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1 Are You a Boy or Girl?

If someone's gender isn't revealed on his/her profile s/he probably won't tell you even if you ask.

I get so annoyed when people think I am a male! It happens sometimes on other websites.

Attack helicopter mixed with vodka bottle and sega dreamcast.

2 Are You a Fan of the Big City, Medium City, Small Town or Country?

None, Urban areas make me feel awful. Planning to live on a city I can already guarantee it's going to be a terrible experience and not worth it. I'd rather live on the countryside that's how I lived most of my life anyway.

I love the big cities! When we went to Chicago on a vacation, I was never more amazed! I remember looking outside and seeing all these beautiful lights at night! I still remember that like it was yesterday.

Probably big cities. IRL, I live in an average-sized city, although I have been to plenty of big cities. (New York City, Tampa Bay, Louisville, Nashville, Detroit, Cincinatti, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis)

3 How Did You Come Across TheTopTens?

I discovered this site back in 2020 after a disagreement with my parent. I went on google and looked up "worst things about parents," one of the first things to pop up was a list called "Reasons to hate your parents" which happened to be a list from TTT, so I clicked on it. Then, I spent most of my time here as a visitor and got addicted. I made an account a month later. After having it for almost a full year, I lost interest and deleted it. Time skip to late 2023, I came back and made a new account.

I searched for "best countries to live in" back in October 2013 and TTT seached up in my results. I was like "what is TTT?" at first. By January 2014 I got interested by this site a lot because there were hundred thousands lists and got used to it every time I felt like voting things.

4 Which of Your Lists Are You Most Proud Of?

There are three certain lists that I'm most proud of.
Top 10 Obscure Progressive Rock Bands was my first list to truly explore the depths of prog, and I consider it to be one of my highest quality lists to date. Top 10 Progressive Rock Albums of the 2010s was another great one, particularly because I've found modern prog to be heavily expanded, so I could really explore different sub-genres here. Finally, Top 10 Eclectic Prog Bands, mostly because it was my first Featured list. However, what I like most about it is that I could once again explore more obscure groups in this underrated part of prog.

That title would probably go to "Top 10 Hilarious Misheard Anime Lyrics". Zach808 actually told me how much it made him laugh, and the fact that it took me so long to come up with the idea makes it worthy of me being proud.

Another list I am proud of is "Best Ways to Describe Different Anime in Four Words". That was an extremely fun list to make, and I really hope you guys enjoy it as well.

5 Are You into Sports?

Yup. Skateboarding is my favorite and I'm a pro at it, I love BMX riding and (don't judge) Wrestling al though it's very rare for me to win a match without darting on the opponent.

No. My school was very football-centric, and I always felt out of place. If you like it, that's okay; it's just not my bag.

Not really. I watch hockey sometimes and there's a few sports I like doing, but I'm not a crazy sports fan.

6 Are You a Potato?

Yes, I am most certainly a potato, in fact, I am literally in the store waiting to be bought right now. People do terrible things to me, you know.

The item confirmed my assumption that this site is full of creatures with no trace of grey matter left inside their head.

For some reason, I hate the "obsession" with potatoes all of a sudden. Really, what is it about them?

7 What Do You Like Most About TheTopTens?

Messaging and music recommendations. When I first came here, I was mostly interested in the latter. That's how I discovered metal music and I haven't looked back since. Then I started messaging people here and realized there were a lot of people here just like me. It was nice to finally talk to all of them

The community has lots of good people. But just like every other website/fandom, it has it's fair share of duds but most people here are respectful and seem nice.

The ability for users to share our opinions by making our own lists and commenting on other people's. This separates this website from all the others.

8 Which Member of the Site Do You Admire Most?

I got to put my Vote on Powell because he would make very smart comments on list even if the list are very weird, or is it just his profile picture, no matter what it is he is my favourite user.

