Top 10 Things That Should Be Added to Minecraft

Vote for the things that should be added in a Minecraft update! (Note: This includes mobs, blocks, items, and features).
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1 Dragons

How about element based? Like a Water Dragon that lives in the deep ocean. Plus, you can tame them with things from their element, or fight them with dragons from the opposite element.

Omg yass! And their could be like castles and stuff or big caves that have dragons in them that have like gold and cool stuff inside.

They really should add some type of tamable dragon. After all, we have the ender dragon egg, but it's completely useless right now. What's even the point of beating the game if you don't even get anything worthwhile?

Dragons = awesome. And don't even get me started on obsidian tools. For Pete's sake, lava is MORE COMMON than diamond, but you need diamond to get obsidian, so it would have to be better and worse than diamond simultaneously...

2 Fish Mobs

I want to be able to have an aquarium without one eye fish shooting me every time I pass by it

They are already added however I think sharks could be an awesome edition to minecraft

Please notch, add live fish to minecraft. yeah and add more species of them. also add a passive dolphin mob and a hostile mob known as the shark. enough about the ocean, please alsomake it be that you could tickle mobs with a feather, and deadbush give players within a 5 block radius regeneration 3. also add many more features, and strong pistons and the /build command. add them all. please

Now that they had that update the ocean looks so much more lively

3 Obsidian Tools

This is a terrible idea! It may take a long time to mine but it's so easy to get obsidian, you can just pop into the nether or grab some while your mining. You can essentially get unlimited obsidian. The only way that they could add it without breaking the game is if they made it worse than iron and at that point its pointless.

It could work. Some ideas:

Sword: High dmg, Slow swing speed. High Durability.
Armor: High armor, High durability. Gives Slowness (It's heavy, after all.)
Tools: Average mine speed, Extreme durability.
Hoe: Same as all the hoes. :/

Yes, or more materials. To get iron takes minutes. That means you pretty much strive to get one more thing, diamonds. Too easy. Be like Terraria, like 20 upgrades to get. Awesome.

A grappling hook would be cool, but it wouldn't really fit with Minecraft. Neither would vehicles. This is something we players have been asking to be added for years.

4 Vehicles

The only reason why I hate minecraft. I prefer Grand Theft Auto over minecraft. Minecraft was supposed to be awesome.. but they never added vehicles or guns or any sort of technology to craft, which resulted in many geeks/nerds to not play this game. Yeah only childrens play this kid friendly game.

If would be cool if they added like wagons, gliders, or the boats (not the airships) from Archimedes ships mod but anything more than that would seem out of place in the old fashioned style of Minecraft and make traveling way to easy. It would be cool but that's more of a mod thing.

I wish they would add trains or at least make it possible to move handmade train cars without using mods or command blocks. And they should make 4-way tracks for minecarts.

I would never stop playing grab 50 energy drinks a day. Eat a pizza a day build a chute that leads to my toilet

5 Guns

Yes, guns would be cool, Minecraft does NOT have a prehistoric theme, or else why would there be crossbows? I know, crossbows were made way back in time, but those times are "historic" if you know what I mean

Come on, won't anyone share the fun? There's no gore at all, just a few guns, that's why I'm making a mod with guns (and other stuff like ores)! It's not all going to be shooting things, you can do other things in Minecraft. I agree with adding guns to Minecraft, makes it a whole lot better! (Please don't start a rude argument, it's immature.)

No, this will not happen because Minecraft is NOT Call of Duty and in general it wouldn't fit the prehistoric theme of the game.

I would like things such as muskets, blunderbusses, bayonets(the knives hung under the gun), and crossbows, cannons, and shotguns. But if they DO add guns, some idiot is just going to start adding machine guns and rocket launchers when Minecraft isn't supposed to be a modern era game. Well I think it isn't if you see all the horrible technology and all the weird mobs.

