Top Ten Things This List Allows You to Do

Welcome! :) This list allows you freedom of speech on anything! Anything goes (minus overly sexual and racist comments of course) But grievances, funny stuff are totally allowed. :)

The Top Ten Things This List Allows You to Do

1 Make Random Comments

My homework ate my dog! - AnonymousChick

I'm sorry Britgirl, but what happens when someone goes to Virginia? They lose their virginity. Guess I'm having sex there then... - Therandom

Is it permitted that I eat gherkins with my fingers or do I eat the gherkins first and then eat my fingers? Ahh...the problems I have to face on a daily basis. - Britgirl

Call me a poo poo platter because I be eating michelles doo doo batter - Manowar9

2 Remix It

Gimme a DJ table and I'll be set. - mattstat716

I have done it. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Yep! - htoutlaws2012

Nah - iliekpiez

3 Vote For This Item

Just because it's last on the list and looks lonely - Britgirl

Congratulations item you've got a random person's vote.

Oh wait I chose to vote for something else instead. - htoutlaws2012

Great! I pressed the VOTE button! HOORAY! - Neonco31

4 Name Your Favourite Film

A Tie Between Madeline: Lost in Paris, Tamagotchi the movie, and Atlantis: Milo's Return. - Rainbowkid38

It begins with a "T" and ends with a "G" If you guessed the The Lion King, you are correct - DreamToon

Spirited away! And other studio ghibli films. - SamuiNeko

Tough choice. Batman and The Dark Knight as well as The Shawshank Redemption are choices for me.
EDIT: The Green Mile! - DCfnaf

5 Tell Jokes

Scientists claim some people believe evefy sentence starting with "scientists claim"

What type of fish is the most famous? The starfish. Get it? STARfish? - DrayTopTens

I'm always taken back by the intoxicating aroma of my Mum cooking. But not quite as much as the echo of the screaming... - PositronWildhawk

A lot of the time when it's a list made by the funny Britgirl the descriptions and feedback will tend to also make you laugh. - Curti2594

6 Give You Favourite Band / Singer A Mention

Madeon and Porter Robinson are my two favorite artists and more people should listen to them. - Atham

I have several favorites though, so it's hard to pinpoint which one would top the list. - DCfnaf

In your heart of hearts you know that it's between The Beatles and XXX. - nerffan8000

Fall out boy, twenty one pilots and imagine dragon! - Danguy10

Michael Jackson, Hatsune Miku and Immortal - BorisRule

7 Give Your Favourite TopTenner a Mention

Okay, how about, Camaro6 is my favorite user? Sorry, couldn't think of anything else to write about her. Well except that she's really nice and fun to chat with. - Firemist

Metal_Treasure, he kinda tried when I resurfaced in 2014 coming back from long hiatus his way of knowledge is pretty impressive. - htoutlaws2012

TwilightKitsune is pretty nice person

Barneythedinosaurrocks can't make himself a troll - BorisRule

Of Course! Everyone - Devonchi

8 Moan About Everything and Anything

Ugh! I don't know what to whine about? Why? Someone give me something to moan about! I hate this! - RoseWeasley

Why did I come to this list? It's brilliant and all, but I could be using this time to make the world better. There's so much suffering going on, right in front of our ignorance, and if we continue along this path, it'll only get worse! The world is dying under global warming, poverty, war, and, OH GOD, BRUSSELS SPROUTS! We need to act fast, and we need to do it now! But first, ice cream! Ice cream makes everyone happy! - PositronWildhawk

You know how sometimes you just want to kill everyone? Not trying to sound violent. Just I want to be alone... you know... AND THEN YOU SEE THAT YOUR FAVORITE T.V. SHOW IS GETTING CANCELED! So you decide to get some food. Then everything is better. After that, you realized you left your dog outside and it ran away. That's how I feel right now.

