Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft


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261 Orchards

You could have bananas, oranges, berries, and more bananas

262 Dwarf Animals

It would be funny to little midget animals running around lol

263 Animal Care

Make it more realistic by actually having to feed your pets, water them to, and animals sleep it would add to gameplay

264 Villager Jobs

The blacksmith could actually be working as a blacksmith and the priest could make the villagers get married, and farmers could farm animals as well

Wait so you go to the village and the farmers are just running around murdering any animal in sight

No silly that would be a hunters job

265 Furniture

More medieval furniture because Minecraft isn't modern and it would be weird

266 Dishes

Right now we are eating cake with our hands and gobbling meat up like wolves

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267 Pictures

Could make scrapbooks and take SELFIES and pictures with friends

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269 Better Animations

When swimming it would look like swimming instead of flopping across the water and flying would look like superman

Colored explosion animations instead of stupid white rings

270 Narwhals

Yes the game needs more water mobs

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271 Watering Can

A secondary tool that speeds up plant growth, eliminates fire on ground or when you're caught on fire. Has a certain durability and just add water to refill it. Also, when the lava source block is destroyed, using the watering can will speed up the time it takes for the lava to stop flowing.

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272 Rubies V 2 Comments
273 Greek Villages
274 Wizards

They can be like witches only the look different and live in a very small castle

275 Cyclopes
276 More Food

Yes. Or at least complete the foods that are already in the game. Like making a sandwich out of bread and meat! And for the love of God add edible eggs.

277 Trains

Yes I want metro - MChkflaguard_Yt

A way to travel on tracks. Moving loads of miterials and animals.

We have 4 kinds of rail and we have a minecart, dummy!

There are already minecarts with chests and you can put animals in minecarts

278 More Evil Mobs

Barney I would sugest him so on creative I could spawn him and punch him to DEATH

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279 Pandas
280 Pirates

Moving ships that you could walk on and they senselessly attack any other pirate ship on sight and bury their treasure on vulnerable islands with An X to show everyone where their treasure is and they never go back and get it ever again

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