6 Grappling Hook

It would be cool if airplanes in groups so you could shoot it and eventully it will grab and there would be villans like loki abonation venom and stuff then you would have a boss fight and the looser would have a scence of falling of the plane instead in you died for you and if you beat the boss and wanted to come down you will go the back of the plane and go in and walk in a red thing and will say coming in for landing and then there will be people cheering for you and you will get your own personal statue of yourself.

This would be useful for scaling mountains and cliffs. And NO this would not ruin Minecraft! (it would make it better

That would be the best thing to add into Minecraft. You could make an obstacle course world and post it onto forums!

They should be able to hurt mobs, but it would be boring if there was nothing but swinging on them.

7 Kids

What are you talking about? You want... Goats? O...kay, that might be nice for a new hill exclusive mob? But we already have children in the game, we don't need baby players that are 1 block tall.

It would be awesome! Like, you could have your own kids and take care of them. You could even talk and do things with them!

Not a bad idea, but the problem is you have to watch after them, guard them and give them weapons to defend themselves.

Wow great idea! They should really put kids in minecraft, instead of having a animal as a pet may as well have a kid!

8 Boats with Chests

Iron boats would have to sink, But some wooden boats with chest would be cool, Like the Minecart thing, Where you can put a hopper, Chest, TNT And such in a minecart. I think it should be the same for boats. You could even Set traps! Image a Map or a minigame where you do a boat race and there is TNT to set you back! And the chest thing would be usefull for shipping and handling. And Think about the water redstone systems!

I think this would be good if you are traveling over water long distances..Although if you have a full inventory, then you wouldn't be able to take the stuff out of the chest until you get some room.

This would be so useful if you were moving away from your current home or bringing building supply. They should also add iron boats that can't crash!

I have a world where I have begun exploring another continent. I reach it over the sea and have to ship supplies to and fro sometimes.

9 A Thirst Level

This is cool. But maybe a mode that you can turn on and off. Because having it all the time mite make survival to hard. Expect for pros of course

I dunno about the blood level. Can you die of bleed damage or something?

And the crafting dead is not a mod it is a video series made by Popularmmos

It would bring survival to a whole other level, but perhaps that be a option so that for beginners.

That be cool they added that and you always had a bottle to drink water out of or use milk from cows

10 Piranhas A piranha or piraƱa, a member of family Characidae in order Characiformes, is a freshwater fish that inhabits South American rivers, floodplains, lakes and reservoirs.

We need some sort of threat that hides in the jungle rivers. Makes getting raw fish much easier, too.

It would make the game way more interesting

Be careful of them.

they should also add crocodiles or alligators.

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11 Emerald Tools and Armour

With the Nether Update, we might not need this. However, if we got it, then how about this: better than diamond, worse than Netherite, but you get Hero of the Village, and if you are near silverfish blocks, then they hatch.

If the game adds emerald armor,people might call you green boy. Emerald armor might be cool,but what about coal armor? You can sneak into caves and defeat anyone who comes in the cave. But I would choose emerald armor.

I am sick of all the people who say emeralds should be a crafting ingredient. They are supposed to be currency not for tools. And making them stronger then diamond is the dumbest thing I ever heard. You find a village and 10 minutes later you are overpowered and it only cost you some random junk.

Actually, no it was only ever intended for trading. What's next? Wheat armour?

This is a really cool idea because it would be the next best thing after diamond, although, if they added it they would have to change the villager trades that are like 15 pork chops for emeralds (and yes that's a trade). Other than that I think it's a really good idea

12 Sea Dungeons

They are adding Ocean Monuments in 1.8 but all you really get is a bunch of gold and a great survival challenge (Water breathing potions are heavily recommended, along with good armor and weaponry because of the mobs at guard the place)

They are already going to add them in 1.8 along with the guardians and the elder guardians. Go look at the forums or the wiki for once

Oceans are pretty much useless at the moment... Can't we add something to make exploration more interesting?

