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1 When Crookedstar's Mom "Abandons" Crookedstar

I've loved Crookedstar since I read Crookedstar's Promise (it almost made me cry when Willowbreeze and 2 of his kits died) and I'm glad Rainflower died, shame on her!

I think this made me shed a tear...I also wanted to punch her in the face...and then make her into a loving mother that doesn't only care for looks but for the soul...that's the problem with some people these days people don't accept each other. At least Crookedstar had Oakheart's shoulder to lean on when he needed it!

This upsets me

So sad!

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2 Dovewing Being Born

The worse is that she's part of The Three - cassiabez

Hope she disappears in a later book

Why is this sad? I don't get it

Haha I laughed so hard when I saw this. But it’s true. This was the WORST warriors moment ever

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3 Mapleshade's Life Story

No matter what she did, her life is still sad

I agree! It's actually really sad,

She lived the saddest life ;-; - Emberflight_of_StormClan


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4 When Firestar Dies

He should not have died, I hate how whenever the story line gets dull, the author just takes another life from him to spice things up, his lives were just wasted away for entertainment while other leaders stayed in leadership much longer and lost lives much slower. Firestar is awesome and deserves a tenth life. - Songwind

Yes, this is pretty sad, but it makes sense. I'm not sniffling an whining over this because there was clear intent behind this.
Firestar was the main character from the beginning. We watched him grow and learn. We saw him defy stereotypes by showing even kittypets can be strong, he rooted out Tigerclaw's assassination plot, and in the end, he died defending the clan he built. It's a very tragic end for him, but I wouldn't want it any other way. If Firestar died before the great battle, it would've felt rushed and forced, as a way to have a new character take up leadership in their time of need. If he had died after, it wouldn't have the same emotional impact.
It's not just another casualty of war. It's the death of the main character, who we've followed for 24 books.

The beloved character since booked one ceases to exist.

Dis is so sad tear tear tear tear

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5 When Bluestar Gives Up Her Kits For The Sake Of ThunderClan

She saves ThunderClan, but gives up her own happiness for it.

Poor kits! I would feel horrible if my own mother gave up on me. -no offense Bluestar

Darn you Thistleclaw! - Aquastar_of_DewClan

The cold snow, the wind blowing endlessly! her poor kits shivering... Bluestar grieveing...

it alll hit me


The death when Mosskit she just wanted to go home! and after alll Bluestar went threw! Her familey dyeing! and she couldn't be with her mate! :{


Bluestar you went threw...
that can never be undoo...
but you befriend your own heart...
for your beloveled clan from the start...
you stayed strong and loyal...
your heart was boiled
with sadness
but in your our heart you loved your kits
poor Mossy...
you will have your lips glossy for joy
enjoy your wonderful life in starclan while you have it
We love you
By Hopestar

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6 When Feathertail Dies

She was the cat I cried the most for. Usually tears just stay in my eyes, but they were running down my face! I couldn't think about anything else at school.

You got to love the fact that Crowfeather named himself after her.

Only time I cried from the warriors series that didn't involve Bluestar

Poor Feathertail my favorite character they should've did FeatherxCrow

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7 Gray Wing's Death

Mates: Turtle Tail (Formerly), Slate
Daughter: Silver Stripe
Sons: White Tail, Black Ear
Mother: Quiet Rain
Brothers: Clear Sky, Jagged Peak
Sister: Fluttering Bird
Clan: Shadow Clan (Formerly), Wind Clan - CreamstripeOfButterClan

This was the only thing in Warriors that made me cry, except for Blue star dying. It was so sad! He had cats that felt like his kits, but when he actually has them, he only got to be with them for a moon! Clear Sky/Skystar does not deserve him as a brother, especially after everything he did to Thunder.

I cried my eyes out.

So sad - Danidragonite

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8 When Sandgorse, Tallstar's Father Dies

Sandgorse was a total jerk and abandoned his son because his son didn't want to be like him, if you ask me, he was just trying to take out his anger by rebelling and going into the tunnels that day. It was almost happy when he died for me, I was like 'that jerk is gone for good! YES' - Songwind

The last thing they did together was fight. If that's not a sad death, I don't know what is. - Emberflight_of_StormClan

Just the fact that Sandgorse never forgave Tallstar before he died.

Sheds one tear - Snippular

9 When Willowbreeze And Crookedstar's Kits Die Of Sickness

This is so horrible, Crookedstar has suffered so much just for his mate and kits to die. Then they kill Silverstream later, I mean what? Why? - Songwind

I'm shook, this scene made me tear up so badly during class I- - CatMote

This is so sad!

