Best Streaming Services of 2019

The Top Ten Best Streaming Services of 2019

1 Netflix

It's fine, but it lacks acquired content. There are far better streaming services.

I hate Netflix nowadays. The selection is horrible, Netflix is packed with crappy originals, and I find it overrated

The origini and by far the most recognisable. now just to "netflix and chill"

It's great, it has plenty of movies and series to keep us busy.

2 Hulu

Probably the best streaming service after Netflix. Might even be better in some ways.

My favorite, as of now.

My favorite. The most variety is here.

3 YouTube TV

No, it sucks. There's not many channels and it often lags and glitches.

4 Amazon Prime Video

I don't like Amazon. The way you have to pay for everything separately is annoying.

5 WWE Network

Kinda frustrating to use, but at least all the content I wanna watch is on there.

I don't care for wrestling.

6 HBO Now

Nice movie selection.

7 fuboTV
8 Sling TV
9 Funimation Now

This should be a good place for anime.

10 Disney+

Second best after Hulu. I just wish they had Disney's entire library.

Oh god this has to be number 1

The Contenders

11 Crunchy Roll

Also good for anime.

12 Sony PlayStation Vue

It's decent. 8/10. I wish they added Nickelodeon. - CrypticMemory

13 Tubi TV

It's the only place where I can watch Spliced. - Rainbowkid38

14 Viaplay
15 Shudder
16 AnimeLab
17 Jump!
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