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1 Lionel Messi Lionel Messi Lionel Andrés "Leo" Messi is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Barcelona. He is also known as one of the greatest football players of all time. He was born in Rosario, Argentina on June 24th, 1987.

He is best player in the world of all time, He is best player in the planet of all time, He is best player in the milky way galaxy of all time and now He is best player in the solar system of all time. I know that Ronaldo is tough competitive for Messi but you can't see his goals record his best dribbling skills no one plays like him Lionel Messi is pure play natural and Ronaldo artificial and cheated skills from Ronaldo Jr of Brazil. So, no one can says Ronaldo is better if you can say give reason behind it. Messi is getting in his form now in 2017. Ronaldo is liked by girls by his face not when he is playing that's why Ronaldo is in top

In Galaxy no one know anything about all of galaxy Maybe there is Aliens - LordOmar

Ronaldo has won more this year but Messi has topped the charts so far and is demonstrating why he's the best through goals, assists and fantastic play.

Messi is the best player either won the match or not nobody can play like him he is the best player on the planet goal is not only matter how many pass and kicks skill should have to count not like ronaldo waiting for ball to make goal Messi is best for everything God bleeds you Messi!

No comments, just Leo Messi..

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2 Neymar Neymar Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, commonly known as Neymar or Neymar Jr., is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays for Spanish club FC Barcelona and the Brazil national team as a forward or winger, and is also the captain of the national team. more.

Neymar has lead Brazil to the Rio Olympic final and ended up winning gold! He was the first Brazilian to ever lead Brazil to the final and then win gold! Neymar has scored the quickest Olympic goal in history in just 14 seconds after the game started. Neymar scored an amazing free-kick against Germany in the Finals! If it wasn't for Neymar's free-kick, they would've got silver. Maybe Neymar preformed better in Rio than Messi in Barca, but maybe. But he deserves to get 2nd or 1st. Messi deserves 2nd or 1st too. Ronaldo deserves 6th, Neymar, Zlatan, Suarez, Messi, and Bale were better.

Come on lets face it, Ronaldo is getting old and so is Messi. Whose left? Neymar

Neymar has been the best winger in Europe, his rating was an 8.66.

Rinaldo is

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3 Luis Suarez Luis Suarez Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Barcelona and the Uruguay national team as a striker.

He is the best striker in the world he is aggressive and smart with the ball and scoring is just a game to him

He is the best sticker

He convert opportunity into goal

This guy is useless

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4 Gareth Bale Gareth Bale Gareth Frank Bale is a Welsh professional footballer who plays as a winger for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Wales national team.

Apart from being a great all round footballer with an amazing turn of pace... after almost every goal he scores, what does he do? He turns & points to the player who assisted his goal. He rarely rushes to the cameramen. The gentleman of football.

I like gareth bale because he is the one have any strategy to goal and help the friend

Bale is fast but he is good and he is better than neymar but neymar love pass to messi and he is always under messi's shadows that why but bale is getting red cards that why but his better than neymar, Suarez and ronaldo

He should be number 1 he is the fastest futbol player

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5 Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, GOIH is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team.

I think cristiano ronaldo is better than messi he should be the first

Come on we all know that messi is better but at least ronaldo deserves to be at 2

Cristiano ronaldo is the best football player in the world so he should be on the first position

Ronaldo is the best idiot

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6 Antoine Griezmann Antoine Griezmann

He scored seven goals in eight matches

I honestly think he's better than Bale and Lewandowski. Do you guys agree with me?

The footballer with holden boots gained and according to me he has golden leg

He is best player and has the coolest celebration

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7 Robert Lewandowski Robert Lewandowski Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer who plays as a striker for German club Bayern Munich, and captains the Poland national team.

5 goals in 9 minutes

Goal machine. No doubt best striker

Robert Lewandowski is the best striker

The best.

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8 Harry Kane Harry Kane Harry Edward Kane is an English professional footballer who plays as a forward for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the England national team.