I think that Willowbreeze never gets enough of an honourable mention. She was sweet and completely selfless to Crookedstar and she truly loved him for who he was, she didn't care about his looks or whatever the other Clan cats thought. I think she was the real hero of his novella and her death was one of the saddest deaths of a she-cat in the whole series. :(

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10 Brightheart Being Mauled by Dogs

I hate the dogs for this, it made me even more of a cat person. Cloudtail's devotion to her is so cute though, because you think of him as an arrogant, ignorant young warrior until you see his soft side for Brightheart. - Songwind

I was SO sad! Brightheart was my favorite character! And then the stupid dogs come and ruin everything! :'(

Aah! I felt more scared than sad though. - CatMote

Brightheart was one of my favorites. - Smash64

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11 Yellowfang Dies in the ThunderClan Fire

Yellowfang, we will always remember you. You where amazing. Love, love, love.

Yellowfang was a great medicine cat WHY FIRE WHY?

SHhITT I cried so hard during this, especially when Firestar (Fireheart then) talked to her in her final moments, Yellowfang was like family to me. - CatMote

"So sad! Fireheart/star was like a son to her, and he must've been SO sad to lose her! Yellowfang is in my top 10 favorite warrior cats. ;D"

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12 Snowkit's death

I cried, it was so sad! I still get testy when I think about it too much

I cried harder here than I did any other moment, just because of Brackenfur trying to save him and chasing the hawk even after it was gone. so sad.

She was killed by a DUMb STUIPD HaWk I hate hawks now!

I cried so hard, Snowkit was my favorite kit tied with Whitekit (Whitestorm) - RedTheGremlin

13 When Crookedstar Talks To Silverstream For The First Time

He knows what its like to be abandoned so why does he abandon Silverstream?

#sad! But so cute, too

I feel so sad that he didn’t to her sooner

14 Snowfur's death

This made me cry so much! I felt so bad for Whitekit!

Snowfur...and Bluefur had to explain it all to Whitekit!

Snowfur was angry and wanted to be a warrior again, she should have stopped at the thunderpath, the Shadowclan cats had already fled back to their own territory and there was no need to run out on to the thunderpath. Bluefur's refusal to accept her death afterwards is absolutely heartbreaking. - Songwind

This was the saddest! She was my favorite! And I watched the youth video of her and I cried! Even reading the book! Poor Bluestar seeing her own sister get run over by a monster! Also Thistleclaw became bad after that! At least Snowfur is with her niece in StarClan which was Bluestar’s kit that froze to death and Snowfur is also with her mom! And her mom is with her daughter and granddaughter! So we can at least look at the bright side of things!

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15 When Cinderpelt Died

She should haved been a warrior

Cinderpelt is awesome it’s so sad how she dies
Go cinderheart


16 Jackdaw's Cry and Falling Feather kill each other

This was a breaking point for me...littermates killing each was very sad and when thye forgave each other in starclan that touched my heart too *sniffles* - CreamstripeOfButterClan

17 When Graystripe goes into Riverclan

I cried more at this than when Silverstream died.

I hate this, he should have stayed in Thunderclan and fought for the kits. He broke Fireheart's heart and caused himself a lot of grief too. - Songwind

This was so sad I cried so hard I said out loud no greystripe noo peas don't!

This was so sad,it should be number one!

18 Jayfeather leaves Half Moon

They should so have been a couple, they really loved each other and no one understands or knows about Jayfeather's pain and grief over having to leave half moon - Songwind

"I'll always for you Jay's Wing."

so sad

19 When Swiftpaw died and Brightheart was mauled.

Brightheart is one of my favorite characters and I think Swiftpaw would have made a good warrior if Bluestar didn't go crazy and he hadn't died. (I still would have wanted Cloudtail and Brightheart together though)

Swift paw is my fave (along with firestar and spotted fur) I cried so much, I personally don't like brightheart that much rn but it might change SO SAD ABOUT MAH BABY SWIFT PAW though - CreamstripeOfButterClan

20 Millie Being Cruel and Rude To Blossomfall

This part in the book angered me SO MUCH. Blossom fall is just an ordinary cat that wants her mother to notice her! YEs, I agree, Briarlight's injury is SO SAD. But shouldn't she pay attention to her other kit? It was all Millie's fault Blossomfal joined the Dark Forest! DIE MILLIE! SILVER STREAM WAS BETTER THAN YOU!

This one really hits home for me personally, I really felt bad for Blossomfall when I read that. - CatMote

OHMIGOD! I almost quit the warrior series after this. Blossomfall is a poor young she cat desperate for her mother to notice her. She went to the darkforest because of Millie! I cried when she was in the tunnels with Ivypool and she said that she hated herself for hating briarlight. How could you blame her for it?! Millie should stop being so unfair and open her eyes to see what an amazing daughter blossomfall is. Silverstream would never have done that if she lived!

This is so sad

21 Twigkit and Violetkit's first gathering when they get split up

I literally has tears coming, poor kits

This scene was the only scene I cried on. So sad.