None!...None of them possess the admirable quality. I will start appreciating though, if they tone down their level of ego (mainly because of their stats, achievements & point score). Yes, Discrimination happens because of the level of points, that decides here whether you'll be received with courtesy or not. Basically, you're treated similar to how people of a lower caste are treated in rural areas if you haven't got enough points, popularity, thousands HQ lists, 10000 HQ Posts,...Anyone who tries to convince me otherwise please don't make the stupid attempt, I'm not wearing a blindfold here in this site, I'm observing every single thing here every single day with utter intent.

Note: Admin, please stop.deleting my comments, you erased almost 50% of my comments without consent. Whats the use of this community, where you are allowed only to say nice things all the time and sugarcoat it to death, and the only honest opinions that I give on this site have no value at all.

Apart from Britgirl and some anonymous members, Fuadmondeo's lists are also interesting. I don't forget that, because of him I got to know The Seatbelts! I like also Westofohio's lists. He made some lists that I didn't expect that I would find here. I like that. There are a lot of members in TheTopTens, many lists that I haven't viewed yet. Anyway, for me, all people who have a good will and send their lists with love and hope in their hearts are the best.

Of course an honorable mention to admin: thank you for creating our favorite site on the web. But my vote goes to PositronWildHawk. He's very bright and creative enough to have over 500 lists - one in each category. Even customer services and objective lists! He loves everyone here and although he is in no way underrated, I needed to mention him as the most inspirational user of the site.

9 Which of Your Own Lists, If Any, Do You Think Deserves More Attention?

I have found myself caught up in list topics that are generally not popular with others around me, so I suppose the majority of my more recent lists. If any, Top 10 Obscure Progressive Rock Bands is one I'm incredibly proud of, and I hope it's a start to getting more people into the great world of prog.

As this is my second account (abandoned my old account because I couldn't stand the username), I know it'll take a while for my lists to truly grow. I think "Educational Kid Show Cliches" could get a little more attention.
EDIT: Actually, Top 10 Worst Things About Survivor.

Most Progressive Avenged Sevenfold Songs. No one sees them as a progressive band, and they don't belong to the progressive genre. Yet they have some songs which exemplify progressive rock that I don't want people to look past.

Worst IGN lists, only because it's severely overlooked for awhile we had some members who like video games some read IGN and they are known for making the worst lists ever cause they draw from a hat.

10 Are You a Virgin?

Yeah. Even if I did have a partner when I'm older, nothing related to that ever appealed to me. I'm planning on staying a virgin throughout the rest of my life. Sorry if I got weird or too personal in this comment...

Yeah, I am. I don't have plans on getting a mate, either. I'm more fond of living by myself. Just me, my house, a dog maybe, and I can do what I want without the hassles of romantic relationship or kids... especially kids.

Let's see here. I am generally a nuisance to be around and look average at best. So, don't be surprised when the answer is a resounding yes.

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11 Are You an Optimist or a Pessimist?

I used to be edgy and consider myself a pessimist, but now I definitely consider myself a realist.

I'd say it's a 50/50 split between the two, but if I had to choose one, I'd say I'm more pessimistic.

50/50, but I slightly lean more on the pessimistic side. I have become more pessimistic this year

I'm a realist, but I lean towards optimistic.

12 How Did You Create Your Username?

I got into hating on Modern SpongeBob around the time I first came here, and when I came upon TeenTitansGoSucks, I was inspired to make my username simply by naming it "ModernSpongeBobSucks" since I hated Modern SpongeBob like how TeenTitansGoSucks hated Teen Titans Go!. Though to be honest, I kind of regret making this username since I felt like I could have made a better one like EpicGilgamesh, which is actually the same username of my second backup account.

My username's origins are set in a different world. One where a kingdom populated by humans coexists quite harmoniously with one of dragons. The name that I use comes from the queen of the dragons, Cyri. Her personality is similar to mine, and we both do a form of art. Other similarities:

I don't get cold easily. She has cryokinetic abilities, and therefore doesn't get cold.
We both have a brother. (Even though hers is dead.)

