the NORMAL flamingo fans are ok,they're actually pretty nice unlike most of the fanbase and flamingo,FLAMINGO IS LITERALLY THE WORST ROBLOX YOUTUBER EVER,Even CookieSwirlC is better than him!

12 RadioJH Games

How is she on this list? Her videos are funny

She’s the best

�� flamingo is AMAZING and yes yes I do agree with him being a bit better than denis

13 PinkSheep
14 Sketch
15 Tofuu

Why is tofuu on the list his video are amazing

What an idiot he is

Tofuu is the best

He click baits

16 PopularMMOs


17 Greenlegocats123

Cow isn't really the best Youtuber, but why him? His content is decent, unlike the others, but seriously, he mocks ODers too much, like seriously. I know they break the rules, but he has crossed the line. And also, ughhh, his fandom is like : if a guy has bhfbp or ice arms/supreme clothes/idfc that means he's an ODer. People need to know first the definition of a word... the humanity these days

This guy, he just complains about ODers too much. Second of all, PERSON WHO MADE THIS IS NOT AN ODER! She just doesn't like trolls... His fanbase is just really BAD. People have a bad day on roblox just because of his fanbase that bows and kisses a lego roblox youtuber greenlegocats123. The Oders will know how cringe it was.

Fanboys in the comments. oh lord... The fans are awful. Not just that but, He has been making up fake facts about True Colors and Alexnewtron. And all that Channel is some generic trolling and text to speech. Also, this oder exterminator thing is getting BAD. I know who put this on here (It was a good friend of mine) And she does not OD. She just does not like trolls. She already commented and yeah. Don’t say people are oders without knowing first. fans these days.

Okay,THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE HE'S ALLERGIC TO ODERS,also the person that put this IS NOT AN ODER! He's bad not just because he complains too much about oders,but he exploits and pretends he's the boss of the world,a video of him pretending to be a boss:Jailing players for fortnite dancing or something like that. I DON'T KNOW WHY PEOPLE EVEN LIKE HIM! But I can agree with him on the trash update videos,but that can't save the mess.

18 Gamer Chad

WHAT? He is a good youtuber! He actually doesn't clickbait!

19 Julius Cole

Just a dumb troll

He touched me

20 ItsFunneh

What's wrong with her voice? She speaks in a very weird manner

Shes an amazing person

I hate you itsfunneh

I LOVE itsfunneh suckers!

21 kazok

This guy must be depressed at scamming little kids and misleading people.

He needs to be higher than Flamingo and Greenlegocats123. This guy is literally a scammer.

I wish his channel got terminated.

22 Poke

Great guy, but he has to yell every time he does something... Guys lets eat a pineapple! GUYS I JUST ATE A PINAPPLE RIGHT NOW ITS YELLOW AND THERE IS A GREEN THING AT THE TOP...


Poke doesn't care about his fans MollyBasketRabbit is better than POKE the Joke!

The one who started the John Doe rumors.

His entire channel is full of clickbait, and his fanbase believes him, he also makes overpriced clothing,
just terminated him already, reminds me of someone, NicsterV.

23 GamingWithKev

This idiot should be number 1. He's a sneaky ninja who copies and pastes thumbnails onto his, but changing minor details and calling them hard work, not to mention his clickbaiting titles and his way around the YouTube algorithm.

He steals thumbnails and clickbaits so much. I honestly think he doesn't deserve to be in the Best Roblox YouTubers list.

The fact that he's on the thumbnail for the game Doomspire Brickbattle is so depressing.

24 Ant

Ant aka Creeperfarts sucks now. His channel is boring and he plays jailbreak for the views, he was exposed by Nathorix for giving out fake roblox gift cards. I recommend watching LandonRB because his content is better.

I watched him once and I almost threw up. I wonder what’s with all the click bait...

25 Roblox

Yeah that's the worst youtuber ever smh

Yes,he removed bacon hair,sue roblox

Wait what

Ah yes, my favorite You-Tuber ROBLOX

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