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241 Lucci - One Piece

He killed 500 people with his fingers. I find that impressive

He killed 500 people with his finger imagine what he will do in a fight

Ehhh sorry Goku can destroy a whole universe with just a few exchanges of fists

242 Funny Valentine

JOJO PART 7 SPOILERS: His stand D4C can bring versions of himself from alternate universes that gain the abilities and memories of the current version, meaning, if he somehow gets injured, he can just make a new copy without injuries, this ability is also a great weapon, he can do the same with his enemies, but when they come into contact a paradox forms and both get obliterated out of existence.
Oh, and he only has good luck.

243 Kosuke Ueki (Law of Ueki)
244 Hyper Shadic

It is the strongest ever seen in sonic franchise it is a combination of hyper sonic and hyper shadow,he can destroy Goku in one minute.

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245 Zetsu - Naruto Zetsu - Naruto

He tricked the great Madara Uchiha and killed him.
He was may be not the strongest but he lived for centuries and released Kuguya.
He was smart and skilled even without any chakra he gave the Mizukage a great challenge and still lived.

246 Satan (Bastard)

One of the most powerful characters in all of anime - Meccacyberstatus

247 Reinhard (Re Zero)

Ok ok, re zero is not a popular anime, but Reinhard may just be the strongest anime character ever. There's Goku, Saitama, Naruto and Sasuke, whatever, but this guy is just... *deep breath*

In re zero, there is this thing called 'blessings', a normal person would be lucky to have just one, but Reinhard has THIRTY SEVEN. The two most prominent being first attack immunity and preceding attack immunity. That means, he cannot be hit.

So fighters like Goku and Saitama cannot lay a hand on him. Try killing someone you can't touch. - ilar9118

248 Zen Wistalia (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)
249 Nepgear
250 Gemini Saga (Saint Seiya)

Strongest of the Gold Saints, Saga can repel and trap others in Another Dimension, can break the five senses of others, can control enemies' minds and manipulate them) with his Genro Mao Ken (but if someone dies in front of them it disappears), and his Galaxian Explosion, which basically is a supernova of a bunch of planets and such, can easily wipe you off the Earth. - SailorSedna

251 Shaft
252 Teresa
253 Marshall D. Teach

For me black beard is the strongest of all anime because he can manipulate the gravity. he can create a black hole on the ground that can absorb everything. he can absorb someone's attack. he can also nullify other powers.
Black beard is so great because he just control his powers in just 2 years unlike others they learn their power after how many years. he did not need help in using powers and trained him.

He's power is to manipulate the gravity for me he is the strongest of all the characters in the history of anime. he can nullify someones powers and absord it. when he fights goku, goku will die using his black hole.

254 Uchiha Obito

Obito no joke should be in the top 15-top20

Yah he should be top 20

He should be in the top ten

Top 15 or 20

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255 Cosmos

From xenosaga the animation she can destroy almost all enemy force space ships or monster

256 Nova
257 Choushin
258 Clow Reed

Supreme Power, Reality Warping, Time Distortion, Omnipotent Wishes, Dimensional Collapse and Creation, Instantaneous Warping, Infinite Energy, Can Only Die by a Wish from himself

259 BlackStar BlackStar

This boy is so wired and crazy I don't really know what to say about him other than how he is funny and really strong and most of the time stupid. No affiance Black Star. LOL

He's like... a better version of Naruto. And isn't super emo about the loss of his clan like Sasuke.

Black star is awesome he is the last asain in his clan

260 Tatsuya Shiba

Mastery of combat magic? Check. Seeing attacks before they are activated? Check. Regenerative properties? Check. 10800 degree flips? HELL YES.

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