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1 Duncan

He was my favorite character ever since I first saw him. He has that cool Mohawk with a spiked dog collar and is a bad criminal. Being a criminal gives you a huge advantage in the game and well Duncan has been at least in the final five for the first 3 seasons. Then they made Duncan nicer in the 5th season which was a huge mistake. The Duncan from seasons 1,2, and 3 is what I want to see the smart criminal bully not the nice soft pretending to be bad guy. He is a strong player with his attitude, smarts, and strength he's a really good player. Duncan is the only criminal on the show so make him a criminal not a soft guy.

The guy is the best! He is very cool. Duncan is also the only person that is from juvee. Duncan is the best person in TDI, TDA, and TDWT. Did you see his cameo appearance in TDROTI? If you hate him don't watch THIS!

Duncan is the best, in the first 3 seasons he stood out. In the first season he a Courtney then in season 2 and 3 Gwen, wow lucky guy really! But the point is he makes a mess, he made Harold pee his pants, then made him eat his under were, drink kitchen grease, and put hot sauce in is pants. so Duncan is the best!

Best thing ever

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2 Gwen

The best! She is one of the smartest, the prettiest, and the toughest gals on the show. Gwen has always been my favorite. I love her!

smart, cool, beutifull, and determined. Definatley best character in season 1.

Gwen and Heather are my favorites. Gwen, because shes shy and likes to draw like me, and Heather, because she's strategic and makes the show interesting

She is the hottest girl duh

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3 Cody

He's one of the nicest guys on the show. He wants to help people out and try to make a name for himself. He tries to be nice with everyone and does what he can to help.

He is awesome. He could of won Total Drama WORLD TOUR if Sierra didn't get the birthday cake for Cody until they were IN the plane. Also, I do like that he is mentioned a lot in Total Drama All-Stars. Also, it's funny that he was final 3 in season 3 and is the third most favorite total drama players. 3,3,3 laugh out loud! He should of won Total Drama WORLD

Cody is my favorite character on this show. I think he is so cute. But, I don't get why he has feelings for Gwen, not that I don't like her. I think Cody is ONE of the CUTTEST guys one this show. You might think that Cody is a tiny bit weird, but I think he's SUPER awesome!

He is a dork!

P.S. not trying to be mean

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4 Heather

She makes the show interesting, not to mention she's the first and only girl to win the Total Drama shows. Definitely the best. - lukestheman4

So smart determined invincible independent wildly clever devious I just love her! Shes my fave character!

Heather is a devil but is one of the best characters because of her back stabbing personality

Why Heather needs to be a winer! She diserves that

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5 Owen

He was cool but I don't think he deserved to win - Ajkloth

How can you not like this guy? He is allways so friendly, nice, and the best eater ever! I don't know why people prefer duncan, owen is just the one who will make your day and make you smile! Id love to be his friend!

Owen is awesome every one likes a fat funny guy

I like Owen. - PatrickStar3

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6 Lindsay

She's been through a lot with being tricked by Heather and Alejandro
She deserves to win,
She always gets near to the top but after some trickery she comes out by default.
She needs to win next one

Shes just so funny and she really needs to win the next one, she deserves it

Even though Lindsay may be dumber than a rock, she is just awesome! I love her she is one of the best characters in the Total Drama series, wait how is Lindsay number 13! Let's just push her a little to at least number 5... Yay!

WOW! She totally shocked my by cussing at Heather, first player to curse at another.

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7 Bridgette Bridgette

She is a pretty good-hearted girl who can surf and get into action she knows how to have fun she is always calm and serene if only she didn't get stinked up by the skunk everybody liked her even Chris and Chef, and plus she is really funny she is the first character to say crap

I'd love to hang out with this girl. She is nice and cares about people. I remember when I used to hate Bridgette but now I don't know what I was thinking.

Just the most fantastic person ever

Bridgette is smart chill and generally awesome.
Bonus points for being the first player to say crap!

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8 Izzy

Izzy The Gopher, Esquire, Coleidescope, E-Scope, Explosivo, and Psycho Hose Beast. Come on you gotta vote 4 Izzy!

Izzy is AWESOME! She can fight big dudes like chef, flip around, and of course SCARE CAMERON! (I don't really like Cam, his personality is a bit too plain and in TDAS, his character is basically just there to get rid of Mal. ) But most of all, she never fails to put a grin on my face with her craziness/awesomeness.

Izzy is crazy and fun, and that's why I love her.

So underrated

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9 Courtney

She is the most best character that has ever existed! Most people don't like her because she is a classy A-type, but I think that just adds to her awesomeness. She and Duncan made the most cutest couple ever! But after Gwen's alleged "stealing" of Duncan... She kinda of lost her confidence... but still... I love her!

