Top 10 Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft

Vote for the things that should be added in a Minecraft update! (Note: This includes mobs, blocks, items, and features).

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1 Dragons

Dragons = awesome. And don't even get me started on obsidian tools. For Pete's sake, lava is MORE COMMON than diamond, but you need diamond to get obsidian, so it would have to be better and worse than diamond simultaneously...

It would be fun to be able to tame the ender dragon. Also, am I the only one who thinks mining caps should be added? Minecraft is about mining, so why not! Not only they can protect your head, they can provide light too!

Nothing says "DIE! " better than flying dragons trying to murder you. Doesn't have to be in the Overworld, maybe in another dimension? Also, riding a dragon is the definition of awesome.

And you can ride on it, Especially don't forget the ender dragon

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2 Fish Mobs

You know that there are fish in the water, right?

I want to be able to have an aquarium without one eye fish shooting me every time I pass by it

We need something in the water besides squids... - Daxflame

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3 Obsidian Tools

It would be so much easier for the people who actually deserves it (people who took effort in to making it ; )

Obsidian tools actually exist, so why not add them in Minecraft? - Daxflame

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4 Redstone Pulse Block

When activated: Pulse on. Pulse off. Pulse on. Pulse off. Get the idea? - Daxflame

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5 Grappling Hook

Aseptically when it comes to jungle trees and very weird mountains

It'd have to have a range limit, but think about the possibilities! - Daxflame

6 Piranhas Piranhas

We need some sort of threat that hides in the jungle rivers. Makes getting raw fish much easier, too. - Daxflame

It would make the game way more interesting

7 Thirst Level

Makes minecraft more realistic and more Use of waterbottles!

8 Guns
9 Assassins
10 Golden Golems

You guys do know it's GOLD, butter is something you spread and budder is a drug

Iron golems are getting pretty boring right now. MoJang needs to add some budder golems in the game!
Yes, I said BUDDER.

It would be cool if they followed you around and you could enchant them and give the xp since budder is the most enchantable ore in Minecraft. and yes I'm in the sky army so what?

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11 Search Bar For Your Worlds
12 Airplane

Airplanes in minecraft wold be so cool I don't have to walk all over the place I can fly

13 Boat Engines
14 Crossbow
15 Dinosaurs

I would love this! They should add a time machine or portal or something in Minecraft. - thelegendaries101

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16 Sea Dungeons

They are adding Ocean Monuments in 1.8 but all you really get is a bunch of gold and a great survival challenge (Water breathing potions are heavily recommended, along with good armor and weaponry because of the mobs at guard the place)

Oceans are pretty much useless at the moment... Can't we add something to make exploration more interesting? - Daxflame

17 "Poison" Sword Enchantment

There are fire swords, so why not poison? - Daxflame

It could be an enchantment for a sword!

18 Rope
19 Poop V 4 Comments
20 More Animals (Birds, Mob Fishes, Snakes, ect)
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2. Assassins
3. Airplane
1. Dragons
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1. Thirst Level
2. Search Bar For Your Worlds
3. Fish Mobs



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