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41 Tracy

Hey, this is my mom's name! At least it's not super high!

I depends if this is for a girl or a guy

Sound stupid

That's my nan's name. :3

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42 TaNiyah

What kind stupid name is this It should be in the top ten at least. Who ever made this name up is a complete moron

Sounds a bit ghetto to me. I wouldn't name my baby this.

I could barely read it

I have a best friend named that and I personally think it's beattiful

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43 Cumquott

That is not qualified to be a name

Is this a star wars character?

That is not a name at all!

I love this name

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44 Sean

Who names your kid "Sean" when that sounds like "Sean" rather than "Shawn." this is just stupid.

My classmates friend is this name, lol

Fudge you all that's jackseptic eyes name!

That's Jacksepticeyes name!

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45 Rose-anna

Fat lady ruined it for everyone I think she is gonna die from choking on a sandwich laugh out loud

I like this name

You have a

Butt and your ugly you keep

This is an ok name

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46 La-a

La-a unless someone is saying la-a? who the heck would name their kids this.

You pronounce the dash

What kind of name is La-a? Unless a oversizd goat is screaming I don't wanna hear it! Lolz

It's supposed to be pronounced ladasha. The dash isn't silent. I've heard about this one before.

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47 Tred

When you can't decide between Ted and Fred... - NicholasYellow

? I don't understand why people would name their kids Tred

This is hilarious but so not funny at the same time


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48 Zachery

Hell no, this name is really cool. If I was a guy I'd love to make this my name. It's Hebrew for 'remembered by God'. - TwilightKitsune

There is an annoying kid I know named zach

Zachery Gordon is a famous actor.

That's my friends Rylie guy friend name

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49 Poo-Bum

What?! It's just Poo-Bum! Poo comes out of your bum?! If you're not on drugs and you named your kid this, that's concerning.

What the fudge!? Poo-Bum? SERIOUSLY POO COMES OUT OF YOUR BUM. The person who named him/her is on drugs!

This is an absolutely hilarious name I want to meet someone called "POOP-BUM"


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50 Stupid

That's just unfortunate if you are called stupid

'Stupid, come up to the front office' -Person

I think it explains itself

This is sad

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51 Ronaldo

He's a good player

Ronaldo is the worst name because he is retarted

52 Cornelius

This is a really good fake name on any school project

I don't even know anyone with this name, I mean seriously... Cornelius? That's an old British mans name or something

In my class, there's some annoying girl with the last name cornelius

That's Chevy Chase's real name. - Drewman1211

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53 Callum

So Calum hood is the bassist for the punk/rock band 5 seconds of summer and we love them so this is a load of rubbish this list is stupid and potentially offensive

I happen to be a callum and I find this comment exactly right

I really like this name it shouldn't be on the list, my best friends name is Callum and it's a cool name

Suck some cock

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54 Jack

I love this name, I would name my kids that

Hey that's my brothers friend name and don't make fun of jack and jack. Or jacks gap

It's a good name

So stupid - Iamdaschel

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55 Mohammad

That's messed up the name is fine

Um excuse me? Mohammad is fine.

Who the hell put this here?!

Terrorist name

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56 Fred

Guys come on show Fred some love. I mean he is the hottest member of the Scooby Doo crew.

This is a nice name.

Fred is not weird

that vine.

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57 D'Brickashaw

UM EXCUSE ME This is my name, and my grandfather's name. Are you insulting my family? How dare you. Really. My jimmies sure are rustled right now.

Wow, that's awful. Why would there parents curse them with such a dumb name?

See this list is offending people

Yas #tumblr

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58 Neveah

Okay, to all of the people who like this atrocity of a name, look it up, from what I've heard the only results you get are from adult-film sites! who wants their daughter to be associated with pornography? I certainly wouldn't.

This is my middle name and I love it! - Catwhelma

Heaven spelled backwards? How is this in any way original or witty? Most white trash name I've ever heard...

Dumb name m8

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59 Hunter

Sexy name I would do it.

Huh? Hunter Rowland

It is the best name

The name was awful to me at first. I heard it a lot and got use to it, but it kind of makes Fisher,loafer, trapper, and digger OK for people who want to cause their children to be bullied, and have a miserable childhood.

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60 Dwight

Dwight is an amazing name


Anybody named Dwight is an IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT (Get the reference? )

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