Top Ten Greatest Numbers

Numbers aren't just numbers. OK, maybe they are, but even a non-math geek can think they're pretty awesome.

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1 7

Seven is the best number, Those who disagree shalt be destroyed before seven't great might!

If you people see in football, the great Ronaldo's Jersey number is 7.. And if we take a look at cricket, the captain cool MS Dhoni's Jersey number is also 7. Want any more reasons for why seven is the great number?

Windows 7 is the reason the number 7 is awesome! - supergeek149

God made the world in 6 days and rested on the seventh. There are 7 sacraments in Christianity. 7 is a Holy number as said from Christians. God made 7 the Holy and Lucky number.

2 3

How did you do this to me 3 took care of me as a child if it wasn't for 3 id be dead and you dare only put him at number two I am rating this web site one star.

They make trilogies for a reason.

I love 3! I honestly can't believe that 7 is the top one. That is stupid and ridiculous. I don't even think of 7. It is sort of one of those numbers that you never think of. If you were going to say a completely random number then you should say 7, you shouldn't even think much about stupid 7! But, thank goodness that 2 isn't the top one, I am not even going to get started on it. Technically, 3 isn't my favourite number but my favourite/s is/are very very very very unlikely to be on this list...

This is my basketball number, amazing and I was named after it.

3 4

It's the best even number by far. it is the 2nd even number past 0, the first non-prime number, the first even non-prime number, it is a multiple of every even multiple of 10 (20, 40, 60, 80, 100, etc), only number in English equal to the number of letters in it's name, and its one of the only numbers that is equal to both the sum and product of two numbers

Four is the only number that had the same number of letters in its name as the number that it is.

Dad's football Jersey my football Jersey brother's football Jersey 4.4.4 the day I met my first love #4 my number forever

Brett Favre, Chris Bosh, Antawn Jamison, Cesc Fabregas etc.

4 1

Metallica - "One"! The number with which you multiply a thing and you get the same thing as answer! Describes the feeling of being alone! One is the dude, because it walks alone! The first time it's you're birthday you get one years old! There is one Earth! People have one heart! What else can I say?! One rocks! M/

1 is the best #1 on a top 10 list is the best

The basis of everything - jmepa123

It's not classed as a prime OR composite number, it's very unique.

5 69

If you're really us. What number are we thinking of?

69 DUDE! - Cantonez

i got a tat with this number - JESSIEMEN

I wondered for a second why this number was so high- and then I remembered. Jk, I knew right away. - MaxAurelius

got to because it's immature :P - muckie

6 8

I love writing eight, u can write it over and over again. It is like to S's joined together! - BloodFang

Chinese lucky number... Enough said

I have synesthesia, so I also associate numbers with colors. My favorite color is blue, but for some reason, I like eight which is magenta in my mind. And light blue is actually five.

If you turn it sideways, it's infinity. NOTHING beets infinity, and nothing beets 8

7 5

It is my favorite. 10, a very useful number, is a multiple of 5. 5 is a great last digit to round to. 5 is the key to good estimates and not only very useful but very, very, neat.

How can 5 be number 11? It should be number 2

My lucky, favorite, and life path number! 5! AWESOME NUMBER! 7 would definitely have to be second though!

This is my number, My birthday is September 5. - 05yusuf09

8 10

It's the big ONE-0! Probably my favorite number. And I mean, come on, it IS TheTopTens!

10 is the best number you could ever have no body care bout the others u see all these sports players and they number I an tell u that for experience not just from point of view period.

10 is the best number because it was my b-ball number last year and this year

10 is the year you become a tween. A lot of things happen when you are 10. How is 7 always number 1? Every place I looked 7 was number 1. 7 must be EVERYBODY IN THE WORLDS favorite number. Why number 10 is 13? That is easy to answer because 7 is ALWAYS number 1!

9 2

Earth has 2 poles. You have 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 ears. Almost every galaxy has 2 arms and 2 poles. Physics can't go without the number 2, neither computer.


& obviously it's true

Awesome number the best every thing I do has a 2 in it.

10 0

Zero is a great number, it is literally a rebel. Having no value basically. Awesome. - BloodFang

0 is actually the most important number ever discovered. Before it, the idea of having nothing in a place value didn't exist, and numbers like 5030 would be written as 5 3. Zero is best number.

0 is my favourite number. It's the most unique. - Momchil_Petrov

Zero the hero! That rhymes

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11 13

13 is considered to be the unlucky Number, but in reality, its one of the numbers that will revolutionize the world.

