Lucy Heartfilia

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Lucy Heartfilia is a wizard in the guild, Fairy Tail. Her magic is called celestial spirit magic which allows her to summon spirits from another world. She currently possesses fifteen celestial keys, which is an extraordinary number for a celestial mage. She gets along best with Team Natsu, containing more.


Lucy is strong and she is the only celestial wizard powerful enough to summon the celestial king more than once, and with her strong bonds with all her spirits she can constantly become stronger unlike the celestial mages she does not just hide behind her spirits and use but she fights with them instead of cowering in the background and she the only celestial wizard that has 10 golden keys and also celestial magic is kind of rare since not every body has the golden keys

Lucy is actually pretty strong now. Lots of people think she's weak because she depends on the keys for her magic, but that's because it's holder magic. You know, Erza's magic is holder magic too, but no one judges her for that. They only criticize Lucy. Also, she's been able to fight at least decently in quite a few battles such as the one against the puppeteer girl, it wasn't the best, but she won. She also defeated Angel from Oracion Seis and protected Natsu in the process. And Yukino, another celestial mage, respected her abilities and even offered her the keys for summoning Libra and Pisces. I think she's weak either because of her past, she's still pretty scared of fighting, and/or she doesn't think she can. I mean, when she was battling Tartaros to make sure her dad was safe she wiped out their entire guild. She can also do things no other celestial mages she is strong.

She was pretty weak near the beginning of the series, but you can see how much she has matured since then. She's still not the strongest, of course, but she's at least the top ten for females in the guild. As for her personality, the superficial, naive girl you take her for at first glance is actually very caring and kind. But her personality is still trumped by Erza. However, as for personality, she's maybe the 3rd or 4th strongest in the guild.

Aquarius and Loke are very strong so I guess Lucy is too. Because if she's weak Aquarius and Loke will too. Afterall the strength of the celestial spirit depends on her magical ability. Lucy summoned all of her celestial spirits and was able to open 2 & 3 gates at the same time (Aquarius, Loke, Virgo) and she was able to summon Celestial Spirit King

She might even be the strongest celestial mage

Lucy or do you mean Loke/Leo? Lucy shouldn't even be on this list... Every opponent she's faced on her own (which were all mostly weak compared to what her friends face) she's had a ton of troubling battling them when any other mage on this list could easily defeat them. In fact, I think even Wendy could beat her. Literally, she has to be rescued like 90% of the time.

At first, I do think that Lucy is not that strong. The magic of her keys doesn't have any sense sometimes. I was wondering why she is always in the travel of natsu, gray and erza. But, I know her magical keys depends on how she use it and how strong her magic is.

I feel like Lucy will probably become the same level as Erza one day ahe has a long way to go but still I really want Lucy to take some combat lessons from Erza or another magic so that she will become even stronger plus in the manga she is related to the dragons passing threw time stuff and I know she will have a huge part to play in defeating Zeref and like get super powerful or maybe get the celestial king stardress that would be cool and plus we all know that Lucy's biggest strength is how smart she can be in a fight!

She's definitely not the strongest, but I'd say she's maybe around Juvia's level (when Juvia isn't serious, since that one time when Juvia confronted Meredy she was way stronger than Lucy) or Bisca's. So she's probably top ten strongest females in the guild. But see how much she has improved since the beginning! She used to be really weak but now she's somewhat strong. The strongest Celestial Mage, although there's barely any of those even existing, so that doesn't really mean much

How the hell is she even on here. An innocent bystander would wipe the floor with Lucy lmfao. She isn't even top 20 in the guild let alone top 10, I swear some people are unreal.

Lucy is 10 times stronger than both Wendy and Juvia combined, yes here spirits fight for her but they have to use her magic power to do so, so basically Lucy is the one fighting, she fought 2 demons and managed to survive and let alone summoning 3 at once therefore using more than 50% of her magic power, and being able to summon the celestial spirit king, she deserves to be at number 10, check my list, it's way more accurate than this one completely, Lucy is most probably at Mira's level of strength, she gets upset at both happy and sad times, but her, Gray, Erza and Natsu's lives have been living hells, so cut the crap about here being "Weak." She's stronger than you thin kiddo. - Rowanasaurus_Rex

Lucy can summon 10 celestial spirits without breaking a sweat (as seen in the grand magic games arc), summoning 2 celestial spirits will kill a normal celestial wizard

I really don't think lucy should be so high up the list. She doesn't deserve to be in this list at all. If you really take into considerate that she doesn't has any fighting abilities and is the one who always needs protection and has to summon different spirits to fight for her, you will understand my point.
Com, on guys, what does it mean that she is on the 7th position and gray is 9th. This really sucks. Obiously, gray is stronger than her.

Lucy shouldn't be above ZEREF, MAVIS, JUVIA, WENDY AND MAKAROV she is so much weaker than them. I don't know why she was put here it's wrong.

Many people think that Lucy is weak but I think that Lucy is stronger. Her power of celestial spirits is just awesome.

Why is she even here. She should be below 15. where is Makarov the guild master? Has lucy became stronger than the guild master? - Lamia

Well you got it all wrong as a celestial spirit user it depends on the celestial spirit mage power to summon lucy can summon 2-3 celestial spirit so shes strong not like karen lilica try to summon a 2 and spirit when leo stay on the human world for a month and she summon all the spirit with yukino when the eclipse happen so who's the weak you all who comment wrong on lucy.

She can open all of her spirit gates when she tried to save Loke...NO ONE COULD EVER DONE THAT!

Lucy isn't strong... She can open many spirit gates at the same time but almost all the other characters have done much, much impressive stuff.

I think lucy is a really caring girl who can get strong if her friends are in trouble. Though she is not very strong every time but at times she saves natsu too.

I choose lucy because she is so cute and pretty and can summon instantly the celestial spirit

Juvia and Lucy are equal in power

She is just super cool and plus she has all her star dress now so she might get a celestial spirit king star dress and make her super powerful. other than that she is just a wonderful and sexy character

Lucy was weak and useless at the beginning but a s the series unfolds she becomes stronger for example in the manga she has control of her star dress powers this was shown in the movie dragon cry

Yeah I think that this is the perfect spot for Lucy because of how she can call all her spirits and she also kicks but without her spirits to with her wip the blonde beast

She's stronger than Juvia Lockser now that she has the gate king.

She's got Virgo. Don't mess with her

Why is she on this list Juvia is way stronger physically and emotionally - UrFullbuster