I should be doing homework right now but I'm procrastinating by coming here instead! EUGH! - Atham

9 You Can Comment Anything

Wow, how very kind of you! I am eternally grateful for giving me this wonderful opportunity to speak whatever I want to say. I must tell my fellow comrades to spread this gift no man could never top. It is truly a blessing and your act of generosity shall forever be commemorated. To show you how much I appreciate this freedom you have bestowed upon us, I shall set up a shrine in your honor, as well as a monument so big, so enormous, that everyone will be aware of your great service in this planet we call Earth. Now, farewell. I shall begin spreading the tale of the delicate and ethereal angel who has given us the purest, most wholesome present mankind could ever receive. - Misfire

I have 3 nipples and 2 of them are nipples! - AlphaQ

Actually I'm not really mad or anything, everyone has their own opinion. - AlphaQ

Please like this comment if you hate terrorism - DrayTopTens

Diet is die without the t

10 Tell us What You Have In Your Pockets At This Very Moment

I'm wearing a coat that has gloves in the pockets. I know I'm boring

A representation of whatever popularity I have.

Oh look! Nothing! - Pokemonfan10

In my left pocket, there is my right index finger and in my right pocket, there is my left index finger. I am typing this with my toes. Thanks for bringing that to attention - styLIShT

I'll have you know I'm sitting here stark naked... - PositronWildhawk

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11 Talk About Something Really Lame

Did you know that water has a "er" so technically, water means temple doer. - MarioMaster101

I bought a new coffee maker that doesn't work. Does that count? I'm not good at the internet

Parents trying to use modern slang with their kids.
*shudders* - Atham

It is utterly shocking how much more I fit the category of lame than other stuff being talked about in the comments - styLIShT

12 Talk About Justin Bieber

Her songs are life-changing, inspiring, heartwarming, and calming. Her voice is soothing and heavenly as well. Have you heard the abomination that is "Baby"? Listen to it. It's a very lovely song from hers and will very much make you want to not exist on this planet. - Misfire

His music ranges from mediocre and bland to pretty alright. Heck, I'd even say that "What Do You Mean" is good. - Atham

I'm happy at the fact that in this modern age of increasingly radical feminism, Justin Bieber is still being hated for his music and not due to the fact that he is a straight white male. - styLIShT

Feel free to use this slot to say what you like about him - good or not so good. - Britgirl

13 Comment Song Lyrics

You have to show that you're really not scared!

You're playing' with your life, this ain't no truth or dare!

They'll kick you, then they beat you, then they'll tell you it's fair, so beat it! But you wanna be bad... - BorisRule

"Bring out the charge of the love brigade
There is spring in the air once again
Drink to the sound of the song parade
There is music and love ev'rywhere" - Misfire

"Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain. You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today. And then one day you find ten years have got behind you. No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun." I love me some Pink Floyd! - Atham

Hey, Young blood! Doesn't it feel! Like our time is running out? I'm gonna change you, like a remix, then I'll raise you like a phoenix! - Cyri

14 Talk About Situational and “What If” Scenarios

Okay...What if...two people had two identical horses? But had no idea how to tell them apart?! What if... because of this, there was so much confusion that one of the couple killed the other because no matter how much they fought, they couldn't reach an agreement on whose horse was whose?! What if... in prison, because the whole horse thing was playing on his mind and the guilt that he had killed his best friend, he started lashing out at everyone in prison; the inmates, the guards...What if... he ended up in Solitary Confinement for months at a time for his own and the protection of other inmates. What if... because of his solitude his brain turned to mush; he became mute, unable to string the most basic of words together and sat in the corner of his cell, forgotten about; dribbling from his mouth. What if... the prison authorities just kicked the useless, inmate-bashing, mouth-foaming lump of lard out and he became a teacher?! What then?! And all because he couldn't spot that all ...more - Britgirl

What if someone continuously harmed a Pichu for no reason other than to entertain an audience? I'm evil LOL. - TheAwesomeBowser

What if no one thought of the idea of school? Would life be better or worse? I don't know

What if Tristram Shandy went to the Moon & farted and his fart was so smelly it killed everyone?