I don't know what most people have against 13, but it's a number that really makes you more intrigued with it's mystery. It's one of those numbers that people either love or hate, and personally, I love it! - c0mf0rta61ynum6

I love thirteen and everything about it. I know people see it and 666 as unlucky, but I feel bad for it because the number before it (twelve) gets used for everything. I think we should use thirteen as a system. - MaxAurelius

Its actually a pretty lucky number - kapikapi

12 12

It looks cool and is great for sports, with successful players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Kelly, Roger Staubach, Ken Stabler, Randall Cunningham, Marques Colston, John Stockton, Dick Burnett, Dwight Howard, Thierry Henry, and Roy Makaay. This Number just looks awesome too.

12 is the age where I had most realizations of life, the age where I started become more mature, the age of my preteens, the age where I became more responsible, the age where most of the biggest things in my life occurred. 12 is just, how can I say this? Different from the others

Yeah, I don't know, maybe because of where I live, or something else. This number has always been my fave. Just...12. Simple.

A lot of people I know love 12. It's just cool. - samoodle

13 6

Real lucky number. People say that 7 is good luck, but to me 6 is good luck

and my favorite actual number
176! I'm gonna vote on that

6 is so mathematically perfect.

It's the sum AND product of the first 3 natural numbers, it has more divisors than any previous number, and it's the perfect combo of the only consecutive primes, namely 2 and 3. Oh, and it's also a triangular number, a superior highly composite number, and it's THE first perfect number. Base 6 is one of the coolest and most useful number systems, and it's very likely that in the near future someone will find an algorithm to predict primes using base 6, due to 6's extremely high divisibility.

6 is the coolest!

I used to hate it but now I like it - malamJONES

14 420

This is the number for the best drug

I love to 420 blaze it

Lol this is number 1

This number is god

15 11

I'm very upset to see 11 ranked so low. It should be up at the top with 7. 11 kinda seems like 7's more mysterious brother.

It must be special because first is the second is the best and stuff. 11 has 2 ones 1+1 = 2 so...

What's better than one 1. Two 1's. But the only problem I have with it is 9/11. - RebelGamer

My birthday is 11 january, I love this number except for 9/11 tragedy - ComelCumil

16 Pi

yes, the number is 3.1459, and then the decimals keep going and never ends, those are just the first few digits - hockey_guitarhero3

Nobody knows what this number is, that is what makes it cool. - anonymous

Not even a number, who even invited this guy?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this number! I know SO many didgits! I don't know why, but I really like the number 21. A lot of people don't, but it seems to be one of my favorite numbers.


17 21

It's a meme number ( 9+10=21) It's my birthday and Toy story 4 is coming out on June 21.

Why does that joke mean that everyone is obsessed with 21 - jmepa123

This number needs to die. - RalphBob

A number will never die, unless we invent a new number system that replaces the current one, which I don't see happening anytime in the foreseeable future. - allamassal

This number haunting me - ComelCumil

18 100

Why is this not higher

Should be #1

Keep it 100. B| - Reaper9697

19 42

3 persons in God, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. 3 is a great number for that and because it is 3 and I love it a lot like I love God. So 3 is obviously the best number because it relates to God who is the greatest ever.

From the book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42. It takes super computer Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check the answer, which turns out to be 42

The answer for all the questions

Jackie Robinson. What more can I say? - Songsta41

20 23

its the number 23... from the movie 23 - jwileson

the number 23! ahh! 23 is ranked 23! - LightningFast4

Lance Franklin, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Shane Warne

23 is the best number. I see it everywhere - samoodle

21 The Golden Ratio(φ)

*It is not invented, it's part of the nature*
whoever knows about this number should vote for it. I'ts not just a number, it's the value of perfection and beaty. - ObscureDeath94

I had forgotten about this one before I voted.

Definitely the best number. - PositronWildhawk

Close to 1.618 but is irrational over half of pi - mathguy37

22 666

I'm an atheist, so this number means nothing. Just a way to piss religious people off - westofohio

666 the number of the beast! Sacrifice is going on tonight -Bruce Dickinson

Hell and fire was sworn to be released... - DawnB865

the number of the beasts! - metallica1011

23 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999

So you're telling me when someone asks for your favorite number this is what you tell them?

This number is the best because it's as long as my penis

Decillions? Duodecillions? Sexdecillions? - mathguy37

What a coincidence! This is how old I am!

24 17

I've always thought 17 was a cool number, and besides, it was my first crush's favourite number, as well as being contained in mine (172).

Yeah, 17 is the best number. 17 is my favorite number, I also think it's Halsey's...I might have to check on that but yeah 17 is the best.

WHOT mah favourite number, y'all!

The number 17 is so tall and intelligent.

25 25

25 is the best number, it's not my birthday number, my b day is June 27


26 9

Seriously? 9 is 22nd, lower than all of the other 1-character numbers? I love 9, it's way better than 7.

