Top Ten Tips On How to Make a Good TheTopTens List


The Top Ten

1 Make it reasonable

It can'tbe like best things in my house 1: a rocket. As you probably thought, I don't have a rocket.

2 Make it funny

Mine vary a lot in style but I make a lot of lists about the top tens - jmepa1234

Users say some of mine are funny but they're just strange. (my lists, not the users) haha :D - Britgirl

3 Make it a list that people want to see

I want to see more fashion and makeup lists.

4 Don't make it offensive
5 Know about certain topics people like to discuss
6 Make a list that can change people's lives for the better
7 Be original
8 Make it accurate
9 Don't rush
10 Take a risk

The Contenders

11 Give it a full 10 items

You didn't,though. - Elina

12 Make sure the title of the list drags people in
13 Make sure the list makes sense
14 Offer a wide selection of choices

I don't know if choises is the right word for it but you get the idea having more than ten choises to decide which ones are the best for the top ten take for instance the best video games of all time list you have 100 choises to choose from and everyone who voted created the final top ten list which concludes the results of everyones vote yes when the list has only ten ones you can change their position but having a more choises or a bigger variety gives you more freedom and you can express your exact opinion - ugergoard

15 Make it based off your perspective first
16 Let people vote and express their views on how they see things

Most list-makers do not actually want anyone else to vote and possibly upset the original rankings.

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