Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft


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281 White Enderman
282 Female Villagers

This would be great, I think a tailor villager should be female.

This would be a good idea to go alongside the kids so you don't only find the big nosed,grumpy old npc's

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283 Friendly Witches That You Can Trade With

No you can already trade with villagers so why would you add something almost the same as something else in the game

Yes instead of, hello there, OW WHAT THE F WAS THAT FOR

284 Crossbows
285 Giant Birds You Can Ride
286 Crawling

You could be able to move through holes that are one block high.

Perfect for ventilation robbers

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287 An Ore That Spawns In the End

Nether has an ore, the overworld has an ore, why not the end?

288 Skyscrapers

No I love modern old fashioned and sometime futuristic and fantasy but mostly realistic, all together in perfect harmony

You could have a safe time in the skyscrapers

It's too modern. Minecraft is old-fashioned.

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289 Cavemen

Oh no not the annoying cavemen! - MChkflaguard_Yt

290 Raccoons

Neutral mob, but hostile in light levels 9 and below. When they are neutral, they attack nearby bats and when hostile, they chase the player, dealing 4 damage and on hard mode, poison the player (They have rabies) - Goatworlds

291 Rabies
292 Dirt Boat V 1 Comment
293 Chinese Dragon
294 Bedrock Armor

You know it's the future dumb ass!

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295 China Egg
296 Monkey
297 Baby V 1 Comment
298 Bedrock Pickaxe
299 Bedrock Golem
300 Astronaut Gear/ Armor
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