Courtney is awesome! Her and Duncan make a great couple. She is supposed to win total drama all stars YAY!

Courtney was the best character in Total Drama Island! Originally, she wasn't even part of the cast, they added her character last minute, and that was honestly the smartest move they ever made!

Gwuncan is so much better! - Gwuncan

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10 LeShawna LeShawna

Funny, Smart and can kick butt at most of the challanges!

Leshawna fights to win.she ain't here to play games or joke around

Funny and stands up for her friends and for who she is


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11 Noah

The person who type "Even though Noah's no longer my favorite character of Total Drama Island, I wish that you people who think that he's funny, or hilarious, would give up thinking that." You don't get this.

I'm sorry you had to deal with this nonsense, but you should know everyone is different. How supportive you are. Everyone is different and just shut up about your life. Why are you include this?

Noah weapon is sarcasm. Eventually, he is not afraid of people and he get over it in instant.

Is your favorite character is Duncan? Well, you should see if he hurt an innocent person feelings and he had no regret what so ever. People are different, deal with it. Shouldn't include this topic then.

"Even though Noah's no longer my favorite character of Total Drama Island, I wish that you people who think that he's funny, or hilarious, would give up thinking that. Since when is he humorous? His sarcasm makes him serious like me. And I can somewhat relate to him because my personality's similar to his, especially since I had a hard time dealing with people who are different from me when I was younger, although I dislike his sarcasm."

Sassiest than Leshawna, more sarcastic then Gwen, smarter than Courtney, Noah is awesome. 'enough said.

Ok look, look look look look! I love Noah he's in my top three, but he does NOT deserve to be on this list, it's top ten total drama ISLAND characters he got out in the first three, if this was top ten World Tour or Ridonculous Race character, then sure.

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12 Harold

Harold should be high on this list. All the people who posted that he has mad skills are right. I can relate to intelligent people like him, especially since I got picked on for being a nerd in school.

I'm glad that Harold got back at Duncan for terrorizing him. I've had enough that delinquent's antics. Besides, I can favor nerds and geeks over jocks and other bullies for good reason.

Duncan should really stop picking on Harold. This guy has more mad skills than him.

Harold is the god of memes - DJCosmic

13 DJ

DJ is in the first three seasons doing alright but I want to see more of him. Always a great entertainer - DinoKea

I really liked dj in tdi he was kind of shy but he was a cool strong guy and he made it pretty far

DJ has always been a sweet character

DJ is underrated enough said!

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14 Tyler

Hoping he will get a bit higher. Although the majority of his storylines involve Lindsay, he is, in my opinion, the comical relief up to his elimination in TDWT. In TDI, he could have made it farther. It was pretty much Courtney's fault of his first elimination. By not doing her fear, not only did she cost her team the challenge, but she also got a character with a lot of potential out. Tyler needs to come back for a season without Lindsay.

Tyler should have been in Owen's place

Tyler is funny but I don't think he belong in the top 4

Tyler is a great character, fun to watch, I love the fact that he's this cocky jock that ends up sucking at sports, yet he doesn't notice. He's a sweetheart to Lindsay, even when she forgets his name.

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15 Geoff

Geoff is the world's coolest guy! He's easy going, laid back, a fun to be around! He can turn any frown upside down. He can turn an atmosphere from gloom and doom to PARTY TIME! Geoff is the kind of guy that you wouldn't mind spending time with. Just his super awesome outfit spells laid back and cool! Geoff is one of the best characters on the show! I LOVE him!

Well, I must say that Geoff is by far my most favorite character on the show. He is really funny, a nice guy, and kinda hot... For a cartoon character. Laugh out loud!

16 Trent

Trent was the best thing to ever happen to that show. I hope they bring him back, he's my favorite character.

Trent is the sexiest best looking cutest guy on the island. Yummy.

He's so cute I just wanna be with him

He is extremely cool in tdi in tda I didn't really think he was that good but I hope to see him in total drama in the future

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17 Sierra

She's obviously one of the funniest characters, with her strange obsessions that no other characters have. Being a psycho can definitely help your chances since people avoid you!

Awesome. I love her obsession with Td. Just like me!

I am grateful that they added a character that most Total Drama fans could relate to. Let's face it. Us Total Drama fans are all Sierras inside! :P

I am definitely a Sierra type.