You can't have a 69 without a 9 ;) - chamomile1800

9 is a cats lives
9 is needed a lot for me
9 is my lucky number
9 is powerful

Awesome number because my cousin won 500,000 on the lottery with that number.

27 19

For me 19 has some relaxing effect, together with 38, 57 and so on. Whenever I think about these numbers I calm down. - Alkadikce

I love this number more then any number, whenever something good happens its because of this number and also it's my birthday!
When ever I see the number 19, I know the day is going to be good

I just think of 19 as a cool number. Don't want it to become super popular like 7 or 3.

The greatest number of all time needs to be higher,

28 99


1 2 Skip a few NINETY-NINE 100 - Wobblygaming7

My favorite number :) can be divided by -99,-33,-11,-9,-3,-1 because negative times negative is positive,1,3,9,11,33,99 - mathguy37

99 Problems (Jay-Z) and Problem (Ariana Grande) equal… (see 100) - Songsta41

29 27

27 is Ferrari best number for if u win a race with the red car for victory!

my bday is apr 27 my dads is oct 27 my grandmas is mar 27 and my sports and textbook numbers are all 27 all hail 27!

The Royal Rumble lucky number - PizzaSkyPunk

Everywhere I go, I see the number 27. I call it the 27 Curse.

30 -1

I like the fact that there's no square root.

31 22

This is not only the best looking number but it is also one of the best sounding too. The best lucky number of all time easily.

I love numbers that end in 22 (622, 1022, 4122) for some reason.

How is 22 not the best number ever. I was once at this cake wheel. You had a 1/30 chance of winning a cake. I put my ticket on 22 3 times in a row, won every time. It was amazing. now my lucky number. - ziggy22

Best number ever!

32 33

Yes! Good luck number. I like 33 and I won 33,000 dollars, I was born on 6/9/33, My brother is 33 years old, 33 stages of heaven, 33 great years for T.V. shows, 33 great songs from Black Veil Brides, only 33 bad artists, I have a good job that closes on 6:33, and more! Vote this to number 1

Looks like a happy number - OnyxtheOcelot

*Yawn* 33 is so boring.

Jesus died at 33

33 64

The amount of things you can hold in one space in your inventory in Minecraft - mathguy37

34 29

Twenty-Nine. That sounds good. - BKAllmighty


35 14

This is my favorite number too. I really don't know why I like it. To me, it just sounds like a cute number. I didn't even thinking of it being the day of Valentines day!

Most stuff that happen to me or I have involve the number 14...

22 is the worlds best number

14 is a pretty number. It reminds me of Valentine's Day. It's also very soft on the tongue and nice to say

36 Graham's number

Your mind wil collaps in a black hole if u would be able to see it in your head and its big so I like it

Bigger than googolplex :P - 50


37 24

24 is th best numbeer because iof you times 21 by 8 it equals 224 and because of that it is my favourite number and should be number 2 following pi cause I like pie

24 is the best. 7 and 3 are up near the front. Guess what? 7 times 3 plus 3 equals 24. And 24 isn't too big, it isn't too small, and the symbol for Jupiter looks like a 2 and a 4 put together. 24 needs to be in the top 24! Vote 24 24 times!

This number is the best. It has so many meanings and just feels right.

I don't know why I like this number. I just do. - khodge

38 Googolplex


It's called a googolplex, not a Googleplex.

So big number!

Pfft, a googolplex is nothing, haventmyou guys heard of A GOOGOLPLEXIAN!
Or you know greams number and trump all of them.

39 18

18 is awesome. It's when you can drink legally - isoldeivens18

September 18th is my birthday!

My birthday is on Feb. 18. When I see my favorite number, It makes me fell better.

My birthday is on Feb. 18. When I see my favorite, it makes me feel better

40 8,675,309

I think its really good and I like this number a lot, it shows how useless life would be without dogs

I figured someone would've put this on here..... - Celestius

C'mon everyone sing it with me!


41 2,112

Just one word to describe this number: 'Rush' - malamJONES

42 Octillion
43 1,000,000

Because all of us want to be millionaire - Stranger

44 e^(1)

It's the exponential base found in nature!


45 20

The number 20: big and strong one day, dull and lazy the next.

Obvious Why I Added This Here - JPK

46 77

This is a horrible number. 0/10

47 16

16 looks aggressive but strong and powerful

It has perfect form factor. - rsahorn

Absolute powerhouse of a number

This comment was posted in 2016

48 100,000,000,000,000,000

To be exact, One quadrillion- the Best number in the world!

- afeldman21

It did ask for the GREATEST number - Orlemley

49 Sextillion

This is an actual number...

Has the best word SEX!

It is a number - reed2009

Take it off, this is obviously not a number, but someone tried to cram a number into something inappropriate - Goatworlds

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