Top Ten Greatest Numbers

Numbers aren't just numbers. OK, maybe they are, but even a non-math geek can think they're pretty awesome.

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1 7

If you people see in football, the great Ronaldo's Jersey number is 7.. And if we take a look at cricket, the captain cool MS Dhoni's Jersey number is also 7. Want any more reasons for why seven is the great number?

Windows 7 is the reason the number 7 is awesome! - supergeek149

Usually your favorite number is the day you were born but I'm oct.6 but then I learned the number 7 and just thought it was so cool and simple to make all you do is just make a line and another line its that simple

If your favorite number's 7 you like blue. True.

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2 3

They make trilogies for a reason.

I love 3! I honestly can't believe that 7 is the top one. That is stupid and ridiculous. I don't even think of 7. It is sort of one of those numbers that you never think of. If you were going to say a completely random number then you should say 7, you shouldn't even think much about stupid 7! But, thank goodness that 2 isn't the top one, I am not even going to get started on it. Technically, 3 isn't my favourite number but my favourite/s is/are very very very very unlikely to be on this list...

This is my basketball number, amazing and I was named after it.

This is the best number. It was the number of Babe Ruth. It is also a lucky number and a holy number of Christ along with seven, but three is used more often. Also, I a ]m one of three children and I have three cousins and it is my favorite episode of Star Wars.

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3 4

Dad's football Jersey my football Jersey brother's football Jersey 4.4.4 the day I met my first love #4 my number forever

Brett Favre, Chris Bosh, Antawn Jamison, Cesc Fabregas etc.

Wins poker hands! Four of a kind.


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4 69

If you're really us. What number are we thinking of?

69 DUDE! - Cantonez

i got a tat with this number - JESSIEMEN

got to because it's immature :P - muckie

Surprised this isnโ€™t top - Ed98

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5 1

Metallica - "One"! The number with which you multiply a thing and you get the same thing as answer! Describes the feeling of being alone! One is the dude, because it walks alone! The first time it's you're birthday you get one years old! There is one Earth! People have one heart! What else can I say?! One rocks! M/

1 is the best #1 on a top 10 list is the best

The basis of everything - jmepa123

Very satisfying number. It has a leadership feel to it.

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6 8

Chinese lucky number... Enough said

Eight is Great! See, that rhymes.

Eight is right after seven. So it should be the second.

Eight is the first number alphabetically. Zero is the last.

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7 2

Earth has 2 poles. You have 2 legs, 2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 ears. Almost every galaxy has 2 arms and 2 poles. Physics can't go without the number 2, neither computer.


& obviously it's true

Charles woodson's wolverines number

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8 13

I don't know what most people have against 13, but it's a number that really makes you more intrigued with it's mystery. It's one of those numbers that people either love or hate, and personally, I love it! - c0mf0rta61ynum6

Its actually a pretty lucky number - kapikapi

Every sport has a good player wearing number 13... My school Jersey number... Scary number

Awesome number so awesome

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9 6

I used to hate it but now I like it - malamJONES

My birthday is December 6 - lizard302

It's on 9 and 9 is 6 upside down

6 the number ever!

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10 5

How can 5 be number 11? It should be number 2

My lucky, favorite, and life path number! 5! AWESOME NUMBER! 7 would definitely have to be second though!

This is my number, My birthday is September 5. - 05yusuf09

Five is the third prime number. Because it can be written as 221 + 1, five is classified as a Fermat prime; therefore a regular polygon with 5 sides (a regular pentagon) is constructible with compass and unmarked straightedge. 5 is the third Sophie Germain prime, the first safe prime, the third Catalan number, and the third Mersenne prime exponent. Five is the first Wilson prime and the third factorial prime, also an alternating factorial. Five is the first good prime. It is an Eisenstein prime with no imaginary part and real part of the form 3n โˆ’ 1. It is also the only number that is part of more than one pair of twin primes. Five is a congruent number. - wren6

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The Newcomers

? 711
? 10400

Am I the only one who just thinks that this looks cool? - lovefrombadlands

The Contenders

11 420

This is the number for the best drug

I love to 420 blaze it

This number is god


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12 0

0 is my favourite number. It's the most unique. - Momchil_Petrov

Zero the hero! That rhymes

0 I love you lol

I love 0!

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13 12

It looks cool and is great for sports, with successful players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Kelly, Roger Staubach, Ken Stabler, Randall Cunningham, Marques Colston, John Stockton, Dick Burnett, Dwight Howard, Thierry Henry, and Roy Makaay. This Number just looks awesome too.

Yeah, I don't know, maybe because of where I live, or something else. This number has always been my fave. Just...12. Simple.

A lot of people I know love 12. It's just cool. - samoodle

I like the number 5 and I like the number 7 5+7=12

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14 10

10 is the year you become a tween. A lot of things happen when you are 10. How is 7 always number 1? Every place I looked 7 was number 1. 7 must be EVERYBODY IN THE WORLDS favorite number. Why number 10 is 13? That is easy to answer because 7 is ALWAYS number 1!


So many scientific principles are based on the number 10. Not to mention the metric system.


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15 666

666 the number of the beast! Sacrifice is going on tonight -Bruce Dickinson

Hell and fire was sworn to be released... - DawnB865

the number of the beasts! - metallica1011

666 is my favorite number, and is associated with the most interesting creature in the Bible! - Lucretia

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16 9

You can't have a 69 without a 9 ;) - chamomile1800

Awesome number because my cousin won 500,000 on the lottery with that number.

It's my football #


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17 23

its the number 23... from the movie 23 - jwileson

the number 23! ahh! 23 is ranked 23! - LightningFast4

Lance Franklin, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Shane Warne

It's the best and sounds pretty cool

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18 21

Why does that joke mean that everyone is obsessed with 21 - jmepa123

This number needs to die. - RalphBob

This number haunting me - ComelCumil

What's 9 + 10? 21...PILOTS! - lovefrombadlands

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19 11

My birthday is 11 january, I love this number except for 9/11 tragedy - ComelCumil

What's better than one 1. Two 1's. But the only problem I have with it is 9/11. - RebelGamer

It's been my number in every sport since I was 3

11 is my lucky number

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20 19

I love this number more then any number, whenever something good happens its because of this number and also it's my birthday!
When ever I see the number 19, I know the day is going to be good

I just think of 19 as a cool number. Don't want it to become super popular like 7 or 3.

19 is boss. For some reason, I don't like it on a jersey, though

Yay 19 for 19 Feb (bday)

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