Top Ten Things This List Allows You to Do

Welcome! :) This list allows you freedom of speech on anything! Anything goes (minus overly sexual and racist comments of course) But grievances, funny stuff are totally allowed. :)

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1 Make Random Comments

Blue unicorns flew out of my computer earlier today - DrayTopTens

I like monkeys. - Misfire

Random Comment - Pokemonfan10

I like the smell of burned things - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

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2 Remix It



Nah - iliekpiez

I’ll do it right now! - MrCoolC

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3 Tell Jokes

What type of fish is the most famous? The starfish. Get it? STARfish? - DrayTopTens

I have 3 jokes: Joke, joke, joke! - Misfire

What's a cows favorite sleepover game? Truth or Dairy...

I suck at jokes and I'm too lazy to search some up. - CharismaticKat

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4 Name Your Favourite Film

Cobra, Terminator, Beverly Hills Cop, Rocky, Gran Torino, Escape Plan, Over The Top, Rambo, The Expendables, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Back To The Future, Tango And Cash, Commando, Junior, The Specialist, Assassins and Demolition Man - ToddHoward

Any documentary to be honest

Avengers: Infinity War - CharismaticKat

Lord of the Rings 2 or 3, the Dark Knight, Logan, Braveheart

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5 Vote For This Item

I already voted on number one - DrayTopTens

Congratulations item you've got a random person's vote.

Well it's at #5 now! - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

I vote for the item below! - Userguy44

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6 Give You Favourite Band / Singer A Mention

Queen and Freddie Mercury! - Misfire

All the bands and singers, here you go, I'm out

Michael Jackson, Hatsune Miku and Immortal - BorisRule

I have many but, I will give a mention of a band I love and I think is very underrated.Uriah Heep! - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

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7 Moan About Everything and Anything

Ugh! I'm sick of this site and all the people here! - Userguy44

Ugh! I don't know for what to moan now! - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

You know how sometimes you just want to kill everyone? Not trying to sound violent. Just I want to be alone... you know... AND THEN YOU SEE THAT YOUR FAVORITE T.V. SHOW IS GETTING CANCELED! So you decide to get some food. Then everything is better. After that, you realized you left your dog outside and it ran away. That's how I feel right now.

UGH WHY MUST MY LIFE BE SO HARD!? UGH! What is this? A Series of Unfortunate Events? - Pokemonfan10

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8 Talk About Something Really Lame

I bought a new coffee maker that doesn't work. Does that count? I'm not good at the internet

Yo mama is lame - DrayTopTens

Did you know that white isn't actually a color? - Userguy44

This is lame, not gonna lie. - MrCoolC

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9 Tell us What You Have In Your Pockets At This Very Moment

I have a pack of none of your business - DrayTopTens

I'm wearing a coat that has gloves in the pockets. I know I'm boring

A representation of whatever popularity I have.

Oh look! Nothing! - Pokemonfan10

air - GleamingShadow

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10 You Can Comment Anything

Please like this comment if you hate terrorism - DrayTopTens

This is a site. - Userguy44

I have 3 nipples and 2 of them are nipples! - AlphaQ

Actually I'm not really mad or anything, everyone has their own opinion. - AlphaQ

I eat frogs. - Pokemonfan10

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11 Give Your Favourite TopTenner a Mention

Okay, how about, Camaro6 is my favorite user? Sorry, couldn't think of anything else to write about her. Well except that she's really nice and fun to chat with. - Firemist

The person below me... - MrCoolC

Everybody - Pokemonfan10

Everyone... wait... actually no one

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12 Talk About Justin Bieber

Her songs are life-changing, inspiring, heartwarming, and calming. Her voice is soothing and heavenly as well. Have you heard the abomination that is "Baby"? Listen to it. It's a very lovely song from hers and will very much make you want to not exist on this planet. - Misfire

Justin Bieber is extremely overhated - DrayTopTens

Where his he now? I don't remember the last time I heard about him. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

He isn't the worst singer ever. - Userguy44

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13 Talk About Situational and “What If” Scenarios

What if everyone just suddenly doubled in age? - DrayTopTens

What if no one thought of the idea of school? Would life be better or worse? I don't know

What if Hitler was still alive? - Userguy44

What if humans didn't exist - CharismaticKat

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14 You Can Hate On Anything You Want

People who swear every two seconds are the worst types of people - DrayTopTens

Toddler Titans No is idiotic and so is PETA - BorisRule

Anything you want is the worst thing ever. I really hate anything you want! - metaphorica17

Anything You Want is awful! I... wait, someone beat me to this joke? Aw man! I'll do something else I guess.
I hate JoJo Siwa so much. She's super fake and annoying, and her music makes the likes of Niki Manaj, Rebecca Black, and even Jacob Sartorious look like Mozart. - Atham

