Top 10 Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft

Vote for the things that should be added in a Minecraft update! (Note: This includes mobs, blocks, items, and features).

The Top Ten Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft

1 Dragons

Omg yass! And their could be like castles and stuff or big caves that have dragons in them that have like gold and cool stuff inside.

They really should add some type of tamable dragon. After all, we have the ender dragon egg, but it's completely useless right now. What's even the point of beating the game if you don't even get anything worthwhile?

We can hatch dragon eggs so there shouldn't be more to this ender dragon

Dragons = awesome. And don't even get me started on obsidian tools. For Pete's sake, lava is MORE COMMON than diamond, but you need diamond to get obsidian, so it would have to be better and worse than diamond simultaneously...

2 Fish Mobs

They are already added however I think sharks could be an awesome edition to minecraft

Now that they had that update the ocean looks so much more lively

I want to be able to have an aquarium without one eye fish shooting me every time I pass by it

You know that there are fish in the water, right?

3 Obsidian Tools

They could do more damage for swords and be more powerful and the armor would look cool and be more durable

I bet if there was obsidian tools and armour it would be super strong.

You should be able to craft bedrock from obsidian/cobble/stone and a bed and make weapons and armor from it

Yes, or more materials. To get iron takes minutes. That means you pretty much strive to get one more thing, diamonds. Too easy. Be like Terraria, like 20 upgrades to get. Awesome.

4 Grappling Hook

That would be so cool. You could swing all around your world

I think that would be the greatest thing ever!
Like a easy way to escape mobs!

So want one of these things

Hookshot laugh out loud

5 Redstone Pulse Block

When activated: Pulse on. Pulse off. Pulse on. Pulse off. Get the idea?

6 Sea Dungeons

They are adding Ocean Monuments in 1.8 but all you really get is a bunch of gold and a great survival challenge (Water breathing potions are heavily recommended, along with good armor and weaponry because of the mobs at guard the place)

They are already going to add them in 1.8 along with the guardians and the elder guardians. Go look at the forums or the wiki for once

Oceans are pretty much useless at the moment... Can't we add something to make exploration more interesting?

They are adding one in 1.8

7 Piranhas A piranha or piraรฑa, a member of family Characidae in order Characiformes, is a freshwater fish that inhabits South American rivers, floodplains, lakes and reservoirs.

We need some sort of threat that hides in the jungle rivers. Makes getting raw fish much easier, too.

It would make the game way more interesting

Just Another Water Hostile Mob Would Be Nice

Be careful of them.

8 More Animals (Birds, Mob Fishes, Snakes, ect)

I'm not saying to go all out like lions and tigers and bears (oh my,) but maybe some sea animals like fish and sea turtles, and more land animals, ( what's up for debate what animals for land)

But make it so only certain animals can be found in certain biomes and they have certain drops.

And more pets please more pets!

Yeah. They should also add bears and dinosaurs

This would help the game feel so much more alive.

All animals please! Must be added in 1.12

9 Vehicles

The only reason why I hate minecraft. I prefer Grand Theft Auto over minecraft. Minecraft was supposed to be awesome.. but they never added vehicles or guns or any sort of technology to craft, which resulted in many geeks/nerds to not play this game. Yeah only childrens play this kid friendly game.

I think cars would ruin the feel of Minecraft. Besides we have horses.

This is so awesome it almost shouldn't be invented because id stay in side al day and I wouldn't go to work

If would be cool if they added like wagons, gliders, or the boats (not the airships) from Archimedes ships mod but anything more than that would seem out of place in the old fashioned style of Minecraft and make traveling way to easy. It would be cool but that's more of a mod thing.

10 Guns

No, no, NO guns are the worst thing to be added to Minecraft, Minecraft should not ever EVER have guns. it's a sandbox game, not some mindless shooting game where all you do is run around and shoot things.

Yes, guns would be cool, Minecraft does NOT have a prehistoric theme, or else why would there be crossbows? I know, crossbows were made way back in time, but those times are "historic" if you know what I mean

No no the game is for CHILDREN they have already banned fortnite in some places please not Minecraft!

