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221 Thirst V 2 Comments
222 More Flora and Fauna

This would be like smaller animals like different kinds of birds and squirrels (forrest animals), and more kinds of trees (different kinds of fruit) like orange trees or banana plants for jungles, as well as bushes with different kinds of berries and nuts and maybe even seeds from sunflowers! It would just add variety and make the world seem ore natural and wild.

223 Chairs and Furniture
224 More Realistic Rails (Upside Down, etc)

This would be awesome!

225 Art Extensions for Banners

Maybe customizeable armor and more banner designs...?

I mean ya, you can dye leather armor, but what if you could give armor the original designs of banners?

New banner design examples:

Current Banner plus Sapling and dye=tree design of that color.

Current Banner plus fireball and dye=fireball design of that color.

Current Banner with pattern




With B where the banner might be, O being a square filled in with dye, X empty square gives a spiral pattern in the dye color.

226 Snow Fortress
227 Bigger Doors

You know when you make that big building and have to put a very small door on it,

Maybe make it so they can't be opened without redstone?

228 Better and Bigger Boats

It drives me nuts going around the huge ocean in that little tub they give us,

So why not let us make a bigger and better boat with a sailing boat or something and I don't mean just pick it out the inventory and plop it down into water make it so we have to go through a process of building to get it,

I still think the small boat is good too 4 waterways and rivers and stuff like that.

I know right I'm just sailing around in my bathtub

229 More Animals

I'm not saying to go all out like lions and tigers and bears (oh my,) but maybe some sea animals like fish and sea turtles, and more land animals, ( what's up for debate what animals for land)

But make it so only certain animals can be found in certain biomes and they have certain drops.

And more pets please more pets!

All animals please! Must be added in 1.12

230 More NPC's

This isn't a item, but Minecraft would have more people besides you and human squidwards.

Maybe even bigger towns and cities to with them.

231 More Dungeons
232 Snow Villages V 1 Comment
233 Orchards

You could have bananas, oranges, berries, and more bananas

234 Dwarf Animals

It would be funny to little midget animals running around lol

235 Animal Care

Make it more realistic by actually having to feed your pets, water them to, and animals sleep it would add to gameplay

236 Villager Jobs

The blacksmith could actually be working as a blacksmith and the priest could make the villagers get married, and farmers could farm animals as well

Wait so you go to the village and the farmers are just running around murdering any animal in sight

No silly that would be a hunters job

237 Furniture

More medieval furniture because Minecraft isn't modern and it would be weird

238 Dishes

Right now we are eating cake with our hands and gobbling meat up like wolves

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239 Pictures

Could make scrapbooks and take SELFIES and pictures with friends

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240 Instruments V 2 Comments
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