Dark: Doesn't represent anything. I put it there just to match my "Storm" part of username. Well, I can be a "semi-dark" person sometimes...
Storm: Took it from the band name Alestorm. Represents my love for Pirate Metal
Phoenix: Represents my love for mythology
Moth: Represents my love for animals

My name comes from a small urban town called Hazel Park, and I looked at that like wait there is an old hidden message I'm not aware of, and when I decided to make the name, and the historical part, and turn it into a somewhat cool sounding name in ht-outlaws which I ironically put the year I joined the site.

13 Can We Be Friends?

Sure, just lemme get my Netflix and ice cream and we can be cringe masters together.

If we get along well and can understand and respect each other, why not?

If you like the same hobbies and video games as me, then sure.

Sure. Let's go to the movies for absolutely no reason at all!

14 What Is Your Favourite List by Somebody Else On the Site?

I guess the Top Ten Hardest Working Inspiring Users of TheTopTens isn't too bad, since that is the list you want to get high on, and not Top 10 Users of TheTopTens.

Top Ten Female Singers of All Time by hayreanmarjon, probably I was astonished to see decent singers in the top 10 of the list, but only 8 of them excluding Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Worst type of people in school...I thought people will hate me if I say anything that's against popular girls,instead there's LOADS of people who also hate popular girls.

15 Can I Use the Bathroom?

Heck no you can't go the bathroom, you know where you can go? The crap to sleep. I bet a lot of people won't get this reference.

What kind of question is that? Of course I can. Whenever I have to, unless I'm at school of course...

What bathroom? You're gonna have to be more specific with which bathroom you're referring to.

16 Do You Like Rap Music?

It depends. If talking about the ones with the drugs and nonsensical lyrics that make people forget what rap is really about, no. If it's got a deep meaning and story behind it, then yes. And yes, I like rap-rock and rap-metal too.

I like some rap as long as it's inspirationial or hard. Rap artists I don't mind: Rage Against the Machine, Eminem, Mike Shinoda, Styles of Beyond and Fort Minor.

Talented and meaningful rap is good, but rap where some guy sings about smoking weed and having sex while having twerking girls in the background sucks.

Kind of. It's too vocal oriented for me, there's not a whole lot of instrumentals and I don't like that.

17 Do You Hate Any Users?

With this being a public site, hating on a user isn't like hating on PewDiePie. Here you must be careful what you say, because it could affect you in the future, so please everyone, do not make the mistake I made and make fun of another user for their mistakes. I'm not going to ever call out a user and say I don't like them again.
If you do, on the other hand, dislike specific users, please feel free to keep it to yourself, or express your concern with the user via private messaging. Thank you.

Not at all. I'm someone who can see some sort of good in just about anyone, especially on an internet site. I maybe find some displeasure towards certain users, but for things that I think they cpshould improve on. I am not at all vengeful against anyone here. Vengeance and malice against users creates disruption in this site and results in disorder. It would be nice to see some users here have a little more respect towards the people they don't like, even if that means not communicating with them at all.

I used to, but then I changed my mind. I don't hate anyone, or anything. There's good in everyone, and I think people should focus on the positive rather than the negative. It makes a much happier life when you are kind and have positive feelings towards others.

Honestly only one... Not really hate, but I do think thos person can be pretty rude... I'm of course not going to mention who, but this person messaged me and got really upset at me over a comment I wrote... Not a necessarily offensive one, and I saw no reason to get really worked up over it...

18 Best New Blog Series?

''The Delightfully Depraved TopTens Killing Game'' I feel like this one of those other new ones will shine the brightest of them all.

What are the requirements for "new? " I quite liked reading the fourth episode of "10 Waterparks" or something.

The one I'm making is soon its called Arielle Top Tens, it's where I take lists and rank them what I think.

That Boy 6ix Reviews. It's so new that there isn't any episodes yet.