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15 Talk About Space, Conspiracies, and History

Aliens exist.It's very selfish of humans to think that we are the only living thing in universe. - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

I caused 9/11. - MrCoolC

The character Spider-Man is a ploy set up my Marvel Comics so they can distract the public from them spending money on anti-biotics that are turning the fish gay. - nerffan8000

Conspiracies? I watch too much Shane Dawson, so I know of plenty. - saturatedsunrise

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16 Tell Us Your Plans For The Weekend

I will be going to my grandparents house - DrayTopTens

TheTopTens, Sleeping, TheTopTens, TheTopTens, Sleeping, TheTopTens and TheTopTens. - Userguy44

Get some sleeping in days. - Userguy44

Sorry, I have no power for that music artist. - MrCoolC

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17 Role Play As Your Favorite Character

I have so many. Maybe I would go for Darth Vader Incoming:
Come to the dark side and we will rule the galaxy with our might! - BorisRule

*shoots some web* - MrCoolC


Screw You Guys, Am Going' Home! - AlphaQ

*silence* - Ashes

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18 Talk About Politics and the Economy

It sucks - MrCoolC

Kinda like a certain left winged liberal or even a super right winged conservative I presume. - htoutlaws2012

But it's what tears America apart, right?

Hillary Sucks! - HondaCivic

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19 Talk About Your Future

I shall make more friends. - Misfire

It will go downhill. - Pokemonfan10

I'll never have a girlfriend. - Userguy44

Logistics Employee and being a virgin forever. - Userguy44

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20 You Can Share Your Own Opinions

Nickelback isn't a bad band. There I said it! - Userguy44

I like Linkin Park. - Userguy44

I'm an idiot. - Pokemonfan10

TheTopTens is great. - Atham

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21 Comment Song Lyrics

You have to show that you're really not scared!

You're playing' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare!

They'll kick you, then they beat you, then they'll tell you it's fair, so beat it! But you wanna be bad... - BorisRule

"Bring out the charge of the love brigade
There is spring in the air once again
Drink to the sound of the song parade
There is music and love ev'rywhere" - Misfire

Somebody once told me!... - Userguy44

"Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun." I love me some Pink Floyd! - Atham

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22 Mention Your Favorite User

Britgirl and Ananya. - Userguy44

@BorisRule and @Vancedapurpleguy are da best peeps - IceFoxPlayz

I’ve said before, the person below me. - MrCoolC

All o' my followers! - HondaCivic

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23 Post Anything You Want

Anything You Want. That you asked? - MrCoolC

Imma go make a post now. - Firemist

Or not post anything. - Firemist

I do enjoy a biscuit every now and then

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24 You Can Joke Here

What did the pirate say on its 80th birthday? Aye matey! - Pokemonfan10

Is it called "beef" if 2 vegans argue with each other? - ToddHoward

Who am i? - Userguy44

Who sings a song

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25 You Can Tell Your Favorite TV Show

Hotel Impossible - BorisRule

Steven Universe, though it's been a few months since I last watched it. - Atham

Favorite: Live Action show(s): Breaking Bad and Lost.
Favorite Cartoon(s): South Park. - Vancedapurpleguy

The Rap Game, and the new episode is on tonight so I’m so excited! - sadical

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26 Talk About School

It gets boring - MrCoolC


I’m writing this comment at it. - sadical

I want to give my next Honors ELA (English Language Arts) teacher my writing if I ever got some freedom on a narrative writing assignment. I won't do that, however, because one of them alone is fifty-seven pages long and not even finished. - Cyri

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27 Talk About Death Metal

It's bad, there's nothing else to say about it. - CharismaticKat

Never listened to it - MrCoolC

I prefer Black Metal - BorisRule

Cannibal Corpse sucksm - Userguy44

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28 You Can Make Fun of Stuff

Can I make fun of myself? - Pokemonfan10

*Laughs maniacally* Stuff! It's such a weird word! Ha! - Cyri

I'm Ricegum and I can't take criticism from Idubbbz, Pewdiepie, Theodd1sout or anyone and I roast kids below my mental age, I look Kim Jong Un but skinny, You make a joke about me I make a diss track with 20 white girls in the background and brag about my money - B1ueNew

Hi I'm VGF5 And I Begin Every Single Word I Type Using Caps And don't Bother Suggesting That Its Not Necessary To Do So Because I Won't Be Able To Handle The Criticism

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29 Diss Someone

It’s a rapper!
Yo, I’m Lil Wayne
And you know my rap is really lame
Sometimes Lovefrombadlands calls me Waning Crescent Moon
And when I walk in, I stink up the room

30 Name your least favourite song

That Submarine Man song. - Userguy44

In My Feelings, Sandman, Meant To Be, New Rules - IceFoxPlayz

Stupid Hoe - CharismaticKat

Stupid Hoe (how? It sounds like "how") - Ashes

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31 Comment About a Show You Never Watched

Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty - Pokemonfan10

Watership Down - oneshot

The Walking Dead - CharismaticKat

Craig of the Creek - IceFoxPlayz

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32 You Can Argue With Each Other

Someone argue with me.