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18 Alejandro

Alejandro could not win by himself he has to use people. Don't like him at all

Used ever girl to win

He's bad but cool

He is definitely the hottest total drama guy ever. He's such a gentleman. (Or is he) But still, Heather's so lucky to have him as a boyfriend. 😌

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19 Ezekiel

They really need to revisit this character, shape him back up, and make him a force to be reckoned with

Bring him back as a NORMAL person

Please don't vote him off first in the next season he competes in

He is so… Insane

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20 Zoey

I wish zoey won total drama revenge of the island. I think she was to coolest cutest character on total drama

Zoey is awesome she is one of the only TDI girls to be nice and actually be smart and tough.

She and mike are my absalout favoret, the moment I saw her I tought, "she's my favorite" same with mike

21 Justin

Justin is great eye candy for the show. He's funny, I love his attitude and charms and how girls always fall for him.

Justin was HOT. I would like to see more of him, he deserves more screen time.

I don't know why people like that guy... HE isn't EVEN HOT! ALEJANDRO iS BETTER!

Alejandro was better

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22 Sami

Sami is nice and better than ami she should be jasmine's best friend

23 Dawn

As lightning said "creepy girl " I agree reading peoples souls-CREEPY!

Dawn is not a tdi contestant - Turkeyasylum

I loved Dawn! She was adorable and so nice and caring!

I was hoping to see more of her.
She could have been a great character if she had more screen time.

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24 Mike

Mike is like amazing and funny because of his multiple personalities. Even though he didn't make it to the final three on season 4, he still awesome.

Mike is awesome because he was funny but actually an interesting character. He wasn't just comic relief thankfully

Best character ever.. Take that Alejandro you just got Miked!


He shold be number 1

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25 Jasmine

One of the best characters.

26 Brody

Brody is awesome, and so sexy! Maybe since Bridgette and Courtney are good friends, she could hook Courtney up with Brody, while Bridgette has Geoff!

27 Katie

She was so cute

28 Scarlett

I'm a spoiler shes eviel

29 Miles

Vegans and hippies are awesome!

30 Sadie

Sadie Has Been More Capable and Useful On Her Team Then Katie Was. At Least After Dodgebrawl.
My Point Is, Sadie Has Had a Better Image Then Katie Has.

31 Beth

Beth is awesome she should be way higher on the list

I love you so so so so so so so so much Beth from unknown person

Beth is REALLY nice

32 Leshawna Leshawna

How is she so low

33 Topher
34 Beardo
35 Beverly
36 Dakota

I did like Dakota.
She should be more popular I think she's actually really sweet

Deious diva who one 2 series

37 Brick

I really took a liking to Brick. Would like to see more of him.

Brick is very entertaining and funny. He's one of my few favourites and the last in a chain of favourite eliminated that in TDRotI - DinoKea

38 Anne Maria Anne Maria

This girl is hot, knows her way around a hairspray can, and her makeup is always perfect. Anne Maria is the best in my opinion, she brings that Jersey Shore flair.

Love the Jersey vibe

Total drama ISLAND dumbasses

She sucks because she was a bitch to Brick. And so, I wish that he socked her hard.

39 Blaineley

I just sorta feel bad for her...

40 Cameron

Cameron was so nice and he deserved his win

Uh, hello? Best guy, no doubt. When you are on Total Drama, try, just TRY to eliminate him.
-Chris McLean

41 Scott

Scott just annoys me!

Scott should be way way way way above

42 Dave

He hates dirt and he loves sky.

He hates dirt he loves Sky

43 Chef Hatchet


44 Max

He's evil he has a sense of babyness inside him.

Really he's just uhhg
I can't explain my dislike for him

45 Katie and Sadie

They were just the most ANNOYING People on Total Drama.

46 Eva

"We can all agree we hate her"

Right you are, my fellow hater. Ever since I discovered ever, I've hated her more than any other character in Total Drama because she's too aggressive for her own good. And so, I wish that that Sasquatch she defeated had killed the crap out of her.

Another reason why I hate ever is because she's too much of a feminazi. Now I know that feminism is important. But it's not important whenever it becomes macho. And I hate macho people because they take their masculinity to the extreme. Therefore, that stereotype is my least favorite of all, which means that it should be done away with forever.

People who love ever and blind fanatics who seem to shove their opinions down the throats of those who think differently from them. Well, those fanboys and fangirls can shove their love for ever up their asses for all I care.

We can all agree we hate her

Ever is a retard is so crap

Screw off, ever fans.

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47 Mal

Mal is my fave

48 Sugar

Sugar has a good sense of humor.

49 Lightning

He was sorta funny
I could have done without him

This dude is so funny, he allways carck me up.
He's the best chareter ever. Sha- bam

50 Sky

She loves dave dave distracts her.

She is awesome. Sky and Dave are the so cool
She should have won

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