I’m so sorry. - TopTenTed

15 Name your least favourite song

Anything on #Newgoreorder is a pile of trash. Oh, and Trapped by Jumex - AlphaQ

In My Feelings, Sandman, Meant To Be, New Rules - IceFoxPlayz

Stupid Hoe (how? It sounds like "how") - Ashes

But there's so many horrible songs. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

16 Tell Us Your Plans For The Weekend

Listening to music Listening to music TheTopTens sleeping Listening to music that sort of stuff - DreamToon

Thetoptens, sleeping, camping, video games. It's summer where I live so I'm not sure when the weekend stops but soon I'm going to my dad's house. I haven't saw him in forever. - MarioMaster101

TheTopTens, Sleeping, TheTopTens, TheTopTens, Sleeping, TheTopTens and TheTopTens. - Userguy44

TheTopTens, YouTube, Cartoons - PeeledBanana

17 You Can Hate On Anything You Want

Switch Online is trash and needs to be erased from existence. - TheAwesomeBowser

People who swear every two seconds are the worst types of people - DrayTopTens

While chatting online with Americans, I utterly despise their close-mindedness when I ask for the temperature and they reply in Farenheit and I am forced to convert it to Celsius for my understanding as Americans are too close minded to realise that there are a lot of non-Americans on the internet - styLIShT

I hate those little wire things that are always attached to brand new clothes. There a pain to tear off and they get lost easily. - cjWriter1997

18 Comment on Every Item on This List
19 Mention Your Favorite User

Misfire is really cool - TheAwesomeDude54

All o' my followers! - HondaCivic

DCfnaf is the man, my man. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

@BorisRule and @Vancedapurpleguy are da best peeps - IceFoxPlayz

20 You Can Share Your Own Opinions

Nickelback is way overhated everywhere like the treatment of the one known as Roman Reigns that's if you get the reference of the opposite meaning to this of course. - htoutlaws2012

TheTopTens is great. - Atham

Migraine is the best song ever lyrics wise, but Damage is the best song ever sound wise. - saturatedsunrise

Run The Jewels are the equivalent of Soulja Boy compared to Death Grips. - SwagFlicks

21 Diss Someone

Trisha Paytas and James Charles are the same because they're both hideous and making garbage content. - AlphaQ

Cardi B is garbage. - Userguy44

It’s a rapper!
Yo, I’m Lil Wayne
And you know my rap is really lame
Sometimes Lovefrombadlands calls me Waning Crescent Moon
And when I walk in, I stink up the room

22 Talk About Space, Conspiracies, and History

The character Spider-Man is a ploy set up my Marvel Comics so they can distract the public from them spending money on anti-biotics that are turning the fish gay. - nerffan8000

Okay everything connects to construct the end of the world eclipse, and a meteora coming towards all the planets arranged sigh... - htoutlaws2012

Conspiracies? I watch too much Shane Dawson, so I know of plenty. - saturatedsunrise

No, The Stars don't want to be mentioned - waldo

23 Role Play As Your Favorite Character

I have so many. Maybe I would go for Darth Vader Incoming:
Come to the dark side and we will rule the galaxy with our might! - BorisRule

Sometimes you have to step in someone's shoes to understand them.

The Dark Side is so strong, I go to the Dark Side because of your mother. The rule forbids us to love each other. - kontrahinsunu

Another average day at the Striaton Gym. Chili's busy working on another music lecture to give to the fanbase, Cress is practicing his violin, and I'm just sitting here watching it all. In case you didn't know, we're on lunch break. - RiverClanRocks

24 Add your favourite emoji 😎

How do you add emojis? - MarioMaster101

nope. - Pokemonfan10

Peace and love. ✌❤ - Misfire

25 Talk About Your Future

I want to be a music producer, but that's probably an unrealistic career goal so I should just make music as a hobby and look for something else. - Atham

Maybe in a few years, I will work up the courage to get my works published. Well, try. - Cyri

By the time I turn 18, I will no linger be virgin. - AlphaQ

In about 150 years, I would have passed away. - styLIShT

26 Talk About Politics and the Economy

Kinda like a certain left winged liberal or even a super right winged conservative I presume. - htoutlaws2012

But it's what tears America apart, right?

