Top 10 Things People Shouldn't Be Embarrassed to Do On TheTopTens

These are some things many users are hesitant to do but shouldn't be!
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1 Express their opinions

I am definitely one who is not afraid to voice my opinion. I really don't care if anyone is rude to me about it either. Their opinion is their opinion, it simply doesn't matter to me.

As long as your opinions are respectable by being willing to defend them, JUST DO IT!

Yeah, you should be comfortable to share any opinion you want.

I'm never afraid to give my honest opinion about something.

2 Add themselves to the best users list

I'll admit...I was the one who added myself but I didn't do it immediately cause I waited for someone to add me and notice me and...hey wasn't that the other way round?

I do this on other user ranking lists. I wondered why everyone complained about it, though.

I didn't add myself to the list, someone else did. I felt like it would be better.

I made a fan account for myself to do that, the bad old days.

3 Message a random user they like

You do not realize how many times I used to this when I could still message people...

I'm usually the first one to message people. Nobody really messages me first.

It's a way to make friends! (Though a lot of the time, people message me first).

I don't think I'll be able to do this. Why? I just don't know!

4 Be the first to comment on a list

I don't always do this, but if I do, I comment on at least 80% of the items on the list.

5 Post a review
6 Argue with another user

Never be afraid to debate and state your opinion assertively!

A disagreement always helps you agree at the end.

7 Take a break

That's why I take too long to make a single blog post.

8 Add a new item

Every time I see the add item option...
I always put John Cena...
too afraid to put anything else..

9 List your favorite users

I don't really want to act like some sort of an elitist so I'd rather put them on a remix of a user ranking list.

I put a lot of users I like on my page, but there are so many that I didn't name.

10 Comment on every item on a list

I do that sometimes.

I love commenting!

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11 Remix a list without giving comments as to why their remix is what it is

I don't really like this. I may be guilty of doing this, though I hope I've made up for it in explanations through blogs.

12 Swear and curse

No one's embarrassed about cursing on here. But people are annoyed that it isn't allowed on here. That seems to be the general complaint from my knowledge.

13 Put negative comments on positive lists and vice versa

Remember that you can state an opinion as long as you can defend it!

14 Say lol if someone writes something stupid
15 Make random lists
16 Take criticism
17 Make posts more than 500 words
18 Comment/add something without an account
19 Be Themselves
BAdd New Item