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21 Naga Chaitanya

Super lovely boy handsome looks mind blowing performance we just cannot imagine other as a lover boy after seeing him

He started his career with josh which is a very good film and further 100% love most entertaining film and his talent shows that he is one of the most promising upcoming hero.

He May Need Some To Establish Him Self.
He Trying To Show Coparisons To His Grandfather
And His Father KING Nagarjuna.
He Is Doing Various Types Of Characters.

He Is The Perfect Person To Replace His Father's Position As Tollywood KING.

Drastic improvements in acting
And really stylish

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22 Ram Pothineni

He is a awesome star... Choclate boy.. Energetic star... King of girls hearts.. Best dancer and actor... He is simply superb

He is simply superb and hansome and best actor comparing to other like ram charan tej, allu arjun and he has a beautiful smile which impresses all girls all the best energetic star.

He is simply super even look is much better than ram charan, allu Arjun... Energetic dancer

Hi Ram Garu you are my favourite hero

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23 Suriya Suriya Saravanan Sivakumar, better known by his stage name Suriya, is an Indian film actor, producer and television presenter, who is currently working in the Tamil film industry.

He is the awesome hero in the film industry. No body can beat him in his performance. He is one of the handsome hero in film industry. Iam proud to be his fan. Surya rocz..!

Suriya is a very talented actor in south india and his performance in films are really fabolous

He is so stylish and ccool. I think he is the best after nagarjuna

He should wants to be in first position

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24 Gopichand

He is super hero in tollywood. He is movies are excellent. He is decent and smooth in tollywood heroes. He is punch dialogues so smooth and all hero best in gopichand gopichand movies 13 like 4 blockbuster movies 3 hit movies 4 average movies 2 flops. He is hit percentage is 80%. He is the number 1 of the tollywood hero. He is the special in tollywood. Blockbuster are yagnam, ranam, lakshyam, sowrayam. Hits are andhrudu, okkadunadu, golimar. Average movies are ontari, shankam, wanted, mogudu. Flops are raraju and tholivalapu. His movies are excellent and beautiful. He is the first movie in tollywood. Gopichand full name is totemudigopichand. He is studied in Russia. He is father is a director. One brother also their. He is a assistant director. And one sister also their he is a dentist. He is no interest in acting. He is father accident will be died. Gopichand come to some visa problems. And his brother also died. Some problems also their. His coming to tollywood industry. He is ...more

He is a special hero in tollywood heros he is number 1 hero in tollywood industry iam like gopichand he is smart and disent and he is the successful hero in telugu industry he is a very special hero film of god in gopichand

His action is great. Has a good height, cool &

Gopichand is a grate hero

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25 Brahmanandam

No comedy. Without brahmi

He is very better... Sory best than pawan kalyan, chiranjeevi, mahesh babu, venkatesh etc

He is a big jaffa

Super actor

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26 Siddharth

His acting was words less. No one can compare with him with his performance...

He is a top actor. Very versatile

He deserves a ranking in the top 10 of south Indian actors

His acting is bad

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27 Nandamuri Balakrishna

Very good hero of masses

No one can't deliver dialogues like him

At every time he his king only

28 Rajendra Prasad

Great all rounder actor

This is super actor of all movies

Ever green actor forever commode I like his film ladies tailor started film
His combination of vamsi director, in telugu film, he is only and only telugu film famous hero of this decade, in 20 century,

Thanking you brother

Dr, rajendra prasad


Versatile actor gold medalist in acting... No one better performer than him...

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29 Akhil

Hand some hero! good dancer

Akhil is a great dancer and film industry prince

He is a brilliant actor

"superb hero and top hero of the future very hansome

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30 Manoj Manchu

One n only Rocking Star who dares to do experimental Movies... Many heroes are there in tollywood, but the only hero with brilliant action. Manchu Manoj so

He is the real hero. He is a versatile hero... Action stunts

The only star in tollywood doing variety of movies and making his own stunts and also a good lyric writer... Has the ability to rock the screens with his energetic action...


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31 Vijay Vijay

The next door boyish look is his power and he is the closet to millions of film lovers

You are the first in tamil and also become first in telugu

Vijay Tamil super star

Remake hero!

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32 Rajnikanth

He is my favourite hero. I like his style so much

He is the true superstar of Indian cenima his style is superb any body can't do his style in a dream also he is the true superstar

He is my favourite hero.

Rajni the kabali the

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33 Sharwanand

The way he chooses stories those are unique not cut and paste ones like others so he can named as unique star

He is the super star to future

His acting is very natural...

Very good actor

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34 Nikhil

Anchor and little star

He is a most handome goy

He s handsome and dashing


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35 Yuvasamrat Nagarjuna

He is always a perfect king in Indian history. Proud to be a fan of king. We wont fight for records

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36 Allari Naresh

Hi I like your acting naresh


Hi is very tellented actor

He was a great actor

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37 Prakash Raj

He is acting is too good in camera man gangato rambabu ane is the emperor of all south film industries I requested him to do more films than now

Has been able to fulfill needs of legendary villains like pran, amrish puri, amjhad khan.and the only villain who is loved more than hero in the film

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38 Krishnam Raju

Tap hero

Real rebal

39 Sunil

Mostly talented person in telugu

I wish sunil in top 15 heros

Sunil is telagu star

best actor

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40 Manoj Bajpai V 1 Comment
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