Best Female Soccer (Football) Players of All Time

The Top Ten
1 Marta Vieira da Silva

I can understand Abby Wambach and Mia Hamm being ahead of her but I still disagree but Lieke Martens really I have no idea why she would be ahead of Marta.

2 Mia Hamm

She is definitely awesome one of the best team players she plays great with others and has good sportsmanship

3 Abby Wambach
4 Lieke Martens
5 Michelle Akers
6 Birgit Prinz
7 Vivianne Miedema
8 Christine Sinclair
9 Homare Sawa
10 Sun Wen
The Contenders
11 Hope Solo
12 Alex Morgan

How is the legendary #13 in 11th place? I think she's better than Mia Hamm. Don't think I'm not still mad at you for ditching Orlando for France!

13 Ada Hegerberg
14 Pernille Harder
15 Dzsenifer Marozsan
16 Sydney Leroux
17 Nadine Angerer
18 Fridolina Rolfö
19 Carli Lloyd
20 Dzsenifer Marozsán
21 Hedvig Lindahl
22 Lily Parr
23 Patrizia Panico
24 Anastassia Morkovkina
25 Cristiane Rozeira
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