No, this will not happen because Minecraft is NOT Call of Duty and in general it wouldn't fit the prehistoric theme of the game.

The Contenders

11 Ancient Cities In Certain Biomes

They is a lot of incentive to explore, but I won't complain if there is even more.

There should be collapsed houses with villagers that will offer you quests, like curing zombie villagers and stuff

Like maybe a mix between jungle temples and village ruins with a lot of traps!

Yes, I think it would be really cool, with spiders and spider webs and zombie villager that wear ancient clothing...

12 Golden Golems

and bedrock golem and wood golem and emerald golem and obsidian golem and redstone golem and diamond golem and coal golem.

Not Only Golden Ones, We Could Have Redstone Golem, Emerald Golem, Diamond Golem, Wood Golem, Or Maybe More...

You guys do know it's GOLD, butter is something you spread and budder is a drug

Hits harder than the iron ones!

13 Birds (Besides Chickens)

There are only 2 birds in minecraft (parrots and chickens)

Maybe they should add birds like pigeons, kingfishers, doves, owls, penguins, ducks etc. It would make the skies feel less barren and more to life.

Forests are very boring. We need robins, bluebirds, hummingbirds,ostriches, and all those types of birds to reduce the boringness level of forests,which is at boringness level... 7. Boringness level 7 is SO boring. The forests only purpose is for getting wood, but why not add more purpose, like taming birds and just RELAXING. I've been playing for like 2 years, and I'm already bored. Also, I don't use mods, so... JUST ADD THE BIRDS IN AN UPDATE CALLED THE BIRDS UPDATE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

If they add birds to Minecraft, it would be much more exciting to play. The Minecraft woods are pretty boring (they have no animals other than pigs... how realistic is that? ) They have no plants other than some flowers and trees, and the trees are short and somewhat boring. There should be more plants like brambles and berries. I think there should definitely be birds. I don't care what kind of birds and from what place around the world- to me as long as there are birds I would be really happy. If they are a mix of birds from different continents that would otherwise never be seen near each other, I would still not mind. Warblers from the Americas, weavers from Africa, Bowerbirds from Australia- doesn't matter. Birds would add song to the forests and something interesting to do in the snow. Deserts could have ostriches and roadrunners. Jungles could have even more parrots and hummingbirds. Oak forests could have owls and thrushes. Oceans should have gulls and frigatebirds and plovers ...more

Thank you for thinking of this! My cousin and I always talk about how awesome it would be to see something like ducks, Robins, Blue jays, etc. Especially without having to see it by paying for special Mods and having to deal with the hassle of the whole situation.

They have parrots, and they're adding phantoms which attack you if you haven't slept for 3 days in Minecraft

14 A Thirst Level

That be cool they added that and you always had a bottle to drink water out of or use milk from cows

Should be optional - like maybe exclusively for hardcore or a toggle to turn it on and off.

It would be great you could craft a canteen out of leather and then drink it it would add realism because without food you can last at least 1 month

That would be great, I'm sick of just looking at my food level, they should be realistic and make a thirst level too

15 Kids

This be cool, then if they were in the 2 schools I made I could pretend their students and pretend the villagers are teachers, and be cool if you could teach them to do stuff and villagers could do the same

Wow great idea! They should really put kids in minecraft, instead of having a animal as a pet may as well have a kid!

It would NOT like this, I would just get out my TNT and blow them up (:<

It would be awesome! Like, you could have your own kids and take care of them. You could even talk and do things with them!

16 Boats with Chests


I have a world where I have begun exploring another continent. I reach it over the sea and have to ship supplies to and fro sometimes.

I think this would be good if you are traveling over water long distances..Although if you have a full inventory, then you wouldn't be able to take the stuff out of the chest until you get some room.

This would be so useful if you were moving away from your current home or bringing building supply. They should also add iron boats that can't crash!