That just happens to be my least favorite activity! I’ll pass. - saturatedsunrise

Me: I hate you.
Me: I hate you too.
Me: I'm incredibly lonely. - mattstat716

Me: Hi
Each other: You're stupid
Me: Says the one making such a claim. - Cyri

33 Add fictitious news articles

Today an old lady went to jail for stealing knitting supplies to knit a sweater for her grandkids. - sadical

Breaking News!
My sandwich has been in hostage! - MrCoolC

Post Malone has the number one song in the nation. (Actually, he's #3) - oneshot

Breaking news! : @NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva and @ihatetrump jumped off a cliff! Hooray! - IceFoxPlayz

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34 Comment About a Show You Never Heard of Whatsoever

I can't talk about a show I've never heard of since I've never heard of it. - Misfire

I never watched Family Guy, and South Park. - MrCoolC

If I've never heard of that show whatsoever, how can I talk about it? - styLIShT

Taina, never watched that show... - DynastiSugarPop

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35 Write Rap Lyrics

Potato potato potato - oneshot

You mean rap god lyrics, but okay. - htoutlaws2012

I can’t write lyrics. Trust me. - saturatedsunrise

My name is Eminem and I'm here to say,
I hope you all are having a great day. - cjWriter1997

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36 Say Whatever You Want About PETA

Hypocrite as in organization. - MrCoolC

True animal abusers - BorisRule

Terrorist organization! - Xentrick-The-Creeper

37 You Can Make an Emoji Army

I have a very deadly one! *Pulls out a disc* - Cyri

38 Add Undertale To It

We all know who added this - ElSherlock

It's already here, lol - Neonco31

But not nut

I added Undertale but it didn’t get accepted.

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39 Talk About Your Favorite TV Show

The Rap Game is epic like epic games. - sadical

Impractical Jokers is really funny. My favorite character is Q.

Survivor, duh.

No one outside of the UK and Australia has ever heard of Prisoner: Cell Block H! But I loved it so much. I was heartbroken when the reruns ended; so much so that I went out and bought the box set of over 600 episodes for an extortionate price. Life is good again. - Britgirl

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40 Listen to Samples of Music

Like, you haven't heard Baby before? You can do that. Haven't heard a Iggy Azalea song? You can do that too. You want to torture your friends for 30 seconds with Nicki Minaj crap? Well... YOU CAN EVEN DO THAT!

Listen to heaven in Hiding by Halsey.
Just open up a new tab! You’re still on the list.

41 Tell About Lists on TheTopTens that You Hate

Reasons why Christianity Is horrible - Pokemonfan10

Celebrities Who Deserved To Die In 2018. - Userguy44

Top Ten Reason why Something is better than Something - HEAVYMETALTHUNDER12345

Worst users on Thetoptens - BorisRule

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42 Add your favourite emoji 😎

nope. - Pokemonfan10

Peace and love. ✌❤ - Misfire

43 Name Your Favourite Video Game

Uhh smash maybe - Pokemonfan10


Sadly, it’s EXTREMELY overhated on here. Give the poor ink demon a chance on here, guys! - IceFoxPlayz

Overwatch or Fortnite... it’s a tie. - sadical

Mario Kart! - saturatedsunrise

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44 Insult Bronies

Most of them are just guys who like a show. Why would I insult a whole group over one small subgroup who is a bit... Off. - Cyri

I'm not a brony, but this brony hating should stop already - diehardfan

45 Insult Everyone

Everyone is weird - Pokemonfan10

Everyone are parasites. - Userguy44

Everyone sucks. - MrCoolC

46 Rant About Homework Here

Homework takes away my free time. - MrCoolC

47 Talk About Yourself

You do not want to know. - Pokemonfan10

I'm not the best person ever. - Userguy44

So, like, I exist and stuff. - sadical

I am who I am. - Misfire

48 Sing Songs About Riding Shotgun Underneath the Hot Sun

Time flies by in the yellow and green
Stick around and you'll see what I mean
There's a mountaintop that I'm dreaming of
If you need me you know were I'll be
I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone
I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone - oneshot

I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone
I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone - Userguy44

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