He is probably the one of the best strikers in the world

Your kidden he's not that good he should at least be no.12/11

HK has scored just about every kind of goal in every type of scenario. He's not the ball-handler as others on this list; but, he puts balls in the goal better than anyone else over the last two years. Teams have to account for him as much as anyone else.

Slow striker but deadly

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9 Eden Hazard Eden Hazard Eden Michael Hazard is a Belgian professional footballer who plays for Chelsea and the Belgium national team.

You the best hazard in the premier League with out a doubt this season

He's just the best player in the premier league

This player is better than ronaldo that is why zidane wants to sign him

The best indeed

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10 Sergio Agüero Sergio Agüero Sergio Leonel "Kun" Agüero is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a striker for English club Manchester City and the Argentina national team.

Go city sane and gabriel jesus will be here soon aguero is the best striker in th world though

He sucks so I voted for him.

Scoring machine

LEGEND-and good hairline

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11 Zlatan Ibrahimović Zlatan Ibrahimović Zlatan Ibrahimović is a Swedish professional footballer who plays for an English club Manchester United and the Sweden national team for which he is captain.

Zlatan has scored over 50 goals he should be in the top six he is way better than Gareth bale and he does all this without to many good players around him unlike messi and Ronaldo they both have fantastic players around them

Deserves to be too 10

Horrible placement should be 3!

Zlatan is to much. To good better than Bale.Agreed

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12 Alexis Sánchez

He's good player, but he's also good for his team

Really quick bursts help him score awesome goals and many of them. Just achieved the record of most international goals by a Chilean. Bale hasn't even been that good recently and most of Harry Kane's goals were luck

The best player for arsenal nowadays

My favorite soccer player is Alexis Sanchez because he has great skills and he is really good at left wing

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13 Thomas Muller Thomas Muller Thomas Müller is a German professional footballer who plays for Bayern Munich and the Germany national team.

Muller is best he had score more goals than maradona at end moment he score for his teams

One of the best in the whole world he can play in any position, he is a midfielder and a striker!

One of the best players in the world

Best Player in the world

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14 Paul Pogba Paul Pogba Paul Labile Pogba is a French professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and the France national team.

He The best at everything and he is fresh he looks sick and he is just beast!.

Pogba is meant to be higher than this like who is better bale

Pogba should be ranked higher than this

He souls be in top 10

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15 Mesut Özil Mesut Özil

I love you mesut that's all I can say

One of the best midfielders in the world without a doubt

He is the king of assists

I love Mesut ozil

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16 Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos García is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Real Madrid and the Spain national football team.

Sergio Ramos is the best defender

Blocks shots and he's the best defender

He's been at the top of his game for years an irreplaceable defender for any club and should at least make top 10 if not it's a mistake

So cool!

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17 Gianluigi Buffon Gianluigi Buffon Gianluigi "Gigi" Buffon is an Italian professional goalkeeper who plays for and captains both Serie A club Juventus and the Italian national team.

He should be at least number 10

Best keeper in the world

Buffon is the best keeper that's ever lived

Best ever!

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18 Marcus Rashford

He does not deserve 16 place he should not even be in the top 50 in the world

All round great young talent

He is the future in soccer

He should be number one for sure

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19 Manuel Neuer Manuel Neuer Manuel Peter Neuer is a German professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for Bayern Munich and the Germany national team.

He is superhuman

He is the best keeper of all times

He is the best goalkeeper that ever existed in the world.

Greatest stopper in the world, that is after De gea.

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20 David de Gea David de Gea David de Gea Quintana is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for English club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

I think de Gea should be 2nd and Neuer should be first because I think he is a better goal keeper then him

He is the best!

He is the best keeper in world currently and deserve to be ahead Neuer

David De Gea is good, but Manuel Neuer is way better than him. Neuer is unbeatable. Neuer 1st and De Gea 2nd.

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