There was a mesa temple that Notch wanted to add but he didn't

13 Redstone Pulse Block

When activated: Pulse on. Pulse off. Pulse on. Pulse off. Get the idea?

14 More Mammals

I am getting tired of the Zombies and stuff, This would be Awesome! There could be a cheetah boss!
That may sound stupid, But think about it. A cheetah with speed 20 attacking you with little ones coming at you too! well... That wouldn't be a boss more of a hard mob but ya! Adding more stuff that Would be in the food chain. It would give minecraft a more realist feel, ya know?

I don't like the idea of adding mods if they have no purpose but sharks would make the ocean more interesting and lion/tigers ( not both because they would just be re-skins of each other) could just be mobs that are always hostile (although it would suck to spawn next to them at the begging of a game).

Sharks, u can ride them, the lions can be pets and u can make them guards, OOHH and tigers can be found in jungles they would be huge animals!

YES! That would be perfect! You could add rideable animals too like dolphins (of course just in the water) or even more aggressive animals like boars or sharks!

15 More Animals (Birds, Mob Fishes, Snakes, ect)

I'm not saying to go all out like lions and tigers and bears (oh my,) but maybe some sea animals like fish and sea turtles, and more land animals, ( what's up for debate what animals for land)

But make it so only certain animals can be found in certain biomes and they have certain drops.

And more pets please more pets!

You couldn't make an entire zoo full of cool animal mobs like
tigers, lions, bears, raccoons, turtles, sharks, parrots, pandas, rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, anything!

This would be great. The best would be squirrels, snakes, bears, and tigers. Oh, and raccoons.

This would help the game feel so much more alive.

16 Snow Temples

Igloos are technically considered Snow Temples; so we already have them.

What is a snow temple, I want it to be a place with fish tanks with sharks

You could probably find diamonds, snow balls, and the snow block.

There is ocean temples why not taiga or snow temple

17 Birds (Besides Chickens)

If they add birds to Minecraft, it would be much more exciting to play. The Minecraft woods are pretty boring (they have no animals other than pigs... how realistic is that? ) They have no plants other than some flowers and trees, and the trees are short and somewhat boring. There should be more plants like brambles and berries. I think there should definitely be birds. I don't care what kind of birds and from what place around the world- to me as long as there are birds I would be really happy. If they are a mix of birds from different continents that would otherwise never be seen near each other, I would still not mind. Warblers from the Americas, weavers from Africa, Bowerbirds from Australia- doesn't matter. Birds would add song to the forests and something interesting to do in the snow. Deserts could have ostriches and roadrunners. Jungles could have even more parrots and hummingbirds. Oak forests could have owls and thrushes. Oceans should have gulls and frigatebirds and plovers ...more

There are only 2 birds in minecraft (parrots and chickens)

Maybe they should add birds like pigeons, kingfishers, doves, owls, penguins, ducks etc. It would make the skies feel less barren and more to life.

Forests are very boring. We need robins, bluebirds, hummingbirds,ostriches, and all those types of birds to reduce the boringness level of forests,which is at boringness level... 7. Boringness level 7 is SO boring. The forests only purpose is for getting wood, but why not add more purpose, like taming birds and just RELAXING. I've been playing for like 2 years, and I'm already bored. Also, I don't use mods, so... JUST ADD THE BIRDS IN AN UPDATE CALLED THE BIRDS UPDATE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!

Thank you for thinking of this! My cousin and I always talk about how awesome it would be to see something like ducks, Robins, Blue jays, etc. Especially without having to see it by paying for special Mods and having to deal with the hassle of the whole situation.

They have parrots, and they're adding phantoms which attack you if you haven't slept for 3 days in Minecraft

18 Search Bar For Your Worlds

For minecraft players that have a lot of worlds for different things should have a search bar that comes up or some sort of "Ctrl + F" feature to search for your worlds. Also with filters such as searching worlds that has no cheats or worlds that are in creative mode.

