Top Ten Saddest Kit and Apprentice Deaths from Warriors


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1 Badgerkit


I feel like drowning brokenstar curse you!

I wish he wasn't born when Brokenstar was there. I HATE YOU BROKENSTAR!

Curse you Brokenstar! Badgerkit was so sweet! He would have made a great warrior, and he shouldn't have died! - Pebblepaw

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2 Mosskit Mosskit

RIP Mosskit! She deserved her name!

Please don't Jon

Poor Mosskit! I wish she'd survived. She's have been such a great warrior. Poor bluestar.

It was so sweet that Snowfur took care of Mosskit when she froze to death. I still wish she grew up with her littlermates - Pebblepaw

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3 Shrewpaw

Stupid Twolegs. He didn't deserve to die. - IcetailofWishClan

4 Hollykit

Starved to death. - IcetailofWishClan

5 Larchkit Larchkit

Are these the ones that the cat in shadow clan wasn't eating so the kits wer'nt getting enough milk - vulpux

Starved to death like her sister, Hollykit. - IcetailofWishClan

6 Swiftpaw Swiftpaw

For his determination, he was my favorite character. I keep thinking that if he did get his warrior name, it would have been Swiftfeather, therefor I make it my top oc. Take it and I will find you! - Swiftfeather

Would've made a fine warrior

This one effected me the most it’s so sad why swift paw

But who do like bright heart with more cloud tail or swift paw if he lived

Swiftpaw kinda walked into his own death, although I wished he wouldn't have died. - Pebblepaw

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7 Seedpaw

Seedpaw was so brave! I wished she lived - Pebblepaw

Poor Seed-paw! Trying to save Jay's stick! The least useless apprentice ever!

Why kill cats off for no reason? - IcetailofWishClan

8 Lynxkit

Weakness. He is Swiftpaw's brother. (It is revealed on the wiki.) - IcetailofWishClan

9 Snowkit Snowkit

Snowkit is an amazing cat, I just wished he lived to get his warrior/medicine cat name! It was so sad when he died, getting picked by a eagle! *shudders*

I cried it was so sad!

It would have been cool to see a deaf cat grow up.Snowkit shouldn't have died.Waa poor Snowkit

Oh my gosh, I can't believe I forgot him! Why, just why?! :( - IcetailofWishClan

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10 Emberkit

Why?! He was so young! - IcetailofWishClan

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? Crookedkit

"Crookedkit could've lived to be a nearly apprentice, STUPID BLACKCOUGH!

Ummm.. he lives on to be crookedstar - vulpux

The Contenders

11 Hopekit

Poor Hopekit.

One of Yellowfang's daughters, she died shortly after birth. - IcetailofWishClan

12 Gorsepaw

Poor darling, held down and murdered by Tigerstar as an example in front of his whole clan

I feel so bad for him! Its just awful! But the books are amazing

13 Wishkit

The poor darling! It really is unfair! She deserved a chance! Could have stopped Brokenstar! WAHHH!

Wishkit was Yellowfang's other daughter, and didn't even live to open her sweet little eyes. I would have voted for every kit and apprentice on this list, but I felt like Wishkit and Hopekit were the saddest.

14 Finchkit

Poor Finchkit! She died right after birth!

She never even got to open her eyes

15 Snipkit

Poor thing, always wanted to be a warrior but instead she drowned to death when her friends and family had to abandon their home. - SilverstreamSucks

16 Duskpaw
17 Startsatstarkit

Should've never died because of Starstarstar's game of "eat the crow-food"

18 Splashkit

It is sad, murdered by the leader of the clan that Spashkit came from. :(

19 Morning Whisker

I feel like Morning Whisker is easily forgotten... but I don't think she should have died.

She died of sickness,when they found out about the flower it was too late.So sad.I just read that part a few days ago.It was so sad,her mother couldn't even touch her! I cried at night.-Snowstorm of Riverclan

20 Tiny Branch

My baby Tiny Branch! And poor Skystar!

21 Fluttering Bird Fluttering Bird Fluttering Bird is a tiny brown she cat with sleek fur and yellow eyes. Her mother is Quiet Rain and her father is an unnamed cat. She died of starvation as a kit and is now in Starclan.

I love you fluttering bird I wish u didn't die ;(

22 Spottedpaw (SC)

I my gosh, why are there no more comments! He got murdered by WindClan when he had a whole life to lead! - Pebblepaw

23 Marigoldkit Marigoldkit

Why *cries* she die so young with her brother her nephew killed her (yes brokenstar is her nephew)

24 Mosspaw
25 Eaglekit
26 Larchkit (MV)

Mapleshade's kit who died of drowning, Mapleshade's Vengance was sad, but the death of her kits was downright depressing.

27 Patchkit (MV)
28 Tootsie

While she’s not a canon character, her and all of her friends’ deaths are just proof of how heartless Weasel and Snake were. Admittedly, she was much more interesting after her ghost became evil, but her death is still heartbreaking.

29 Morningkit
30 Swankit

The tabby kit mentioned in Forest of Secrets, died of unknown causes. - IcetailofWishClan

31 Molepaw (NP)
32 Wolfkit (Wolfheart)

Kit in Code of the Clans. - IcetailofWishClan

33 Runningkit (Runningstorm)
34 Smallkit (Smallstar)
35 Willowkit (CP)
36 Minnowkit (CP)
37 Mintkit (YS)
38 Volepaw
39 Marshpaw
40 Toothpaw

Died from going to the DENTIST!

41 Mousekit

Died by a mouse

42 Flowerkit

She was a tortise-shell kit who died of unknown causes in code of the clans

43 Blossomkit

Died because of stupid Brokenstar.SHE COULD HAVE BECOME A MEDICINE CAT! 😿

44 Happykit

Happykit died from unknown causes and was Pinenose´s son. He was unnamed at the time until the fandom decided on the name Happykit. R.I.P Young Catto

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