Top Ten Things You Did Not Know About Family Guy

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1 Family Guys Creator Seth Macfarlane Had a Ticket for a 9/11 Plane But Arrived 10 Minutes Late

If he got on the plane, then Family Guy would go bye bye and be permanently cancelled, because Seth Macfarlane would've died - Gehenna

Family Guy would only have three seasons and 37 episodes. According to Wikipedia Mr. Saturday Knight was September 5, 2001 the episode after that was A Fish Out of Water September 19, 2001.

Good thing he didn't get on - Jordansalesguy2392

2 Family Guy Was Cancelled and Cartoon Network Brought It Back Up

I thought it was Adult Swim. They are two separate networks that share the same channel space and sometimes likely work together. - Skullkid755

3 In 2009 It Was Nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series the First Time an Animated Series Was Nominated for the Award Since the Flintstones In 1961
4 Before It Was Family Guy It Was Life of Larry
5 Family Guy Started As a Cartoon Network Short In 1997
6 The Series Is Banned In Indonesia, Taiwan, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, South Korea, South Africa, and Malaysia

I think I know why. - Skullkid755

7 The Unattractive Meg Griffin Is Voiced by the Beautiful Mila Kunis
8 Chris' Voice In Family Guy Is Based On Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs

He sounds nothing like Buffalo Bill. - BeatlesFan1964

9 $2.000.000 Is Spent to Make Each Episode

You know that you just said 2 dollars right. - RalphBob

I think those decimals should be commas. - Skullkid755

10 Family Guy Is the First Cancelled Show to Be Resurrected Because of Its Great DVD Sales


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11 William H. Macy Auditioned for the Role of Brian
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