Why did trump become president? - DreamToon

Hillary Sucks! - HondaCivic

27 Post Anything You Want

I do enjoy a biscuit every now and then

I like bologna sandwiches. - RogerMcBaloney

Anything You Want - mattstat716

Anything You Want. That you asked? - MrCoolC

28 Name Your Favourite Video Game

Tie between Smash Ultimate, Mario Kart, Mario Odyssey and Simpsons Hit-&-Run. - TheAwesomeBowser

There's this really cool iOS app called Smash Hit. I love its simplicity, beautiful colorful settings, and absolutely amazing music.

It's a tie between Silent Hill 2 and Shadow of Memories for my favourite game.

Chrono Trigger or Metal Gear Solid. - cjWriter1997

29 You Can Joke Here

Yo momma is so fat when she sat on WalMart, she lowered the prices. - RogerMcBaloney

Yo mama SO skinny Thanos snapped twice, and she swallowed a meatball and thought she was pregnant - TheAwesomeDude54

Why couldn't the 11-year-old get into the Pirate movie? It was rated ARRGH! - TheAwesomeBowser

Is it called "beef" if 2 vegans argue with each other? - ToddHoward

What's brown and sticky? A stick! - PeeledBanana

30 You Can Tell Your Favorite TV Show

Steven Universe, though it's been a few months since I last watched it. - Atham

Favorite: Live Action show(s): Breaking Bad and Lost.
Favorite Cartoon(s): South Park. - Vancedapurpleguy

Adventure Time and Regular Show. - AlphaQ

Avatar: The Last Airbender - PeeledBanana

31 Talk About School

Well, I liked everyone in my school because they're nice to everyone! I love my classes even if they're hard or not! It's like Hogwarts but without magic or Monster High without monsters or Ever After High without fairy tales! I really seemed to fit in with other kids, but no! I want to be myself! Everyone at my school seems to don't care for Melanie Martinez even though they only listen to rap! - DynastiSugarPop

I want to give my next Honors ELA (English Language Arts) teacher my writing if I ever got some freedom on a narrative writing assignment. I won't do that, however, because one of them alone is fifty-seven pages long and not even finished. - Cyri

It gets boring - MrCoolC

I'm fine with it. - TheAwesomeBowser

32 Talk About Death Metal

Cannibal Corpse is amazing! - Userguy44

Sorry but Trash Metal is better - Neonco31

I prefer Black Metal - BorisRule

Never listened to it - MrCoolC

33 Insult Everyone

Everyone are parasites. - Userguy44

Everyone sucks. - MrCoolC

People can be weird sometimes. - TheAwesomeBowser

I hate you all & you should all fall off a cliff. - RoseWeasley

34 You Can Make Fun of Stuff

Hi I'm VGF5 And I Begin Every Single Word I Type Using Caps And don't Bother Suggesting That Its Not Necessary To Do So Because I Won't Be Able To Handle The Criticism

Stuff is so overrated, I can't stand stuff. Why does anyone like stuff?

*Laughs maniacally* Stuff! It's such a weird word! Ha! - Cyri

Can I make fun of myself? - Pokemonfan10

35 Listen to Samples of Music

Like, you haven't heard Baby before? You can do that. Haven't heard a Iggy Azalea song? You can do that too. You want to torture your friends for 30 seconds with Nicki Minaj crap? Well... YOU CAN EVEN DO THAT!

Listen to heaven in Hiding by Halsey.
Just open up a new tab! You’re still on the list.

36 Add fictitious news articles

Today, Donald Trump Proposed to the following people:
Hillary Clinton
Kim Jong Un
Vladimir Putin - RoseWeasley


Everyone’s hair was replaced by an 18th century style powdered wig. BALD PEOPLE ARE SHOCKED!