17 Search Bar For Your Worlds

YES, if we had this then it would be much easier for the people who have vast amounts of worlds

For minecraft players that have a lot of worlds for different things should have a search bar that comes up or some sort of "Ctrl + F" feature to search for your worlds. Also with filters such as searching worlds that has no cheats or worlds that are in creative mode.

18 Poop

That's just gross

Are you joking?

Why add poo in minecraft

Yes! And toilets

19 "Poison" Sword Enchantment

There are fire swords, so why not poison?

It could be an enchantment for a sword!

20 Emerald Tools and Armour

Yeah and like armor with super strong swords and pickaxes that could mine bedrock and obsidian

Being the rarest ore, it needs more uses

I know but if they added it just for currency why not diamonds or gold for currency ๐Ÿ˜–

I would choose this. I've been wanting this for 2 Years Already! Obsidian would be nice, too!

It's a good idea they have little use to them and its very rare

Well since its rare they should have crafting recipes not just currency its not right ๐Ÿ˜

21 Snow Temples

There is ocean temples why not taiga or snow temple

Sounds cool and would add more to the snow biome

You could probably find diamonds, snow balls, and the snow block.

What is a snow temple, I want it to be a place with fish tanks with sharks

22 NPC Generated Castles

Please let the NPCs yell Monty Python quotes from atop their walls.

This would be awesome 100% agree

23 Shelves

Being able to see your items on the wall would be great!

Well you can use upside down slabs and item frames to create a shelf... But shelves would be easier, and less recourses to make...

Another form of storage!

It would be great to store supplies that you worked very hard to get

24 More Mammals

Sharks are not mammals

Sharks, u can ride them, the lions can be pets and u can make them guards, OOHH and tigers can be found in jungles they would be huge animals!

I don't like the idea of adding mods if they have no purpose but sharks would make the ocean more interesting and lion/tigers ( not both because they would just be re-skins of each other) could just be mobs that are always hostile (although it would suck to spawn next to them at the begging of a game).

That would be awesome! It would make it more interesting, Lions and Tigers are a great idea, since all we have now are just pigs, ocelots, wolves, cows etc.

25 Acid

Kill the mobs

26 Rucksack

Gives you a little storage boost

You could craft them out of string and wool!

Should have a smaller inventory than a chest.

A wearable chest basically

27 Turtles

They are so cute and maybe we could use their shells for armor...

Its actually being added, Turtles and Turtle helmet, its on the beta

There is turtle armor in Hexxit from the Technic Launcher which is pretty cool. Maybe turtle armor would be a more balanced version of obsidian armor, better defense than diamond but makes you a little slower. I think it should also be from a boss mob. Just imagine a giant turtle king with tons of tiny turtle warriors scurrying toward you in an enormous swampy cave.

Already here #Aqua update

Yeah they are cool and you can opt in shells from them and use it as armour!

28 Plains

That was the first terrain ever, stop trolling.

We already have plains, they're called Savannah, and they're the same thing.

Their already I plains

Do Planes, that will be better than cars!

29 Another Water Mob

A giant squid like a Kraken would be interesting, could be a boss battle

At current times, oceans are just stupid and boring, they should add like a Water Boss, it would make it more interesting then to just have some stupid squid swimming in the water. The squid doesn't even have that much use in the world of Minecraft!

I know they have added more fish but I mean visible mobs like squids.

As of now, oceans suck. its just a bunch of water with the occasional island. nobody likes oceans, which is why there need to be water mobs.

30 Sports Balls

No man, Minecraft is about surviving

That idea smells like fart

NOO Why would you even think this! I can't even find this on the internet!

That's just wrong... but I know what you mean...

31 Other Charters

Maybe addnew gamemodes with different characters& stories

32 Weapon + Tool Combos

What about axes

Like a diamond sword pickaxe


33 Rope

If we get these, we could do so many cool things, such as climbing them, pulling blocks or entities towards us, making cool mechanisms or other such great things. Also, if we didn't have these, we won't have other cool stuff like Grappling Hooks or Rope Bridges.

So we can kill ourselves.