19 How Is Your Physical Appearance?

A weird blonde teen? I'm quite tall and I have hair to just below my shoulders. I usually wear my nose ring and a fedora, a leather jacket, band shirts and black stuff . My eyes are a brownish greenish grey, I think I've taken the grey eyes from my nans, the green is a cross of my parents eyes, brown and blue. I have a round face, a small nose and shirt lips. I have long - ish fingers like my Nan, and normal sized arms. My skin is a normal white, not too pale, but not too...uhh, not pale? . I have long legs too. I'm double jointed in a few places. I wear studded high boots and I have a nose stud and ring, I like wearing my black ring and my silver stud. I want tattoos on my arms, but I'm too young at the moment, I usually wear black, round shades and leather gloves too. I wear trainer socks a lot even though I usually don't wear trainers. I mostly wear my hair up but only because my mum ( mom in America ) insists on it. She dislikes me growing my hair, which I dislike. I hope I can grow my hair so I can headbang better .

Now you know a bit more about me

20 Who's Your Favorite TopTenner?

I'm not too sure but I would probably go with ModernSpongeBobSucks. He has a lot of traits about himself that I can relate to, even though he's 3 years younger than me. I also like how he's so passionate in his comments and posts even though some people may not agree with them.

B0S5J4M3S is my favorite toptenner. He always supports me and messages me a lot. He's always commenting on my lists and posts, giving me a lot of recognition (more than what I deserve)

It's hard to pinpoint one single user that stands out the most to me.
I'd say it's between 2storm, Metal_Treasure, Misfire, and htoutlaws2012.

21 Which of Your Own Lists, If Any, Do You Regret Publishing?

I guess top ten reasons why Nintendo should make a legend of Zelda movie, some of those items were already fails in the past (hearing link talk) and also just because they are like lord of the rings characters doesn't mean they will be played by those actors.
And also, a live action Zelda show is likely being made so there is not much of a point to this list.

Top 10 Countries Ranked Highest On the Press Freedom Index. This was actually a factual list and people who were commenting on the list were bashing other countries for no reason, and one guy even bashed me for using Wikipedia as a source. I know Wikipedia is not the best source to use but the article had good sources and backup so I that's why I used it.

Worst things about the list of Reasons Why Hitler is Better than Justin Bieber. First of all, it was a cover-up list, and second, I realized that I could just defend an unpopular opinion. I found legit reasons why Hitler is better, and I've already made a post concertning the topic, which was explained better than the original list.

"Top 10 Well Known Movies With Terrible Acting" I kinda rushed this list, and if I could I would've deleted it by now. It's not my worst list, but it's not my best list either. It's one of those lists were I just don't know what to say about it.

22 Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
23 Candy or Ice Cream?

Depends on what type of candy we're talking about. If we're talking about those Vanilla Fruit Chews, then candy wins. Otherwise, Ice Cream is my favorite.

Mostly depends on what I want to eat. Sometimes I'll have candy, sometimes I'll have ice cream.

Usually candy (aka sweets here in England) though it depends on what I'm in the mood for.

24 Do You Think The Idea of Heavy Metal Being the Devil's Music is Absurd?

Yes, because most of the metal music is about social and personal problems, and history.
Extreme metal music is scarier but this is just the musical equivalent of horror movies, movies about vampires and ghosts, crime dramas, and so on. Anything dark or scary. People watch such movies on a regular basis and like them but nobody thinks these are Devil's movies.

Yes absolutely. Most traditional metal bands and thrash metal like Metallica don't even write songs about satan. Only a few black metal bands and very few death metal bands do. Venom who started the satanic scene aren't even satanic lol, they just wanted to scare people just like Black Sabbath. Do research before you call metal bands satanic and take a look at the lyrics. Most metal songs are about war, history and philosophy

Indeed I do. Most metal actually has nothing to do with Satan, and Dave Mustaine is a devoted Christian, Bruce Dickinson is Catholic, etc. People will listen to what the media says and never bother to actually give metal a chance, which is absolutely ridiculous.

25 Do You Drive?

I don't drive but the creatures here try to drive me nuts everyday; I don't heed them at all. They are wasting their fuel.

I wish that I could. It would make life much easier. Just one more year...

Yes, in video games. No, in real life, but I will drive in less than a year.

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