I was CRYING when Twigkit and Violetkit spilt up,and I NEVER cry when I read books.Why is this not higher?!?!?!?

22 Bluestar naming Brightheart Lostface

I understand why she would name her this, it was Brighthearts Actions and desicion to attack the dogs with Swiftpaw, but still Bluestar don’t be the feline nameing cats for there actions

23 Hollyleaf's Real Death

This made me cry a lot because Hollyleaf was my ultimate favorite character. I loved reading parts with Hollyleaf in it for no reason and it made me cry when she died. Especially when she forgives Leafpool, that was very heart-touching. I had a feeling of melancholy when she died! You are my one true favorite cat in the whole Warriors series, Hollyleaf!

It's so sad when she forgives Leafpool. "I couldn't leave without getting to know my mother..." So sad! I think this was a well carried out scene, but depressing too.

Watch buy the stars

24 When Moonflower dies

I feel so sorry for Bluepaw and Snowpaw! They loved Moonflower so much!

So sad! Poop Bluepaw (Star) and Snowpaw (Fur)

25 Badgerfang's Death

I almost cried at this.. Badgerfang should've still been a kit in the nursery.

I cried two times! This is 100% saddest warriors moment EVER!
It’s sooo underestimated

26 When Mistyfeather loses Scarkit and Riverkit, having only two kits left.
27 Cinderpelt getting hit by a Monster

So sad! It breaks my heart thinking of The warrior she could have been.

So sad! I almost cried!

28 Mosskit's death

This is probably one of the ONLY deaths that made me cry, in ANY book. - DragonFire1o

Stupid Erin! I LOVE 💘Mosskit!
I was reading in class, then I started crying silently but my eyes were not blood shot.
I wanted to Erin in the BUTT SO HARD THAT SHE CRIED! I do like her, but she can be SOOO difficult! 1st, she likes snow fur, then moss kit?! Come on!
Splashstar of AquaClan

29 When Rusty tells Smudge that he's leaving to become a Clan cat

Wasn’t THAT sad for me. BUT! I sorta wish that Smudge came with FireStar to the clans. I wanna see what type of warrior he would be,and what his name would be also.

30 When Snowfur Dies and Bluefur Has to Tell Whitekit About It

That was so sad. A kit shouldn't have to go through that D:

One of the only times I cried while reading Warriors. I was just heartbroken while I read this scene 😭

31 Palebird (In General)

Nobody knows what her problem is, but she has one big problem.

32 When Raggedstar Kills His Own Father And You Find Out He Was Also The Father Of Red

Poor Red. She must have been devastated.

33 The Badger Attack
34 Stick (Red's Father) Killing Red
35 Mapleshade's Story.

The only time I cried in all of Warriors.

She had such a nice life then it was ruined by Appledusk and so many other cats. I cried so much wah

36 Turtle Tail's Death

One of the only deaths I've cried over...I loved turtle tail so much - CreamstripeOfButterClan

37 Snowkit Snowkit
38 Dark Forest Battle
39 Birdflight and kits joining ThunderClan when Cloudstar left
40 The clans leaving the forest when it's destroyed

This too oml - CatMote

41 When Gray Stripe is Taken by Twolegs

I cryed so hard!

42 Hollyleaf Sacrifices Herself for Ivypool

//ugly crying - CatMote

43 When you find out Yellowfang was Brokenstar's mother, then kills him.

It was so sad to find out she was holding back from her kin, then to tell him right before he dies.

44 When Sandgorse and Tallpaw(star) argues after almost drowning in the tunnel
45 Stonefur's death
46 When Hollyleaf gives up her life for Sandstorm to be with Firestar

Wasn't that Spottedleaf? - DragonFire1o

I felt so heartbroken when one of my favorite cats left the stars ;-;

47 When Needletail Dies

Not really, Needletail was a traitorous, disrespectful little thing. - Songwind

So sad honestly

48 When Bluestar Goes Insane

It's really deppressing when you remember how happy and king she was. It leaves you thinking, “ Damn! Things really went south! ”

49 When Rusty Leaves Smudge to Join the Clan Cats

I felt upset at this part; I hate leaving familiar places that I love. - RedTheGremlin

50 When Yellowfang dies in ThunderClan camp

I literally felt a wave of sadness when I read that she died. I wanted to yell at Erin for that! She may have had a sharp tongue, but she has a really sad life! I mean, have YOU ever had to lie to your family when U start dating someone that you aren't allowed to!?
Then, she had to LIE to her CLAN! Come on! Did you ever think of it that way!? What I mean, is that she was abandoned to go and die by... BY HER OWN SON! I LOVE Yellowfang! I am sorry if u felt like I was telling at u. I am just trying make a point.
-Splashstar of AquaClan

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