Why would you need a ro.. oh wait... nvm

34 Crossbows

Already added

Already added! (1.14)

35 Nether Bosses

Leave clues in the nether forts to find a massive demon castle.

Yeah with awesome op armor and weapons

Why not put one of the legendary beast in the nether,The demon lord! ๐Ÿค"๐Ÿค"๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜Œ

36 Statues

Stone and clay statues would be awesome! I would also love it if tombstones and tombstone/statues could be added.

Great instead of building the statue of liberty w/ emerald block

Small clay sculptures to be used for decoration.

37 Sirens

A good hostile water mob. Could change into something useful like diamond or something and when you swim up to it it would turn back and attack you!

That will kill you

You could have merpeople, too. they live in underwater cities and sirens disguise as them. The merpeople give you water-related trades.

38 Reptiles (Snakes, Lizards, Etc)

Adding reptiles can make the swamps more fun, and add more spice because most of the animals are like farm animals, (Not all of them.) We need something more exotic like imagine an andaconda on a tree branch or an alligator hunting fish in a swamp, now that would be awesome

Snakes can be your pet and injects a little amount of poison which will wear down your health to 6. They can be defensive. But cobras are hostile and can wear down your health to 2.

Snakes! They should be poisonous and found in jungle biomes

Leopard geckos! They are so cute! Imagine having those in Minecraft as pets!

39 Customizable Paintings

Put your photos and pictures from paint for an AWESOME painting

CoI would make a painting of my sword


40 Assassins
41 Flood Lights

That be cool, and be cool if it was easier to get than going to the nether to get Goldstone

This sounds useful because you can mine without torches

Would be very helpful for lighting large outdoor areas.


42 More Furniture

Bedrock edition needs furniture cause we donโ€™t have mods
Bedrock does not have mods

Voted to say: People should learn to build

You should add mods

More medieval furniture because Minecraft isn't modern and it would be weird

43 Deeper World

Deeper earth is my guess what he meant, it will be very cool and AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

Oh I just farted

What do u mean deeper worlds?

44 Mermaids

Mermaids could trade underwater stuff that is hard to get without mermaids

That would be so cool. They'd be like underwater villagers!

I like it not so much for the idea of mermaids themselves but just the idea of adding a new mod to the ocean. They could be underwater villagers and maybe have better trades or something. It would give people more reason to explore the ocean.

Yeah it would be girlish and childish, I don't want to be made fun of for playing it when I'm older just because it has Mermaids

45 More Pets

Sounds cool... but what would they do? (Dogs fight mobs and Cats ward off mobs. ) Maybe Snakes could inflict poison on mobs, Lizards could be faster but weaker than dogs, Goldfish could die and give you fish but re-spawn again from where it was, hamsters (and gerbils) could collect wheat for you, Guinea pigs could collect sugar cane, birds could follow you and when you jump could flutter you a bit and go farther, and Rabbits could collect carrots and potatoes

I'm already addicted to wolves and cats, so this would be great!

I would love to be a Minecraft falconer. You could tame a hawk or a falcon, and you could send it out to catch fish, rabbits, and chickens for you.

They could try to let you tame a rabbit, other mobs like snakes will be better than having a nice zombie in your home!

46 Pet Fish

Fish mobs were added a couple years ago, but they're not pets.

Fish are useless in Minecraft accepte for eat in and I love pets

That would be intresting!

YEESS! I could keep it in a fish bowl

47 Different Stages

Like in terraria

48 Better Animations

When swimming it would look like swimming instead of flopping across the water and flying would look like superman

Would be nice if you could do some seriously awesome parkour

Colored explosion animations instead of stupid white rings

Like falling animation and running animation

49 New Potions

Add Blindness, Extra Health, Jump, I Know In The 1.7 Update They Added "Water Breathing" But Still.

Like hypothermia or overheating

Yes, I Agree With New Potions, Like Hunger, Nasuea, Splash Potion Of Wither, But Mojang Didn't Add Those Potions. But Come On Mojang Add Those Potions!

50 Bread Tools

Tools that you can eat!

I agree so much

Yes. YES!

I need this

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