Sorry for the baldism - TopTenTed

Today an old lady went to jail for stealing knitting supplies to knit a sweater for her grandkids. - sadical

Headlines in Forever Young Monthly - Nursing Home Magazine

Today an elderly couple reminisced in an exclusive interview today about how they met over 50 years ago.
Gerry Attrik told our reporters earlier: "We first met when my glass eye flew out of its socket when I coughed on some extremely hot wasabi peanuts. She was sitting at the next table and it landed in her lap. You could say she caught my eye from across the room." - Britgirl

37 Say Whatever You Want About PETA

Go away, ignorant vegans. - AlphaQ

Idiots. Just pure idiots. - TheAwesomeBowser

True animal abusers - BorisRule

Hypocrite as in organization. - MrCoolC

38 Comment About a Show You Never Watched

Fanboy & Chum Chum seems utterly stupid. Glad I never watched it! - TopTenTed

Teen Titans (The original) - Cyri

The Last Airbender - Pipluplover

Craig of the Creek - IceFoxPlayz

39 Write Rap Lyrics

You mean rap god lyrics, but okay. - htoutlaws2012

Potato potato potato - oneshot

My name is Eminem and I'm here to say,
I hope you all are having a great day. - cjWriter1997

I can’t write lyrics. Trust me. - saturatedsunrise

40 You Can Argue With Each Other

Someone argue with me.

Metal sucks. - RoseWeasley

That just happens to be my least favorite activity! I’ll pass. - saturatedsunrise

Me: I hate you.
Me: I hate you too.
Me: I'm incredibly lonely. - mattstat716

41 Add Undertale To It

We all know who added this - ElSherlock

It's already here, lol - Neonco31

But not nut

No I like undertale nut its everywhere :(

42 Comment About a Show You Never Heard of Whatsoever

I can't talk about a show I've never heard of since I've never heard of it. - Misfire

If I've never heard of that show whatsoever, how can I talk about it? - styLIShT

How could I comment about a show I have never heard of? - BorisRule

I never watched Family Guy, and South Park. - MrCoolC

43 You Can Make an Emoji Army

I have a very deadly one! *Pulls out a disc* - Cyri

44 Talk About Your Favorite TV Show

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! YOU BASTARD (South Park) - AlphaQ

The Rap Game is epic like epic games. - sadical

Survivor, duh.

No one outside of the UK and Australia has ever heard of Prisoner: Cell Block H! But I loved it so much. I was heartbroken when the reruns ended; so much so that I went out and bought the box set of over 600 episodes for an extortionate price. Life is good again. - Britgirl

45 Talk About Yourself

I was born, I am alive and I will one day die.

Also I like bologna sandwiches. - RogerMcBaloney

So, like, I exist and stuff. - sadical

You do not want to know. - Pokemonfan10

I'm not the best person ever. - Userguy44

46 Tell About Lists on TheTopTens that You Hate

Best things about The Loud House. Seriously, there's nothing good about that horrible show! - TheAwesomeBowser

Worst users on Thetoptens and Reasons Why Females should be the Only gender - BorisRule

Reasons why Christianity Is horrible - Pokemonfan10

Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal needs to be removed - TheAwesomeDude54

47 Reveal Your Most Embarrassing Secret

I've worn girl clothes school. - AlphaQ

I used to eat poop as a baby - TheAwesomeDude54

I am actually ugly - Manowar9

I don’t look like i’m 19 - Userguy44

48 Insult Bronies

Most of them are just guys who like a show. Why would I insult a whole group over one small subgroup who is a bit... Off. - Cyri

I'm not a brony, but this brony hating should stop already - diehardfan

49 Rant About Homework Here

Homework takes away my free time. - MrCoolC

50 Sing Songs About Riding Shotgun Underneath the Hot Sun

Time flies by in the yellow and green
Stick around and you'll see what I mean
There's a mountaintop that I'm dreaming of
If you need me you know were I'll be
I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone
I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone - oneshot

I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone
I'll be riding shotgun underneath the hot sun
Feeling like a someone - Userguy44

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