YES, if we had this then it would be much easier for the people who have vast amounts of worlds

I just want new areas and mobs

19 Another Water Mob

At current times, oceans are just stupid and boring, they should add like a Water Boss, it would make it more interesting then to just have some stupid squid swimming in the water. The squid doesn't even have that much use in the world of Minecraft!

Don't worry the 1.13 will solve this, Fish, Salmon, Tropicals, and Puffers are now visible. Dolphins are added and a new hostile mob: the DROWNED! It's a variation of zombies

In 1.8 there are Elder Guardians and Guardians which are hostile mobs. And they live in a new water-themed underwater structure.

As of now, oceans suck. its just a bunch of water with the occasional island. nobody likes oceans, which is why there need to be water mobs.

20 Ancient Cities In Certain Biomes

Yes, I think it would be really cool, with spiders and spider webs and zombie villager that wear ancient clothing...

They is a lot of incentive to explore, but I won't complain if there is even more.

Like maybe a mix between jungle temples and village ruins with a lot of traps!

THE BEST. This would make minecraft practically perfect in every way.

21 Reptiles (Snakes, Lizards, Etc)

Adding reptiles can make the swamps more fun, and add more spice because most of the animals are like farm animals, (Not all of them.) We need something more exotic like imagine an andaconda on a tree branch or an alligator hunting fish in a swamp, now that would be awesome

Snakes can be your pet and injects a little amount of poison which will wear down your health to 6. They can be defensive. But cobras are hostile and can wear down your health to 2.

I would really want crocodiles to add into Minecraft, they would be nuetrill, but hostile if you hit them or touch thhem, they would do a 4 point damage and have as much HP as a player. spawns in biomes.

Leopard geckos! They are so cute! Imagine having those in Minecraft as pets!

22 Shelves

Well you can use upside down slabs and item frames to create a shelf... But shelves would be easier, and less recourses to make...

That's so you can place stuff so people will walk past and say "hey Steve that's your sword! "

The one that I most agree on. Some of these are kinda weird in MC (Obsidian and Emerald Tools and cars... Seriously? )

It would be great to store supplies that you worked very hard to get

23 Golden Golems

Golems out of everything. Specifically, golden golems would have 1 health, and couldn't do anything but stand. But, when made, the maker gets these effects (fire resistance, water breathing, strength 1, speed 1, absorbtion 5, and regen 1 ) until the golems death

It would be cool if they followed you around and you could enchant them and give the xp since budder is the most enchantable ore in Minecraft. and yes I'm in the sky army so what?

Iron golems are getting pretty boring right now. MoJang needs to add some budder golems in the game!
Yes, I said BUDDER.

There's actually and addons which allows you to create Golden/Diamond et golems... if I remember it right

24 Rucksack

Should have a smaller inventory than a chest.

You could craft them out of string and wool!

Gives you a little storage boost

A wearable chest basically

25 Turtles

I think we should just have more fish in the minecraft sea. You know the saying "There's more fish in the sea? " Well in minecraft all you see is squids and those new mobs. I think it would be nice to have nice and friendly or hostile Turtles. I like the idea of that first comment, "Just imagine a giant turtle king with tons of tiny turtle warriors scurrying toward you in an enormous swampy cave"
The turtles should be found in swamps, lakes and the ocean

There is turtle armor in Hexxit from the Technic Launcher which is pretty cool. Maybe turtle armor would be a more balanced version of obsidian armor, better defense than diamond but makes you a little slower. I think it should also be from a boss mob. Just imagine a giant turtle king with tons of tiny turtle warriors scurrying toward you in an enormous swampy cave.

You should be able to ride and tame adult ones to ride across oceans, and baby ones you can wear on your head and you can get a rare gold turtle which attacks enemies?


There is no debating with what I have to say. Turtles are going to be added whether you like or not Jeb already said he is working on it!

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